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  1. Guess I'll do the dishes while I can't play! Cheers for the announcement.
  2. Never noticed an auto-aim, though I haven't played my huntress in a while. When was it added? There is an Auto-lead on projectiles, DD1/DDE has it as well. If you hover above and enemy (Reticle turns red) your shot will actually head towards where (Hopefully) they will be by the time your shot actually gets there. It's helpful but it's counter productive when it comes to trying to get head shots. (At least, This is from memory, I haven't played in some time and am coming back to playing tomorrow). EDIT: Accidentally posted this 4 times, deleted the extra posts. Sorry!
  3. 6. Finally some z-depth issues at finishing the game: This also happens during the "Please Wait" loading scene after you click "Play" (Note: the "Please wait ##s" underneath the loading spinner.)
  4. I think they should cost more, It always felt like cheating having a 5 DU length wall but only costing 30 mana. I didn't actually realise there was no elemental resists, I have been playing (Not often at all though, sadly D:) Thanks for the vote! Feel better soon though! (I just got better actually, damn cough won't go away though)
  5. So I was randomly thinking about how much I feel like Series EV's walls feel way better than Squire/Apps in DD1/E (And 2), and here's what I randomly came up with. (Open for criticism, preferably constructive criticism, and not "That idea is stupid" comments :/). My main pet-peeve with DD1/E walls is that I always felt like (For me at least) always fell back on SEV's amazing walls. The main reason being that most choke points need two walls/Bouncers just to fill the gap(Or god forbid two slice 'n' dice, which ends up as a big waste of DU when Ogre's start ignoring them for my precious Harpoons!) Which, two Barricades is what? 6 DU? compared to SEV's 2-4 DU needed for almost every choke point? Now I'm not a good judge for balancing at all, but I am a sucker for walls being built like SEV, or as another game does it, Battle for Middle Earth 2. I actually bought that game just because of how sexy the wall building was! (And then, you know, realized that the game has a hell of a lot of other amazing features) Series EV: - Classic Point to point Beam, (longer = more DU) - Big health amount - Takes full damage from enemy attacks - SPEC NODE: Maybe a small rebuked of damage (Combination of all elements it has been hit by if possible) Squire (Or knight, he's got to have been knighted by now): - Point to Point, like a Fortified Castle Walls (longer = more DU) - Less health than SEV's Beam - Higher phys resist (Mebe some others), weakness to fire/explosions/"Smash" - Regular spikes like the current barricades. - SPEC NODE: Add "towers" along the wall (One per 10 DU maybe?) that have little ballistae or something to give it a small (Single target, low damage) defence (360 degree circle maybe, dunno) Apprentice (Or is he a full fledged Wizard?): - Point to Point, unknown how to make it look (Longer - more DU) - Less health than Squire (And thus less than SEV) - Resists all elements (Maybe Phys weakness) - Pulse of slight magic damage that also flushes enemies of elemental resists (I honestly don't know) - SPEC NODE: Increases pulse chance/range or something. On this note too, since we're using DU in the whole mana cost = DU, which also makes DU use amounts (at lowest currently) of 10. Maybe these kinds of walls would be a good/alright point to start having these kinds of walls take up a more "exact" DU amount. Because I know I always went for "Max of the lowest number I can use", sure it lowered my health but while making 4 walls, that's an enitre extra tower/aura somewhere!
  6. Tried searching and couldn't see this anywhere, sorry if it's a repost but here goes! (forewarning, this actually turned into a full post just about my inventory suggestions, it was originally just "Auto Sort / Filter / Storage into Folders", so if I have said anything in here that is already suggested (That I couldn't find), please link me there so I can upvoted it with my support!) I like to make folders for most things, Squire/Barb weapons, Monk weapons, Huntress/SEV weapons, Apprentice weapons, pets (Sometimes sub-folders for animus, or pixie etc), armor (Sub folders for quality and/or for specific slots), etc. You get the idea! My suggestions: 1. Allow some sorts of auto-sort function, so when you pick up a pet it goes into the pets folder, armor into the armor etc. Not one that is TOO indepth, but one to let it get a little faster/easier. 2. Shift+click/button to turn on select multiple, for moving all pets into their folder. (Don't know if this is a thing, if it is I can't figure it out) (Don't know if this is even possible either) 3. A button to set it to toggle viewspace. ie. only show loot collected this session, only show loot collected in previous map. stuff like that, instead of scrolling down and figuring it out (Which I used to have everything in folders so everything unsorted is new!) 4. Changes to bag view. ie. Like Windows Explorer for example, "Change your view" to Extra large icons, small icons, list/detail view (I personally would love to see it in the list/detail view). I also think a "detail" view would allow for much easier sorting options, if it truely ends up looking like explorer (So click on the Column top to sort by that section). Actually now that I think about this, wasn't that a thing on the web browser player stores? PS. I am going to post this in the DDEternity section too, if you're a Eternity player that agrees with me, please show your support over there too! PPS. Please comment replying to each suggestion if you don't fully agree on everything (Or anything, or have opinions on how it should be) so we can get a good overview of which ones we really want, and how we want it!
