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  1. Yeah...that's asinine....and looking at their philosophy for xp for this tier it will only be worse....I understand that you want there to be reasons to continue playing but just wearing the gear I find shouldn't be a reason that I should have to grind for hundreds of hours....it should happen naturally as I organically find that gear....game design is actually a science..
  2. This is the thing that makes no sense to me...if there is a damage calculation then it would make more sense to reference that in the tooltip and just pull up that information, that way it's always showing exactly what is being done....clearly the way damage is calculated currently the tooltip uses its' own separate formula, from a coding POV this doubles the amount of work needed when you adjust damage and seems extremely convoluted..maybe it's a system limitation with the way you guys have things set up but from programming for years it seems like it will never be correct if it isn't just polling the same exact numbers. I'm rather curious who did the testing on this because right now there is an extremely low amount of effective ways to build....insane was fun you could build different ways, you could play with your friends and see different builds....nightmare it seems like every time you try to stray away from a "meta" type build....you just can't...I mean yeah maybe when I'm rocking all 3000s.....but I shouldn't have to completely overgear the content to be able to enjoy it.
  3. they really seem out of touch with their playerbase....I get having a softcap......but what level will transcendent gear require? 90? So what...we get to Massacre level and you think that we want to spend 100 hours just to be able to equip trans gear.....even more than that right now there really aren't too many effective builds.....there really needs to be some good tweaking done to make it so that there are more options with builds as right now you kinda have to build specific ways or else it's a waste.
  4. Slice and dice towers don't show proper damage/dps etc...it looks like they upped damage by approx 10 times but it doesn't show for the tooltip calculations. From a programming standpoint it seems kind of weird that the tooltip wouldn't just show the damage calculations....it seems like maybe it's separate values for the tooltip instead of just having it access the damage numbers for the tower...just seems odd from a coding standpoint.
  5. This could be due to a Djinn stealing it.
  6. I made a new huntress for DPS and now I can't access the character matrix to switch out my deck....basically when I hit the switch button on hero deck it does nothing at all. So I'm stuck with the character I created being in deck and can't access one of my builders. I have noticed that in game if you go to the autoloot options they won't save and it erases yours so then it will not allow you to set them again, at all. You must manually loot until the map is over and until you go solo again. Periodically in between waves if you're looking around and looting after going into your inventory it will tell you inventory full....I know it isn't full because I rarely have more than 2 pages of loot and rarely even that....it won't allow you to loot until the following wave.
  7. This asinine idea that just because there are some things going on that their promises somehow don't matter and expecting them to hold up their end is "entitled" is just that...asinine. Using COVID as a scapegoat is a copout, period, plain and simple. They gave a timeline with all of these factors considered and still are blowing by that like it doesn't matter.....no we don't need to be understanding...no it isn't entitled, it's simple integrity.l
  8. So are you using the electric aura just to use it? I mean it's just not worth the DU in its' current state.....I truly hope they improve Monk auras but currently only Strength Drain is useful and monk is extremely far behind in functionality compared to everyone else.
  9. Why? Oh you know the complete lack of taking the mere seconds it takes to update people on your official forums that are here specifically for that purpose.....there is no real chaos, lets be real....programming is a very easy thing to be done from home so lets not pretend as if somehow this is wreaking havoc on anything.
  10. Hopefully there are plans for a bit more complexity....I understand that there was a bit too much complexity and rng in DD2 but this is just mind numbingly boring to just hope that you see a minor increase on a piece of gear. Some kind of effects would be nice...maybe not the the same degree as mods in DD2 but....something to actually affect things other than just minor stat bonuses. Already it's pointless to continue playing after you've got all your gear kinda setup....at this point you're basically just waiting for those perfect 1000+ items to drop with the right stats...yes that's most of what any DD game is about but having zero effects or tower bonuses is really...meh
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