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  1. Stream went well, Ice Arrow was there until we ran out of cookies.
  2. Will be doing a small stream later today 06/26/12 @ 1PM EST Be sure to tune in, I have had a lot of comments on my YouTube videos about when is the next DD stream/video I will be doing and that is today, doing it for you guys! So show up to the stream, it will be live at Twitch.TV/ViciousXUSMC For a while my streams will be lessened as I take out some of my workload of projects I have, still doing the official bi-weekly streaming though. Be sure to sub up to the archived videos at 4K Games on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/4KGames?feature=mhee
  3. lol if only we could roll back we would have all done so when super loot was patched out and various other things. rolling back for nostalgia may be fun, go do some ramparts runs with uber squire.
  4. As I wait for what feels like forever on City in the Cliffs for the same ogre stuck in spawn to die that gets stuck every wave... I thought I would drop this idea by you. I know that they despawn after so long, all mobs types (and unfortunately for me ogres take the longest) but currently the despawn has no real parameters set as far as I know other than "if mob is not attacked or attacking after X time" I think what needs to be added is a smart despawn parameter that looks at number of mobs left in the wave. Stuck mobs during the wave are not a big deal, its the last few at the end tha
  5. In high end nightmare (survial) dps chars are a must and a good boost monk does more dps and more work than the towers in his given choke. If anything its the opposite, builders are what do not matter late game as the defenses are built and there is little reason to keep them out, even the bonus damage does not really matter especially when most builders are soft and squishy and your on a hardcore mode.
  6. Yeah not worth it to give up a mega chicken for that, people paid more than that just for the eggs during the event. Now that you cant get eggs anymore and they are limited in quantity it should be worth much more. Not only is it rare but unlike the cube its one of the best pets in the game making it even more valuable, in some situations its better than the dreaded seahorse.
  7. I find the fastest way is to equip a good dps pet and a genie. Jump and fly down over a lane of mobs. Not only will you vacuum up all the mana off the ground, your genie will bring in mana way faster than djinnlets. The only real danger in doing this is the ninjas. Djinless + Genie combo is even faster/more mana :D
  8. Starting in about 10 minutes. Twitch.TV/ViciousXUSMC
  9. With Summoner, Easy. Without... Yeah it's going to be hard but still not impossible.
  10. Plan on streaming later today when I get off work. About 12PM-1PM EST starting.
  11. With the new ability to click on the map (or drag) I think the scroll speed is fine and the boosted scroll speed is fine. The other methods worth well for faster travel. Only thing I may want now is a way to pan the camera a bit to maybe like a 3/4 view. Sometimes directly over head is not so great.
  12. If your a good summoner you may spend most of your time in overlord mode anyways but the sad truth is that attack speed caps really early, attack range seems to cap early, and minion speed is not really needed much for most people. So most of the stats from the rock pet would go to waste. I find to be the best summoner possible it means having a genie and a dps pet on. This lets me get mana easily to provide upgrades/repairs, and summon things. Its too dangerous to run out and grab mana but the genie and dps pet grab it for you easy, so you can stay in overlord mode till you need mana, p
  13. My original summoner was named the Lich King. Today I changed the outfit to the Demoness and renamed her to Kneesocks ;D http://youtu.be/Fs3lpVxmbNU
  14. Not worth it IMO unless your geared to the teeth and have absolutely nothing else to spend on.
  15. 4K Games > eSik :D We invite you into our games without our clan tag, and give away free dlc to boot! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4K-Games
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