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  1. I dreamed about this game coming out for a long time before I heard about it. When I heard about it in pre-release, I ran all the iOS and Android versions. As release approached, I lost sleep. After release, I lost sleep. 800+ hours into the game, I have given away tons of copies to friends and family so that they would share in my addiction. I would like another game set so that I can bless another friend with a complete set of the game, and relive the complete game experience through their eyes again. Now that we have reached a milestone in the game, I think it is a perfect time to b
  2. We are gonna add some ordering-options in 7.17 -- order by type, order by quality-ranking, order by resale price, etc. Cheers, Jeremy Thank you!
  3. Is it bad that, while sorting my item boxes with the cool new folders, I found myself wanting the ability to script some sort of automatic sorting thing? Like find all the armor and put it into the armor folder. Then, sort each piece by type and place into appropriate type subfolders. THEN sort out the slots and put them in the appropriate subfolders. This clicking and dragging makes me sad, however relieved that I can finally SEE WHAT I HAVE AT A GLANCE! Thank you, Trendy!
  4. they should give awards to people who report hackers/usd sellers, then there would be a way cleaner game imo. Hackers would then report the compromised accounts they have to get rewards on their new accounts. Then you start getting the hacked credit cards and all heck breaks loose. Point is, hackers control the hacking... and they could control the rewards for the hacking as well. Better to let admins deal down their holy wrath on those hackers.
  5. Not to anyone specific, but anyone poo pooing the "skill" crowd, one might be taking the information provided by good players for granted. If you dominated a map, did you use your own strategy or you looked at someone else's build? Did you innovate or use a common 'cookie cutter' combination? When a new patch came out, did you devise your own new strategy or waited for someone else to tell you what to do? Well said. There are students of the game, and there are those that like to color within the predefined lines. Those that innovate eventually bring sense to that which is overwhelming
  6. I'm not retired. Just taking a break until they figure out where they want to take things. If things are balanced right when I come back, then I imagine that I will be able to catch up and be successful as a hardcore player without too much difficulty. I know I am not the best player, but I am a student of the game. Recently, my textbook has changed and the fundamental principles have distorted. Almost as if General Relativity turned out to be supplanted by the a Cosmological Constant Roulette Game.
  7. I have been playing this game hardcore since release. I have been playing with my wife and a really good crew of people. I have been really happy. I beat all of the insane levels, and did it with flair. I had every achievement. I had community events. So far so good. After tonight's patch, however, I have lost faith. Tonight's patch really was poorly executed and seemed to leave me reeling. Nightmare mode was where I was supposed to take my game to the next level. Nightmare mode was where I was going to rally with my crew and create a new legend. I don't know any given day if it
  8. Nightmare is not where casual players should be. It is, by definition, for the hardcore players. That said, let me add: .... how is the haurdcore player going to play on nightmare?!?!?!? really.... I was looking for a reason to go to bed early...
  9. For clarification: The patch notes said that respawns wouldn't happen during combat phase. What they didn't note is that your instantly lose, and your towers can't hold themselves to give you a chance to win.
  10. I understand nightmare is, in relation to the rest of the games content, a small portion of the whole. My qualm is although it is a small portion, it's an important portion none the less. You could relate it to climbing a mountain. Let's use ceemeeirs numbers and say you've been working really hard and made it all the way up 85% of that mountain. At that point the summit is within sight, you're almost there! However no matter how hard you try you cant reach the top, you cant finish that last 15%-At this point you have two options, devote unhealthy amounts of time to trying to reach the top and
  11. You just went full retard. I just can't believe Trendy would do something silly like this. I know it is a long shot, but those were the only alternatives I could think of. No need for the name calling. Otherwise, I am in agreement with most of the nay-sayers in this thread.
  12. It didn't say the player couldn't respawn. Maybe the monsters can't respawn? I can't believe that they intend for you to not be allowed to respawn otherwise what is the point of the number of lives? With 1 player, you couldn't die the 13 lives (14 if you count your first life) in all the waves...
