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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198143577898/
  2. 120 CV [4 single caps, 12 no-cap, 20 cubes]
  3. The Chevron and stars are classic military rankings. Originally on mobile, perhaps 2 stars was difficult to see. I don't think changing them or adding a new one would go anywhere. I'm all in support of having a method to compare a helmet to another, 1:1 without set bonus being displayed. Having to calculate your stats w/o bonus over and over is silly. To make it an option or a toggle somewhere or where to put it i don't know. Also, more specific context is needed. my initial reaction was to have only possible when you're look at gear on the floor. Well then, what about AFK shopping? toggling set bonus display in the hero info screen over and over seems least useful, so it is good to get an idea about this.
  4. I am strongly OPPOSED to giving ANY tower immunity to Sharken's push and/or Spider's webs and in another thread de-summoning of EV walls. They have an interested unique effect. Making towers immune to being immune to Sharken push and immune to spider webs all while adding proposed tower buffs will make the game much easier. The Sharken's and Spider's abilities have been around since before minions (which in most cases takes care or trivialize their effect). Back in Misty Mire days before Strength drain removed elemental infinity, spiders actually required players to change their builds. Aura stack/minions as in today, didn't nearly trivialize them. Making physical towers immune to these Shard abilities kills the whole purpose of introducing the new enemies as far as I'm concerned. Djinn's de-summoning: players can Jester wheel, hawk, and almost any Ability 2/and attacking will hit 7.5% of their HP. You can juggle djinn de-summoning by not upgrading certain defenses, say proximity mines. Djinn will fly right over those and go for upgraded defenses. A trick used on console was to have magic blockades upgraded fully to keep the Djinn busy and then beat them up with other towers. These changes would benefit the mostly people AFKing with Summoners. If you aren't AFK you can send your minion(s) over to Djinn/Sharken to deal with them (assuming your minion movement speed isn't zero, if so players can fix that) Today there is at least a chance of a Sharken/Spider/Djinn causing a game loss Why are these big changes/concerns coming up now. Before v8.2 when the proposed towers were all much wimpier, would have made more sense. Now, literally 2 years after players first had been testing in v8.2 beta with much stronger towers, seems odd. p.s. How many have EXTENSIVELY tested all these defenses specifically against Shard enemies since v8.2, where Fireball, Slice n' Dice, Magic Missle, and bouncer blockade had significant buffs? Shock beams also deal with Djinn/Sharken and DSTs prioritizes Djinn then Sharken (and beats them down).
  5. I strongly agree with leaving Sharkens alone. They have an interested unique effect. Making towers immune to being immune to Sharken push and immune to spider webs all while adding proposed tower buffs will make the game much easier. The Sharken's and Spider's abilities have been around since before minions (which in most cases take care or trivialize their effect). Back in Misty Mire days before Strength drain removed elemental infinity, spiders actually required players to change their builds. Aura stack/minions as in today, didn't trivialize them. Making physical towers immune to these Shard abilities kills the whole purpose of them as far as I'm concerned. I agree with this. I don't think changing Sharkens is the right way of buffing lesser used walls. By removing the push from Sharkens they just become another Orc/Ogre ripoff.
  6. I think we should leave this as is for right now. It is a larger change and requires more than time and discussion than 15hrs and 3 people. This is literally the first I've ever heard of this and have never seen anyone running around with a >= 37k mega chicken with less than 6 sps. Also, is it the range attack that is limited, the pecking, both? I'd be surprised to find out that they are exactly the same. Perhaps a better idea is to speed up the animations, then people who are basing their upgrading decisions based on this quick fix will be hosed. People who don't bother putting in (or can't, if this goes into several iterations) 6 sps, wouldn't be very happy if a different solution goes into effect that allows 6 actual shots per second.
  7. No to get side-tracked, but a "bug" or "glitch" can become an intention behavior or feature. Glitches have even defined whole genres of games. See Space Invaders/Street Fighter 2/etc http://www.cracked.com/article_19262_6-glitches-that-accidentally-invented-modern-gaming.html With that information and the Fact that I had verbal/written confirmation from 2 Trendy employees that players enjoyed the genie glitch such that it was intentionally included in DDE with the same behavior... it is not a bug. The bug remark is to avoid things such as "There is a bug with Harbinger's ranged attack it shoots through reflects". Then this is an easy reason/excuse to make game-play changes. I personally don't like the reflect ignoring, but that is how it was designed.
