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  1. KK got two questions, I bought those special winter skins in game, and didn't notice that they are available in DLC, so my question is if I buy DLC (as i want that pet) what will happen if I already own all skins that are in the DLC, will I get gems back or not? Second question, does the enemies became stronger after update or they nerfed the gear stats, as I notice that my defences feels way weaker then before the patch
  2. With the implementation of auto-pickup, why not add a button to auto-pick/sell-all items on the floor
  3. Well I'm currently listing my feedback of DD2 while playing it, will come back to DD1 to clarify a few things but let's hope that some features from DD1 that was making life easier will be in DD2 :)
  4. While I was playing after hotfix I notice that flying enemies often flying in a circle somewhere on the map away from the core, I notice this mostly on The Ramparts (in a place where the old sub-core section was on Nightmare version of the map) although sometimes I see this on the other maps as well but not as often.
  5. I don't know if someone mention this already, but I really miss that map option from DD1 by toggling 'M' as it allowed me to watch how my defence set up doing and monitor which section needs help, as well as watching monsters dying was quite enjoyable. Are there any plans to bring that back to DD2?
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