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  1. Really?! wow lol i had no idea hmmmmm any other suggestions to for HC would be great then From what I remember, you can upgrade defences in the middle of the round (can't remember if you can repair or not). Perhaps hardcore mode would disable that.
  2. I think this is an excellent suggestion.
  3. That was a great stream; I even got to join! I loved it when Ice distracted Daniel and got him killed :p
  4. Are Procks for real or are they all hacked. Its hard to believe the rocks are real knowing how the RNG works and I have been in several shops where there are 10-15 perfect rocks on the floor. It doesn't make sense. Perfect items in this game are vary rare if ever. Perfect rocks are real; they can actually generate with massive stats. The level requirement for a perfect rock is 70.
  5. (Flashing lights and volume warning) The contest has ended and the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to: Bramblefire NoReXx Necrolance odst_popcorn CaptBoxershorts I wish I could give the prize to everybody, but I don't have the mana to do so. Thanks to everyone for the posts and the positive feedback! Congratulations to the winners; I'll add you and get in touch as soon as possible!
  6. If we, for example, have a set of level 10 characters for Throne Room, would we be disqualified if we leveled a character up mid-round from the experience gain?
  7. Fairly sure hawk scales lower than damage, and it's also not applied to everything else. Just make sure the hawk is reasonable (ie. if its between 3000 HD and 300 hawk...) All right, thanks very much for the help :]
  8. Now, obviously resists above all else. But if I wanted to maximize the effectiveness of my barb, what should I focus on upgrading? Normally I'd upgrade hero attack on other DPS characters, but hawk stance seems like it would be a very close second. Any advice on this?
  9. IS there any word if Trendy is going to release a patch to better balance the super skins? The game play is no fun at the pace they travel. I'd take as low as 10% buff if speed was allowed to full 99. Do you ever plan on changing the speeds of the Super Legendary Costumes? - Fictorious Jeremy: Sure thing, we'll boost their speeds to be comparable with the other costumes in an Update next week! After all, you worked really hard to earn those special costumes. There you have it
  10. Range ~~~ Range is range. I get the feeling that "RNG" was what you were looking for. But you're probably correct. Almost every item in this game is random, so I wouldn't be surprised if we just have bad luck.
  11. I don't know if it has anything to do with the recent updates, but my luck seems to have gone down the toilet ever since I beat boss rush on NMHC the first few times a couple of weeks ago. My first two attempts gave me an ultimate classic's standard each time, but now I'm hard pressed to get anything above myth. I don't remember if the random rewards were any good when I started running boss rush, but they're certainly nothing special to talk about as of right now. I kid you not, I once received a cursed leather vest as a reward.
  12. I'm busy for several hours today, but I'll reimburse your losses when we're both available.
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