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  1. It's really weird for that filter. Set the auto-collect to "Non Gear" and it will pick them up along with lockboxes. Just sell the lockboxes and open the pet boxes and you're good to go! Thats how i already have it.. so i'm forced to pick those up?
  2. So i'm trying to pick up those little boxes that give you pet stuff. I only want those, no pet eggs etc. But when I put a bag on auto collect for "Pet food" it doesn't pick anything up...
  3. For me, its been squire/EV2. as I get closer to end-game, I realize the amount of farming that needs to be done. Because of this, I've been trying to simplify builds that don't require 4 characters. So got rid of Walls, slow beam, and buff beam. I've been sticking with monk/huntress.
  4. So I'm looking for End-game tips here, talking about all items being around 740+ base iPWR. The main info I'm looking here from someone with experience, is which stats do I want on my weapon and armor? For Weapon: Should I be going Hero damage / ability damage? Or Hero damage / Hero crit damage? For Armors: Should I be going hero dmg/ ability dmg, hero dmg/ crit dmg, or ability dmg/crit damage? I did a small test where i just re-allocated my stats, and it seemed crit damage was the point to max out, but besides that I'm not sure. Without any pet ability, buffs, and just using 690-700 iPWR gear and spheres, my DPS tops out at about 400k. What is EV2's end-game DPS look like? (without buffs/pets?) If i'm looking for a DPS character for JUST bosses, is EV2 the right one?
  5. Regarding leveling pets: Does only the current hero I have out gain Affection on his pet, or is it every hero in my deck?
  6. What really? So I basically got extremely lucky, and now Im getting unlucky? I have done all the incursions, and I always got the 700+ ipwr items with at least 50% rate.. Counting the passed 2 days, I have now probably done it at least 40 times, still no medallion.
  7. I've been farming "Demon's lair" for about a week. Typically I'd get a medallion from it around 2 per 3 rounds or 3 per 5 rounds. However since about 1-2 days, I can't even get 1. I have farmed the level literally 28 times, and have not received a medallion. Is there some sort of limit? If i already have a medallion equipped can I not get one?? anyone have any clue why I cant get one?
  8. Regarding the new patch : My PDT Huntress has a iPWR 795 Medallion. I noticed since the patch, items with passives not meant for you hero are no longer equip-able. My huntress's medallion has Monk passives, so I'm wondering If the stats on the medallion are void because of this patch, or is it fine as long as I keep it equipped? My dps has gone down a bit (with buff beam/ monk buff/Pdt) but for some reason they havnt posted the notes so I can't tell why i'm weaker Side question: I've done Demons lair (for the medallion) 17 times today, and I never got a medallion... why? I use to get it like 2/3 games now I cant get it.
  9. How the hell do I delete my character? 1.It's not in my deck 2. I've tried in my tavern/private tavern/social tavern nothing. 3. When I click delete nothing happens.
  10. I'm talking about the achievements that require 5 Mil damage with Lightning aura/ Cannonball tower/ Flameburst/ Explosive trap. I have done the first level of NM4 with all cannon balls, and all lightning auras. I definitely did more than 5 million damage during the game (especially since ogres have like 3mil HP, and there were like 5 total). Why can't i get these achievements? http://steamcommunity.com/id/klaz48/stats/appid/236110/achievements **Edit: I cant get any steam achievements. Not just the damaging ones. In fact, here is a SS showing I did one of them but still dont have the achievement. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/200801959116602681/AC3A5DD77632689F8BBD6B34E977E1133723C229/
  11. So currently, there is really no end game co-op. Its basically "whos building?". Everyone gives the builder mana and they afk till the end of the wave. My suggestion is this: Whatever the hardest difficulty is, only allow 1 Hero card per person. This will FORCE players to work together, instead of just a farm fest like this game currently is. I've put in 500+ hours so far, and I see there is a new content update. I was neglecting the game at first, thinking nothing will change. Said "what the hell?", updated and jumped into the highest difficulty. Everything is still the same. I loved this game so much until I got to end-game. I regret putting all those farming hours that I did.
  12. Survival would suck atm because it would have to be for hard, and hard is already too easy.
  13. MORE gear not BETTER gear. Never said better...?
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