  8. I'm with Alhanalem on this. We cannot just assume that Trendy's previous work is a "bug" if we don't agree with it. A mislabeling is much more likely. Assuming this sort of thing is a "bug" is the same attitude that brought us the genie mana "fix" that was only backed by a few people in CDT (definitely not me) . That was a large waste of the communities time and good will. As a note, chaining between enemies through walls and without line-of-sight check is an atypical behavior for these attacks in games, movies, etc. The game doesn't specify anywhere that it should chain through walls, it just does. The DST description specifically states traveling through walls. The only place I've seen a reference to LTs going through walls is on wikia. I'm one of the last people who wants to change an existing behavior or functionality, restricting it to chains to require line of sight however would nerf it. Very lengthy play testing would be required and effectiveness would vary a lot between levels. MB would suffer much more than say ToL.
  9. The Temple of Polybius DSTs are now set to use previous DST projectile speed (current v8.2 projectile speed). It probably isn't that clear, however this line in the release notes under "Current Known Issues" is trying to warn players of that issue. "Temple of Polybius enemy DSTs erroneously affected by the player DST buff (faster projectiles)" Until the next build, I would recommend using a fairy ;) (that's what I've been doing)
  10. Tiny spoiler the new Tavern map's size will be accompanied by a doubled floor size. I've thoroughly tested the size increase and its effect on the save file size and it is negligible.
  11. FYI: I posted a reply on the referenced post by "Carnage-" https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/141362/item-upgrade-levels-rollover-problem https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/141362/?scrollTo=1252817&page=1#1252817 Its a long one, but I did spend a decent amount of time writing it, reading it will be much quicker. Carnage-, I apologize in advance that I most likely obliterated your thread with my long response and Wdaled its possible that this thread will die as well :(
  12. While changing that line of code is trivial, the testing RNG() changes is anything but trivial, especially without any automated testing and just relying on volunteer beta testers. FYI the code still the same however you've put incorrect values in your post. The modulo (modulus) is on 255 not 256 as below MaxEquipmentLevel = MaxEquipmentLevel%255 + 1 Aside from the above statement, my views on this are not representative of the CDT Firstly, this code has been in the game since the beginning, now over 5 years ago. I'm of the opinion the NONE of the RNG() code should be touched at all period (including changes already made). Changing the RNG() will just lead to problems at best. Let's say that we make a change similar to your suggestion, guaranteeing that trans+ drops stay that way (i.e. not rolling over). I can't help but see that as a slap in the face to all players who've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours farming. IMO essentially saying "Thanks for all your time, but really you should have just waited, saved yourself hundreds of hours, to do your farming now." For argument's sake lets pretend that no one would feel this way. There are always players who say "it seems like" or "feels like" there has been some sort of RNG() change, I'm guilty of this myself. By leaving the RNG() completely alone, we don't have to spend hours and hours of discussion pinning down if or what changed, unforeseen consequences, etc, etc. That's even the community could come anywhere near a consensus on how the RNG() should behave in the first place. If we simply look at any previous discussions regarding balance issues, from Moonbase rewards to tower re-balancing, you'll see that consensus is almost impossible to achieve. I don't consider this to be a flaw with the community or game, but a situation to learn from and to realize that some things should just be left alone and have everyone spend their time related to DD1 enjoying themselves and focuses on new content. Even now with minor RNG() changes (aside from unintended armor buffing in 8.1) there are either complaints or praises about the RNG(), though mostly complaints from what I've seen. In previous CDT meetings some members are convinced that there is absolutely no difference in how armor is generated from v8.0 (Moonbase and QoL changes directly from Trendy) to v8.2.1. Having no RNG() changes would result in quicker turn around times and more content. Looking at the 8.2 releases cycle with its long delays there were still changes that the community and CDT were unable to test effectively and had to be reverted, the golden enemies. All of the people who are still playing the game have lived with the RNG() for up to 5 years, i don't think the risk/reward of changing it now is worth it. How many retired players would be more likely to get back in the game if they were told the RNG() has been updated(changed, fixed, w/e wording) would come back to the game vs. players who would come back to play new content?
  13. I don't agree with items being removed from AFK Shop entering Item Box locked. Coming in unlocked is a simple way to see which items are from the AFK shop. Any a simple "Lock All" performed afterwards would alleviate any issue.
  14. FYI: I've updated the cardboard tube issue in a different thread (though, this is the correct place for it to live). Anyways here it is https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/139128/?scrollTo=1241147&page=1#1241147
  15. Hey guys. This cardboard tube issue has already been discussed in a previous thread. I see that this discussion is in "General" while the original was in "Community Development => CDT Update 2 - Reported Issues" https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/137398/?scrollTo=1238587&page=5#1238587 For clarity, I'll put a more detailed explanation here. The re-indexing of item quality (to bring particle beam) has thrown off the cardboard tube and a few other weapons that were pinned to level 70. Previous to v8.2 a cardboard tube up to and including Ult quality could be used by a level 70 hero. However, an Ult93, Ult+, Ult++ couldn't. In v8.2 the bug was introduced that allows Ult93 and above to be used. So, this will be fixed such that it works as in v8.1.
