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  1. is it really customization if you can just have everything? Could you spec into all of the spec points with 20 points each before? Nope! But take large sphere slots for instance : you have 1 slot and must choose from ~five different options, many of which were core skills from before. The skill sphere system needs to be improved to allow for more capabilities than its current system. If, for instance, we had spec points to put points into each sphere slot, to give more power to specific sphere slots, we could allow for more choice and power.
  2. I agree -> lots of skills/abilities are locked so you can only choose a few. This system is intended for customization but has hindered it. Perhaps give people spec points to increase the power of the weak skill spheres? And find skill sphere items on the ground that would be better and better stats, that would be further enhanced through your spec points.
  3. Dailies that provide unique tokens just lengthen a grind as you must complete that daily to purchase very expensive items, where the cost can be literally measured with days (such as 2 months for an egg) When I play DD, I would like to be able to play in numerous long bursts, not be forced into farming dailies day after day.
  4. Hiding Influence points makes it an actual decision instead of "either I vote for winning option, or save my points." The only beneficial thing I can think of for showing the influence points is that it causes landslide victories, using up more influence points, so my points become more valuable when it matters.
  5. Allow the option to filter the search by sub forum, so we can filter out the off-topic section ("lounge")
  6. every team needing 1 hero isn't good
  7. 1. private game... if you invite someone, you join an emtpy game, and no one can join yours unless invited 2. host options, especially for chest/key thing 3. fire/other towers shoot fliers more reliably (if a flier is within its range, it should be shot too, instead of sometimes not being shot) 4. give people selling rights, and if people leave their objects are sellable (annoyance removal) 5. host can sell everything (the host, once games actually get specific hosts, which i hope it will soon) 6. Heros feel weak and die quickly. 7. kobolds - no counter for melee, no way to h
  8. Maybe each level you get stat points, and every other level, or every 3 levels, or something like that you get skill points. Some skills have a stat requirement before you can unlock them, and specific ugprade paths. (maybe these can be "tower skill trees")
  9. Personally, What if one person just runs about clicking it all? Well, other people can also pick up the items. If there are so many items people want, its obvious that anyone that picked up an item immediately "greeds" it (passing would be ignoring the item drop) and the "need" could be holding down the "pickup" button? So all of the choices of greed/need would happen WHILE looking for items, then all of the rolls would happen immediately and items will be distributed.
  10. I've got a basic idea that could mix need/greed/pass, ffa, and instanced loot in a fair way. What if the items were ffa, but when picked up, they stayed on the ground and got a special marker. If multiple people picked up the same item, it would do a need/greed/pass system for ONLY the items that were wanted by multiple people. To make sure that one person doesn't get too greedy, and to almost guarantee the items you need for yourself, people can't do need more than once per combat phase, so the absolute BEST item will be good "need" choices unless a lower person really needs (how fitting!)
  11. I feel like backstabbin is wrong: if people get instanced loot, it encourages them to TRADE them, for items that they want. Sounds like an economy to me?
  12. yes i'd like to see kills, total damage done, and how unique monsters it has hit. (so something with lots of kills, but almost no damage, we can see is a "kill stealing?" tower, and not as effective as the kill stat alone would otherwise imply)
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