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  1. What if there are more 1st places than items?
  2. Then don't. Transcendent armor and above is easy to get and there's not tons of it. Myth and below has no real use.
  3. You should compare armor updates manually.
  4. As I had trouble finding these, I assume this could help for some players. Live: Bindings=(Name="B",Command="toggleItemBeams")Bindings=(Name="P",Command="ToggleHideMiniMapTowers")Bindings=(Name="O",Command="ToggleHideMiniMapBillboards")Update 4 BetaBindings=(Name="G",Command="ActivateCrystalForAllPlayers",Control=true)Bindings=(Name="P",Command="ToggleHideGoodEquipmentOverlay",Control=true)I got these from random Plane's post.
  5. Bugs I have found so far: Arcane Library has one of the enemy billboards offset too much: https://youtu.be/CQJv20GS1bkThe warrior minion takes no damage when it attacks.You can not move your camera using WASD when in summoner overlord mode in the tavern while moving an item but you can use minimap-clicking to move the camera.Things I would like to see added: Minion and defense units in the right top corner has different text color (or distinguished elselike).
  6. Hey, I would like to trade Spearmint for Sapphire (preffered) or Crimson 1:1. Traced.
  7. Plane used to have discord server.
  8. It also only does elemental damage which is the hightest drawback.
  9. 322^ Ultimate Unlucky Mail Cleats - 4 coal 316^ Ultimate Enchanted Chain bracers - 4 coal
  10. One sad thing is if you make CD rewards per account then public CD runs will vanish.
  11. Because I find it not effective to post in the original thread one by one I though I would just post all my suggestions here and edit the post as needed. So the list goes: Possibility to change . and , as thousands separatorMake it that selling tower priorities targeting towers summoned by that hero. (Accidental buff beams sells)Traps can be build near crystal regardless of their size just like aurasRemove orientation confirmation for minions when summoning. They all have 360° range, make it one click - summon like auras , traps, LTs...Make it that you can inspect towers on top of traps inste
  12. My idea was increasing their damage and uncap the tick rate so tower rate has it's own effect. Reducing the chain jump lenght and drastically reduce the number of targets to chain (like 5 the most). Basically putting the LT on pair with fireball towers and harpoon towers where harpoons are piercing (good for larger areas), fireballs splash (good for thin passages) LTs 360° (good for 1 stack for multiple paths).
  13. Spam in what manner? Just spamming the shorcut or spamming instant upgrade - upgrade instant upgrade - upgrade?
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