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  1. TimmyTrashTier exactly what mindslaver has said above this. Looking to pay the difference from the lesser version (defenders myself) and get the remaining benefits (+7k gems, +4 hero costumes and title).
  2. Not sure how to fix this sorry. Hopefully with the upcoming wipe (exact date yet to be announced) we should all get our mailboxes filled up again!
  3. Update from my end, am now able to join the game servers again. Looks like something was done on the back end :D
  4. I purchased the Defender's pack as soon as it came onto the Australian PSN store not knowing the Collector's Edition would come out a few days later. Is there any way for Defender's Pack (or starter edition) purchasers to upgrade to Collector's Edition?
  5. Thanks again for the suggestion chesticles (replied to the other thread in general discussions but will do here as well for the PS4 viewers :) ). Sadly the port forwarding did not fix the issue on connecting to the game. I am able to get online with other PS4 games so it looks to be an issue on Trendy's servers. Hopefully they can assist / fix when it comes to their attention.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion chesticles, sadly the port forwarding did not work. The only other option I have is to re-download the whole game (PSN AU download servers are terribly slow for my ISP and will probably miss playing the wknd). Hopefully Trendy are able to do something from their end when its brought to their attention.
  7. Still not working unfortunately. Able to get onto other games and play multiplayer sessions. :(
  8. Did either of you find a way to get back into the game? This happened to me today and now I am unable to get back into the game / servers.
  9. I'm having the same issues as well. This is occurring as soon as you open the game, therefore no option to select private tavern. Has anyone found a way to get around this? I have restarted the game / PS4 / router and nothing.
  10. Hey all, I just hit 74 today on my tower spec Squire and Im at a loss for what to do. Ive been running with my friends through the game so have only finished every campaign level on hard and tried a few on insane.. What do I do now to get gear and move forward? Everyone is doing SOOOO much more damage than me and my towers lol. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Thanks for the quick response all. I usually skip that first screen that pops up hahah, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. Is everyone else experiencing ALOT of disconnects from ranked servers in the last hour or so? Servers were running perfectly all day but now every 5 minutes or so it drops out.
  13. cheers, ill give that a go later on :)
  14. Ive pre-ordered on steam and d2d, is it possible to get both pre-order dlc on one account? Thanks
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