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  1. I think you are right to post it here. Now everyone is aware of it and cannot complain after it gets patched about the people who did know about and use it like what has happened countless other times. As far as the console receiving patches in a timely manner, that is a whole different issue.
  2. I call hacks, anyone whose had to grind through NM is fully (and painfully) aware of the gear progression system. Somehow this guy has managed to clear MULTIPLE wave 25+ HC MM survival (or 20ish? Misty/UMF2?) and then took a step down expecting some sort of challenge. Hey OP, care to tell us what you've been doing up until attempting the Summit and where you think the Summit fits into game progression? Yep...seen this so many times before with other people too.
  3. With a friend whos name is lazor, im sure anything is possible. Btw where turbo and lightning at? Hahahah I get it! Great response
  4. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36414-Character-Rollback-from-Lostheroes-Email
  5. Nice Vivi, grats. Im usually just chatting in Macolyte chatroom while I do survival. That and counting down in suspense the time I think it will take for trendy or steam to disconnect me.
  6. To my knowledge, if you want nightmare unlocked right now you have to purchase the whole pack. If you have purchased just the first eternia crystal DLC, you still need to buy the whole pack (which includes the first eternia crystal DLC) to play nightmare.
  7. I also solo misty often with my adept/monk. I can get to the boss 9/10 games but usually get so demolished by the last wave that I just run around and try to snag myth's while she and the mobs crush my crystal. Would LOVE to learn how to possibly beat her and start doing survival runs. I believe they are talking about survival. At wave 10 on survival, the ogre difficulty skyrockets. The gear available to players currently is enough to survive on HC NM on campaign misty, but I have yet to see any viable strategy to solo the boss with the current available gear. The only legitimate way I h
  8. Does this always apply to everyone playing Mistymire NMHC or is it just a couple times this has happened? Sounds to me like the host had a ****ty connection, thats all.. I don't have the gear to make it past the second wave in NM yet, but first wave is ok lol >.< Yes, it is definitely something to do with Misty. Though lag is an issue in EVERY map, on Misty it seems to be ten fold.
  9. Everyone insists on citing the loot for dummies thread yet no one seems to be able to actually explain the progression path. I am beginning to believe that no one actually knows how to go about it and everyone is relying on bought or gifted gear. Whenever I question anyone about the details they list off a bunch of stats that are impossible to have at the point in the progression that I question or they cite a video that cannot be duplicated in the least with gear at the stated level. That thread starts you with only leveled up chars and zero gear. It brings you as far as you can go right
  10. They asked a question, he answered. If someone doesn't want to know how to do it, they don't have to read it. What is the problem with people having a strategy for it? The problem I see is now if a new map comes out, everyone who has followed his strategy on this map will be condemned to wait for him to release his strategy on the new map. If people can't even think for themselves to do maneuvers such as building temporary magic blockades, time management in how many and what chests to grab on wave 1 and the build order, are they even "playing" this strategy game?
  11. I build first auras, mage blocades (4 or 6 of them - for temporary use) and all fire towers second wave, i replace blocades with spikes and add mm towers finally, i put traps (after second wave i also switch from genie to app guardian) after fourth wave i switch from dps mage to hp-maxed out countess :) Oh come on, you can at least leave something for people to figure out on their own =o Do they want you to log on their account and play for them too?
  12. Good strategy. Easily got passed first two waves once I figured out the build order. Still getting owned by ninjas and ogre balls on third wave (mainly because of the awkward controls of the game.) Definitely need to practice this before you can do it successfully. Congrats on your victory.
  13. Trying to counter Hackers with Mana sinks and extremely difficult modes did nothing but punish the part of the community that plays legitimately. Even honest players started unwittingly/knowingly buying hacked/modded items in afk shops just to be in a position to enter nightmare modes. Loved it all. This statement is probably the most important because most people do not realize it is true....
  14. I did read thoroughly. Unlocking survival on any given map/difficulty combination, however, requires completing said map/difficulty in campaign. If he's doing NM MM then he has to have killed the boss. MM = mistymere sometimes as well as mixed mode.
  15. This is reminiscent of all the people saying WoW was better during it's vanilla days. Unfortunately for them, the game has moved on. Expansions have been bought and paid for. To revert now would be to admit that the expansions people purchased (And many are currently enjoying) were mistakes. But the community here feels Trendy has made mistakes on 90% of their patches. This game is already ruined. Reverting back now could only make things better. Seriously, their patches are infinitely over the top and no one can argue that. Its really ridiculous.
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