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  1. All of the maps of all difficulties have been done solo....if it takes you 3-4 seconds to switch characters you're doing something wrong.
  2. This is not addressing anything...it's rationalizing lying to your investors...the backers. In ANY other endeavor this would be a much bigger deal....Again...this is NOT them addressing anything all it does is poorly explain what we already knew....there is no point in that where they do anything but defend their positions while still completely screwing everyone that backed them and had faith in WHAT THEY PROMISED. Those that say they don't owe us anything...maybe.....but you clearly lack integrity if you believe that making promises and not making good on ANY of them is acceptab
  3. Wow....I was waiting to play because they hadn't really released anything more and I was pretty much stacked...to come back and find out that hundreds of hours are gone because they lied about what they would do....If nothing else at least we can do reviews on the steam page to assure no one else is taken advantage of. They can't even bother to make an official statement.
  4. Yeah, they really need to setup some stuff to let people know things...right now the introduction to the game is really abrupt and finding anything out I imagine is really hard if you aren't used to DD games.
  5. You must clear campaign in the previous difficulty yourself or while hosting. If you've been playing with friends basically you'll have to start at whatever difficulty you have unlocked and push all the way through Insane and it'll unlock.
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