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  1. This so much. I absolutely hate how the backpack system is setup right now.
  2. Definitely a server issue. Unfortunately PS4 isn't the only one with this issue, as some PC players are experiencing this as well. Hopefully they figure out a way to fix this soon.
  3. Onslaught I'm guessing? I've actually seen a few posts mentioning this issue as well. Unfortunately nothing I can do my end, and my best guess would be that it is indeed a memory leak and *fingers crossed* gets addressed very soon. Go into the game and submit a bug report. That would, in my opinion, currently be the best course of action!
  4. What's your CPU and GPU usage before, during, and after? As for the missing maps at the war table, you have to wait for the server to catch up after entering/switching taverns. I don't think it's a memory leak, but it's possible.
  5. X.I - Updates and other relevant post information 4/26/26 - Imgur is working again and I have access to all of my images. Going to be fixing and adding more information to the OP. Also going to be adding in the "B" sub-category
  6. ´╗┐´╗┐Ultimate FPS and Debugging GuideLatest Revision Date: 4/25/2016 Table of Contents In order to skip to the part you need, use: For Windows users: CTRL + F For Mac users: CTRLCOMMAND + F For most Mobile users (Chrome Browser): Tap on the "..." icon in the top right -> Find in Page A.I - Introduction A.II - Dungeon Defenders 2 Minimum and Recommended Specifications A.III - Optimizing your game A.III-1 - Optimizations for lower end hardware A.III-2 - Optimizations for mid-tier hardware A.III-3 - Optimizations for higher-end hardware B.I - Debugging and Hardware Checking B.II - Possib
  7. You could try verifying cache. I believe that checks to see if any files are corrupted or missing.
  8. Try uninstalling the game and then re-installing it. If it was throttling itself it wouldn't be from this game. And you wouldn't have been able to play the Witcher 3 without noticing any performance issues if your PSU was bad. If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work, we're gonna tweak some settings and see if we can get it to stop the FPS locks.
  9. That is... odd. What's your CPU usage right before, during, and after the lock? Along with your GPU usage before and after. Also, what's your power supply? It's possible, albeit very unlikely that your PSU is unable to supply enough power to your GPU. Does this happen on any other games, if so, what games? Apologies for having to ask so many questions. I just really want to help you solve this.
  10. Oops, my bad. Didn't see this was a PS4 topic. I do play on PC. Are you lagging as in FPS drops, or rubber banding like I described above? I played on the North American Servers. I think the server I was playing on was the Virginia East one. What are you Download/Upload speeds? speedtest.net
  11. I only have a couple more things before I'm stumped. Can you download HWMonitor and tell me your temps for both CPU and GPU before the lock and then after the lock? I have a feeling your GPU may be throttling itself.
  12. Is your CPU usage also hitting 99% as well?
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