  13. I put this into the patch section a couple weeks ago. No response there yet.
  14. I'm a relatively quiet Macolyte.. I just about cleared out my item box and hero shop before being ready to get some sleep tonight.. will finish it off in the morning! Hope to get some gaming in with the rest of the Macolytes soon ;) No worries, cmadrid. BTW, St. Louis represent! U City boy here, so I gotta show love to my hometown. Hit me up if you head towards KC for any reason.
  15. Congratulations. You ruined the game for a new player. He doesn't know it yet, but he has lost a hundred or more hours of gameplay due to your generous donation. I hope that was sarcasm. You never know. He may be the next guy posting the hottest tips in a couple months. It is quite a thrill to be welcomed into a community rather than just playing a game. If he loses gameplay for being boosted, perhaps he recovers the loss through the benefits of new friends. I hate to be cynical, and would rather believe in people.
  16. Well, it is "Expansion Eve". To celebrate the new expansion, I decided to give away ALL of my loot from my private stocks to the general community! I had 15 pages of items that I had set aside for private use of the Macolytes and family. All of it needed to go to make room for the new stuff around the corner. I set the price of every item to 1000 mana. (I couldn't set anything to 1 or 100 mana for some reason...) I created a new toon named ":apprentice:Dont Be Greedy:apprentice:", and opened my shop "Macolyte$ $ale!" As people joined, I would welcome them by saying "Please don't be
  17. So, if I have 600 hours play time in this game... (which I do!) I should not be allowed to have gear that others don't have the patience to farm? If there isn't some mountain top to sit on, what do you strive for? If everyone had a ton of mana right away, then what would I sell my very best loot for? There is a matter of supply and demand. Prices go up as demand goes up. That is simple economics. If everyone could break into UMF insane right away, then prices on all the gear would be dirt cheap. I wouldn't have a reason to edge out every last bit of dps to barely beat UMF if someone wi
  18. 352 mana returned. You could have instead gotten 220 per hit and put another 147 points into run speed for a more well rounded pet. Run speed over 99 doesn't do anything per other graphs I have read. Hard cap at 99... More attack powa!
  19. Exception = Next upgrade costing 110 Million Mana. In that case, you would need to invest the first 100 million and go back out to farm another 10 million. With stores, it is less of a burden, but some don't like opening stores or there might be a drought. In those cases, a partial upgrade is a good idea.
  20. Oh. I was thinking that an option to click on the stat you want to upgrade would allow you to just spend the full amount of the upgrade. Why make us navigate repetitively between the invest and stat icon with the cursor? Just clicking that stat and deducting the funds would be soooo much more convenient and less damaging to the mind.
  21. Since upgrade levels are going up, we need a faster interface to upgrade the stats. As it is, upgrading a 65^ weapon takes a long time due to having that animation for the mana progress bar. Upgrading a weapon like this can take over 2 minutes, even if you already have the mana ready to go. Thank you for putting in the instant invest button. Now, we just need it to be faster. Anything that could be done in that regard would be nice!
  22. I'm of the opinion that "Insane" difficulty means, by definition, the hardest of the difficulties. Not saying it is a requirement to be "elite" to beat insane, but that is the benchmark at this time to be the very, very best. Until I was comfortable with certain maps, I would not publicly host them. I would instead try to figure out how to beat it solo or with close friends. Now that I have gear and experience, I am more open to hosting publicly. Additionally, I have an open policy to all crew members. If MacPimpin invites a new Macolyte, I would happily gear them up with whatever I hav
  23. Or wait a week for Nightmare mode to come out. The UMF getting nerfed was not the end of the high end items for all time...
  24. And I think you're underestimating the actual math on it. A piece of gear has a 2.5% chance - assuming gear could only drop between 14-18% resists, which is completely false no matter what level of gear it is - to have the 15/17% base in all 4 resistances. Now you have to get 3 more pieces. Now they have to be the one type out of 5 possible armor types. The math is extremely ridiculous, even assuming falsehoods to be true. Point in case. I had an entire rant about this post ready to post when it occurred to me... did the OP mean literally 90% in each resist, or rounded to 90%
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