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  1. Survival Medium - Magus Wave 8 - 843 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 9 - 1345 (7.09) Wave 10 - 2051 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 11 - 2899 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 12 - 3866 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 13 - 4849 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 14 - 5940 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 15 - 6797 (7.08c-7.09) Wave 16 - 7309 (7.08c), 6940 (7.09) Wave 17 - 7921 (7.08c), 7153 (7.09) Wave 18 - 8432 (7.08c), 7328 (7.09) Wave 19 - 8731 (7.08c), 7507 (7.09) Wave 20 - 8831 (7.08c), 7567 (7.09) Wave 21 - 9332 (7.08c), 7868 (7.09) ...then failed due to skeletons. On the plus side, the numbers are noticeably lesser in the later waves, yay!
  2. Does this mean we'll see fewer "lrn2play ****ing noobs" posts in the forums? Goodness, I hope so.
  3. BTW, I think that we've lost sight of one of the primary complaints about Survival Mode. It isn't so much that "you have to spend 100+ hrs in the game to acquire awesome gear", it is more that "you have to have 20+ hrs to play in a single session". I've recently come back to give the Survival tedium a try, with the news of the "additional 33%" reduction. My guess is that this is another reduction in ramp-up, and thus will really translate into a few hundred less creeps at the higher waves (say, 10,500 instead of 10,800 creeps). But I'll keep notes to compare. And hopefully I won't get d
  4. Trendy do care about existing players because the best (and currently, only) way to generate continued revenue is to (a) sell more copies and (b) sell future DLC. Both of these will be much more profitable if the casual 90% continued playing and recommended the game to their casual friends, than if the hardcore 10% did the same. (Numbers estimated, obviously.) But they also clearly wish to maintain the challenge for that hardcore crowd. They are probably trying to be very careful, though. Threads like this show clearly that many of the casual group are becoming more and more alienated.
  5. You can make a game that is entirely unhackable. There are just certain trade-offs needed to do so, and not many games will be playable (or economically viable) under restrictions like those. I can easily imagine DD being one of them simply due to the number of simultaneous entities possible at any given instant and the behavior checks needed for them all. It's probably why much of the processing is done locally to the host instead of farmed to a dedicated server. (Purely conjecture, but I suspect it is accurate.)
  6. He probably means modification of the checking methodology or results. Not possible if done server-side, barring a bug or somesuch.
  7. Sounds like you're fumin' bro... :orc: Sounds like you're trollin' bro. @Serious00, AtriumXP It seems like you're both correct. Many "hacked" items can be detectable with a simple limit check, and implementing one now even for trades would go a long way toward finding stat boundary violations. They couldn't retroactively ban accounts for ownership after trades because there's no guarantee that it was not acquired legally (unless you want to ban accounts just for falling prey to the hacked market). But they could at least wipe said items from circulation, whether or not they were generat
  8. The OP never said that all chickens should have end-game stats. He only said that they should have similar (or identical) stats for everyone. The same was originally said of the other unique pets, including the Steam TF2 pets, and the Portal Gun. That has died down mostly because they became deprecated quickly. But the issue still stands. It is more important for things like the Chicken because not many people will get one (percentage-wise) and so trading with others who don't really care about theirs is not a practical option.
  9. I was the friend who did all the work for my other friends. :(
  10. GRRR! So my friends and I spent all day going for Survival 25. We were on Wave 25, and more than half-way through (about 7.5k out of 11.5k), and... disconnected. GRRR! EDIT: This is approximately my 10th time trying to get the giraffe. I've had a disconnect every single time. I am not happy.
  11. I've been on Comcast since launch, and my hosting has had no complaints so far from neither my friends nor public joins.
  12. I have never had rollbacks or deleted characters or any of the early release issues. But when it comes to Survival, my luck has been downright awful. I've attempted it perhaps 9 or 10 times now, and the furthest that I've ever reached was Wave 21. Just post-7.0.8(b), I've attempted it 5 times and of those, 4 times disconnected within waves 9-13, and once reached wave 20 before disconnecting. But as is evidenced by my number of hours played so far, I am still going to try for it! :D
  13. I would get it over with as quickly as possible. One unexpected disconnect, and you will need to start all over.
  14. Granted, some of that has been overnight Survival. (Not AFK, but in between waves because the game state cannot be saved. I would sleep and then start the next wave on the next day.) But I would estimate at least 70% of that time was spent in actual gameplay. EDIT: Being currently unemployed seems to help. :)
  15. What you see on forums is just whine of bad players who want the entire game to be easy mode. Right alongside whines like these. I believe that all opinions should be considered, whether they believe the game is too easy, or the game is too difficult.
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