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  1. It's been a VERY long wait... should be nice to start playing again (Stopped playing cuz not a fan of virtual machine), and check out all these things people have been whining about ^^.
  2. but he is right, bro. version 7.02 would be version 7.0(2=second versionchange). 7 stands for the current gamesituation, balance-wise. 1 usually means the game is final and out of beta. im really curious how they could reach 7 so fast, however... this could change with an addon. when the whole game gets a revision. .2 means, the second full version of the game situation. so, if you implement game changing content, you increase this number. .x2 means, its the 2. fix or balance patch of the current version. so, if you write 7.2, you actually mean gamesituation 7, version 2. if you write
  3. As someone who's been putting up with the poorly designed UI (UI's are tough to get right, so I don't blame TrendyEnt) since October, I agree with pretty much all points listed above. It might not be priority, but I hope they do streamline this eventually.
  4. Frankly, you're playing Online. Expect douche bags/hackers when playing an online game. No game gets rid of both types of players. That being said, I understand the pain some people have... reporting people daily for _months_ ruins the fun of the game. Reporting people is pointless if: a) they aren't getting banned or b) more cheaters are replacing the banned ones faster than they can be banned, ultimately never removing the cheaters. It's not fun to report people every day, since the beginning of forever, so I can see why you'd lose interest. Personally, I just don't play with non-friends
  5. I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but will those on the Mac version be able to join up and play the game w/ those of us on PC? I've been trying to find a "common ground" sorta game w/ my friend who lives a distance away and has a Macbook Pro. I'd love to be able to play this with him once the Mac version comes out. Will this be possible thru Steam if I'm on Windows and he's on Mac? -Tbit :apprentice:Read the patch notes, yes you'll be able to play cross platform, and yes it'll be through Steam.
  6. Everyone forgets that ESTs are extremely good for PVP.PvP isn't even a serious gamemode, honestly.
  7. OMG I sense so much personal-rage in that message :/ Well, JUST as an fyi: I pretty much have a 1.1k+ trap ranger, with good enough wep that can take a NM wyvern down, so Huntress does good DPS even if it is trap spec'ed :) And, EST deals more damage on a single target than a proxy, just check it from the trap info :) If you still argue about singale target damage dealing between proxy and ESTs, well you probably never played as a trap huntress, which pretty much is the case coz you ended up proposing that idea :) !!! Well anyways, cba to argue with you, pretty much dumb proposal...gl :) !!!
  8. Sound little out there but make sense 10 k for downloadable for both sony and xbox to test it to make sure it is to standards but there people who test arnt free lmao.If you wanna get technical, all updates sent to the Mac App Store and iOS App Store also get personally tested by people to make sure it doesn't blow them up. And those patches are completely free to submit. It's just M$ and $ony that feel the need to charge out the *** for trivial services.
  9. It's all Steam, which answers most questions. It'll be released "when it's finished", and they probably won't tell you exactly how many beta testers they will have. Ranked characters are stored server side, those will be the same regardless of platform, local ones need their files moved from Parallels to your Mac.
  10. Eh, I don't fully agree with this one. The AutoIt script that TrendyEnt allowed was a lot less.... cheaty. Since it just let you hold down the mouse button to autocast. (Instead of spam clicking) Afk bots are uncool, even small starts like this. EDIT: The old, very nice, AutoIt script. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?6818-Auto-Fire-with-Apprentice-Charge
  11. Inb4lock. But really, can't have positive reinforcement when no one is actually getting banned. They're too busy breaking balance, then balancing what they broke to fix the game's security.
  12. well I heard it was supposed to come out in Jan.Beta was originally supposed to be sometime in December or something, dates get pushed back.
  13. Um... it's past January and there is no dungeon defenders for mac. Can I get a date when it will cone out?:mecha::dragon::skeleton::demon::squire::ogre::demon::wyvern::goblin::goblin::skeleton::confused: About a week for the Mac Beta to start. Actual release is most likely "when it's ready".
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