  16. This has also happened to me twice since 8.2 was released. Lost 1 cube each time. I was host one time and neither of us got any items, the other time I did it in someone's AFK shop and they got they got my cube, but I didn't get anything. Does anyone remember this happening to them in 8.1? I don't recall seeing any issues while we were on 8.1
  17. You are correct pure. There are several items which do that, another I believe is one of the Spook rewards (only reward not any generic version). This has been around for long enough that the CDT has no intention of changing it. People are noticing it now cause tubes are dropping all over the place on Ember, though Tinkerer's Lab did the same thing. Yes, (almost) all qualities of tube are level 70. Epic? 70. Trans? 70. Ult? 70. I think it's always been like that. But Ult93 is 93 and Ult++ is 100.
  18. Main issue that needs discussion is re-balancing/improving the DST without adversely affecting current DST enthusiasts. Also please bear in mind that this tower is an anti-air tower today and have been for a long while. The targeting priority is Wyvern/Djinn/Mage is a testament to that. Ideally the community can agree that given the vast array of other towers it is reasonable and in fact ideal for the DST to continue to function as an anti-air then nuisance enemy killing tower. Priority System ------------------------------------- There is room to enhance the targeting system, but personally I think the original 3 should remain there and in that order. Mages may seem out of place, but they are pesky and often stay out of reach of other towers and are troublesome especially for new players. My gut instinct is to put Goblin Copters immediately after current list. However WAY back in 7.38d (July 2012) the following change was made. -- Projectile Towers now favor targeting other enemies over Goblin Copters (since the flares will mostly distract projectile tower shots anyway). There is a whole history of this and it isn't a straight forward task to rectify the targeting w/regards to Copters, although it has been discussed within the CDT that it is possible. Aside from Copters there are plenty of other pesky enemy types that I wouldn't mind zapping with an improved DST. Special and/or game changing ones come to mind. Sharken/Harbingers/Ogres/(perhaps increased preference towards a subset of golden enemies, still using the same priority) as many players are feeling the pain of golden buff change. Personally I wouldn't be a big fan of getting Ogres near the front of an extended priority queue as the DST would keep shooting at them until they die at which point a Wyvern could fly right it and smack the crystal or a Djinn de-summon a tower. The same could be said for the Harbinger, but I have a special place in my heart for that guy hence he is higher in the queue :) Damage changes ------------------------------------- Ideally everyone is now aware that reducing the attack rate of the DST, makes these towers ineffectual against flying enemies, even Wyverns would overwhelm them. Not acceptable for an anti-air tower. The proposed DPS wasn't the issue with the DST. I don't recall any complaints that the DPS was too low, especially considering where it has been for 5 years. In 8.1 the projectiles were overkill for almost all mobs, with the exception of Ogres in campaign and others in very late survivals and ofc Pirate Invasion. We're open to suggestions, on this I've seen anywhere from a 50% increase in damage (with an increase in rate as well resulting in 2x the current DPS) up to a little over 3x DPS. More suggestions are welcome and please take into account how the golden buff change is affecting Wyverns and such. Projectile Speed and Target hit rate ------------------------------------- Projectiles missing their target have been a constant issue with the DST. The projectile speed could be increased as several other towers had done long ago 7.06B and 7.17B. The projectile could be configured to hit the target instantaneously, but personally (not sole opinion of CDT) I think that would be silly and the animation of a projectile would be only for display purposes getting to enemy after they are dead, could end up looking like it was still missing targets frequently. I did see an idea for homing. It sounds interesting, but would change the tower feel and behavior a bit too much for my taste, but this is a discussion and not a decree. At the moment I'm can't think of any hero homing abilities, I suppose you could consider the lightning tower as homing, but in to me homing looks like the goblin copter missiles. I think it would be better and more fun to create a huntress gun or Apprentice staff with a homing ability first and tackle the DST target hit percentage with increased projectile speed. One thing that we need more input on is if the missing of target issue is based on difficulty. Everyone is all too familiar with this happening on NM, but is it commonplace on Insane and below? If not, the projectile speed could be increased exclusively for NM. Advocacy and use ------------------------------------- As it seems to be going with 8.2 out, previous non-Apprentice builders have started to use the lightning towers. I believe the reason for this is because re-balance had no downside so existing users would still use them and start showing them to other players who would then start using them and showing their friends, etc. With the combination of no longer performing its anti-air duties and thus the above optimal way of gaining usage were strong reasons