  7. Whatever they feel would be best!
  8. Didn't know if General or Suggestions but eh, it's still a suggestion. So I tried searching and manually looking through posts for a "more Friend Codes" post, couldn't find one at all (If I missed it, please link me so I can show my support!) But yes, you asked us to make a clamor if we wanted them and I say we do! Very much! And while we're on the subject, how many and how often do you think they should last? How long should they get access for? and any other questions on how we feel the friend invites should work! Ask them and lets discuss our feelings! (Don't forget to "Thumbs up" comments and posts you agree with!)
  9. How else can we improve the loot sorting problem? :) Let's get some discussion going! I'm in for discussion! I feel we need sorting categories like - "Highest X stat" X being your choice of stat and shows it in descending order - Sort via rarity - Sort via type 1 Slot (Head, chest etc.) - Sort via type 2 Relic (Book, ring etc.) - Sort newest first - Sort by value - Show only equip-able by current character I also feel like the old folder system can be brought back, with some changes: - Back on controller goes up a folder instead of closing the window - Auto Folders for Rarity, type 1 and type 2 (mentioned earlier) - Auto folders don't interfere with custom folders And that's all I can think of for now! It's like 36 Celsius here, dying of heat! (No A/C)
  10. I don't know about a javelin, but if I could pick up the dynamite that the kobolds drop and throw it back I would do that every time. It would also make it so that I wouldn't dread seeing them running down the lane. Exactly! Turn the early killed kobolds into friendly artillery instead of just exploding and hitting the defence it was about to hit anyway! On the subject of "another step in the boss", think about DD1, from memory every boss has that annoying step, when it's forced, it's a HUGE hassle (See Dragon, Kraken, Genie, Cthulu), in those bosses you can't hit the dragon while it's flying (NIGHTMARE mode he flies so far out you can't hit him with guns), you can't hurt the genie until he comes out and I don't remember Cthulu well because I never beat him, all my friends stopped playing before Aquanos. Or other bosses like Demon Lord, Goblin Mech, Spider Queen, had similar mechanics, but they just made it easier to kill them, by stunning them and/or letting you do much more damage for a limited time. I believe these "Heavy Weapons" would give more options, I don't believe they should be NEEDED or forced, but an added bonus to playing more strategically with your hero, like (Giraffehead) throwing kobold dynamite back into the horde to make it do damage to enemies instead, or giving the Squire a small ranged weapon to quickly throw off at aerial enemies.
  11. After playing in the latest playtest (6) I've come to a couple conclusions: 1. I still want it toggleable 2. Autolock + melee + mouse/keyboard = awful The lock-on thing reminds me of the latest Neverwinter (Not Nights, the F2P MMO), I palyed as a Paladin in that and the only thing I could think was "What is the point in having a cleaving attack when it auto targets to a single target". I want to be able to aim between two enemies precisely and hit both, not attempt that but have auto lock pull me to one or the other missing the other one. 3. If the step size was reduced, maybe by like half, it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad, it's the fact it feels like he's lunging that makes it really awkward
  12. http://puu.sh/6EvEC.jpg Decided to get you this picture as "proof" :D
  13. Playverse Username - Beslan One Sentence Bug Description - Boots getting Gloves image Media - http://puu.sh/6Ev39.jpg
  14. Playverse Username - Beslan One Sentence Bug Description - Censoring word that don't need to be censored Step by Step Instructions - Simply type in any words that have words like ***, sex etc in them, like Assault or timers expired and it will censor you Old description: So I was talking Iamisom in game and I trade to reference Assault challenges but Assault is counted as a swear (Because of "***" being in it) and blocks out the whole word :/ He said I should post this in here, better to nip it in the bud now so we don't block all words similar to it, like with UK's anti-porn URL thing (Check on it if you don't understand) EDIT: Happened again, I tried to say "Playverse except you MintLemonade" but I forgot the space so it came out as Playverseexcept, which got the whole word bleeped because of seex. EDIT 2: Added in the layout from the pinned attention post.
  15. Oh hey, that's an awesome suggestion, glad you reminded me of that!
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