why I was opposed to the rate reduction (and voted against it). If the handful of DST enthusiasts could no longer use it (for at least what it did in 8.1), then it would fall further into oblivion. However if we go this route and get everyone on board or at the bare minimum have an solid understanding of the issues before hand, then it could follow the way of the Lightning tower and EST. Health ------------------------------------- For whatever reason perhaps lost to time the Apprentice towers have health that is as low as 1/4 of an equivalent usage Squire tower (these numbers are taken at a App stat @3583, Squire stat 3583). The only tower that has any durability is the Fire Ball tower having 74% of a harpoons health. The DST has only 26% of a harpoons health. More recent towers, such as Jester towers also are far durable, and the Apprentices fall behind again. The DST has only 38% of the Party Popper's health (App stat @3583, Jester @3610). EagleOne has requested a bump in the DST health by 100% - 120% (high end resulting in a fully upgraded health of 78,223 with Tower Health stat @3583) which would give it 57% of harpoons health. Please provide your feedback. The link below is EagleOne's very detailed feedback. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/138437/apprentice-tower-balance-suggestion?scrollTo=138437&page=1
  19. I've also personally found the Ult+ and Ult++ to be too similar to each other, but also too similar to proximity and inferno traps. Aside from those 2 qualities and with the addition of the particle beam, I think it is good system. However, I'll point out my concerns (constructive) for each option below. A. I'm not particularly thinking about rainbows so often that for me personally it would be intuitive. Logical, I would say would be subjective here. Ascending or descending hex values could be logical to some people. B. Icons as stated would get messy and too busy in my opinion. C. As stated letters wouldn't distinguish Ult/Ult+/Ult++ so that doesn't seem optimal and an item would take up a larger space on the minimap D. Stars, I would be strongly opposed to (unless we removed upgrade ones in an option). It hard enough to see things near stars as it is E. A darker red could work, but I'd still be concerned about it being masked by proxy icon. The real issue is why does anyone even bother not filtering out everything aside from Ult++ anyways? Joking obviously, though someday I'd like to be that level of DD rockstar and be able to do just that. I seriously do think a concern for color blindness (and there are several types) is valid and have seen options and settings to alleviate that issue before in other various software or games. I believe you will get used to the rainbow very quickly when you see suddenly 2673276 blue dots, realizing blue is now myth. Exactly that's why I started with blue for myth and not vice versa. Also the second color turquoise was always used to represent a lower quality. Myth and Trans are not so far away from each other. I admit that green for Supreme will be most likely the most confusing new color, while yellow/orange/red will be handy again. A test run within the beta would definitely clear the question if it's better or worse, if it takes much time or if it is just intuitive. However I get your point and most likely I myself will have to 'get used' to a new color scheme. Showing Ult+/++ as stars while keeping old color scheme would be an absolute alternative to this. U+ could be shown as blue star for a better distinction between orange/red. Orange would be not needed anymore. That way the issue is solved for whose who can't differ between orange/red and for whose who can't differ between purple/red. We are not making it better for people like Atherial though. So we have now several suggestion: A: Rainbow Color Scheme (will confuse some people first days, nonetheless I think intuitive and logical) B: Instead of dots, using icons (much work, risk of a messy minimap) C: Instead of dots, using first letter of the quality (does not solve the issue with orange/red but most likely very helpful for actual colorblind people) D: Instead of dots, using stars for U+/++ (blue/red) (both parties are helped, no confusion) E: Instead of current red for U++, we choose a darker red (both parties are helped, no confusion) I'm up for either A or a mix of D and E. On the other hand just B or C would help actual colorblind people. This is why we should always discuss possible changes as changes affects everyone not just oneself.
  20. Last minute addition. I only am submitting 4 levels as I made the mistake of playing "Über Lifestream Hollow Monsterfest (nightmare hardcore)" and having join level requirement below 70, making for an excruciating 1+ hour long game. I have my security settings too hardcore to be able to use imgur any longer, so steam screenies it is. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716864139 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716782697 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716785712 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716840298 My choices are as follows. 1. ++ 3-Stat Tower Pets (capping tdmg[missing thp]) 2. 4.2k Trans Fairy (if it has positive hdmg/hhp/ab2) 2b. 107k DPS Fusion Rift 3. 156k DPS E-Spear (Assuming it isn't tiny) 4. 50k+ Classic's Eagles
  21. I'd like to know what the first digit is of what I assume is the negative hero health.
  22. [Ger] Michili, I'd like 240 runs. I sent you a friend request.
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