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  1. Anyone looking good non german videos, try oNightPineberries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MZoVl4KfDA He pretty much speaks constantly so you learn a lot about the game, heroes, builds etc. There's something wrong with that kid. LOL He is entertaining though!
  2. Hi all, This is my first suggestion for DD2. It may have already presented itself but I did not see through scanning thread titles. Anyways, I like how when you hold the shift key it's shows you color codes for the different Quality types of loot. If I'm not mistaken, in DD1 it goes something like this: Light Blue = Mythical Pink = Transcendent Yellow = Supreme Dark Blue = Ultimate Green = "we think this piece is better than what you have...?" I think it would be cool if somewhere in my settings i could customize the range in each or any stat type of what "I'm looking for" and that would show up in "Green" The criteria could be fairly robust from simply "Armor Only", all the way down to (Mail Boots, tower dmg >200, upgrades >200...) It would also be nice to be able to toggle on/off various colors. So in the example above, toggling off "Light Blue" would then only show: Pink, Yellow, Dark Blue and Green.
  3. I kind of like the idea of a hybrid Hero. I often think about this while playing DD1. If I was playing with a team of 4 and my job was aura's, it would be cool to just keep that character out there and be my DPS hero as well. (not saying you can't switch hero's) If you visualize it from the standpoint of making a DPS Hero, you basically ignore all of the tower stats. You work on resistances, while also increasing Hero Health, Hero Damage, your Abilities, and finally some sort of minimal coverage on Speed and Casting Rate. Your tower stats could then be formed from: Tower Health = Hero Health Tower Damage = Hero Damage Tower Attack Rate = Scales off of Casting Rate (Rate=CastingRate x1.5) Tower Range = Scales off of Speed (Range=Speed x2) I think this would also follow better with the story line of the game. All the cutscenes and storyline elements are always the four hero's. Not one that builds and one that fights. Just a thought...
  4. I don't like to pay for something that is later going to be free... I don't mind someone getting it for a better price, or something going on sale that I paid full price for, but if it's going to be free in a couple months then the rational side of my brain kicks in and I'll probably wait.
  5. Most requested suggestion inside my head: Ability to turn on holiday themes in my tavern.
  6. Some kind of Tavern Acknowledgement would be nice!
  7. Olot

    Horde Mode

    2: Beast Mode is the name of the game type in the Gears of War Franchise. I like the Horde mode idea. I nice alternative to Assault Mode when you just want to kill stuff...
  8. I like the idea of some loot being non tradeable however the activity report could be bad like you said with a main 2 main dps and 2 towers builders/supporters...... it's going to be a very difficult fix no matter how you do it. In addition to this it adds a whole new layer of problems to the mix. If your rewards/drops/XP are related to your activity level then you are encouraging selfish play rather than coop. What towers give me the most XP, which monsters give me the highest return on my efforts. And don't forget that while you and I are slugging it out with 2 other Huntresses spamming piercing shots on mobs cuz that's the current exploit on maximizing activity levels, ole Johnny-4-computer is mopping up with 100% activity level wave after wave...
  9. Some people have the know-how to hack items but not the know-how on making cubes appear out of thin air so they try to sell hacked stuff to later buy legit stuff. I've often wondered the same thing and this actually makes sense. I guess I always assumed when you show up at the Secret Hacking and Cheating Lair that once you sold your soul and joined the ranks that they passed out all the tools you would need to NOT enjoy the challenge of any game you play.
  10. slightly off topic but when looking for more speed: Diamond Pet = 40% speed bonus Skeleton on a Treadmill = 15% speed bonus (i think its 15%...) Turtle on a Treadmill = 10% speed bonus
  11. Split screen is currently not in DD2 but it is something we are talking a lot about. I've seen a lot of posts regarding this and it's a heated topic. The root of the debate is pretty much what PandynatorDD mentioned: whether each screen should get separate xp and/or loot. What do you all think? Even without split screen, the "farmers" are going to find a way to get their loot. Others have already mentioned the ease of dumping an AFK hero from another computer and/or a laptop. From that standpoint, it sounds like a good idea to me to have the split screen support for the users that truly use it and enjoy it with their friends and family. Any counter measures that are being considered to devalue or eliminate "farming" of loot can be applied to either scenario, so no need to eliminate split screen.
  12. This event was a blast! Thank you to everyone who helped put it together. I only wish I had started my DD career earlier than I did. Hope to see everyone at the first Event for DD2!
  13. #8 Good luck with your next challenge...
  14. [Meta discussion] I finally realized what gets me about this argument. Notice how Softspokenman and myself tell you what we do and why, while the reply says "you should do this". I known it's a subtleties-lost-due-to-text thing, but it still gets to me. I'll try to realize this and let it go from now on. Not sure if this was directed at me or not but in my case I too explained what I do and why. There's nothing wrong with having differing opinions and in your case I understand why you choose to use resistances for your builders. (and support it...)
  15. here is my view on it cost to benefit it takes 30-50 points per piece (a loss of 120-200 stat total) to full up resistance usually by the time you hit 2-5k stats that really isn't that much of a loss for a huge gain in survivability so ask your self is it worth it to you to have a builder that can play hardcore and build during the wave with easy ? I have even saved games that would have been loss by using my builder as a physical wall when a defense has failed or was not up yet One of the things that makes this game so great is that there are so many ways to successfully complete a task. There's also countless ways to play the game so often times there is no correct answer to a particular situation. So if you need resistances on your builder because for whatever reason that hero is on the battlefield during combat and "not dying" is a priority, add the resistances. If you decide to play the game on nightmare mode in the later stages of the game then there are a few things to consider. First off, most armor pieces will require more like 70-90 upgrades to maximize their resists. That's more like 280-360 stat points. If you're like most people you'll cap tower damage anyways so those points are usually going to go to Tower Health. That's a nice chunk of health being compromised should you go with resists. Second, at the nightmare level, your builders should definitely be approaching that 2k-5k range referenced above. Most builders in this range have towers that are strong enough to help them survive in the early waves. So in other words, if your EV gets stuck out during combat because you couldn't finish your build, the aura's from the aura monk should be sufficient enough to protect you from the typical trash mobs on the opening wave. There are always exceptions to rule but in general you should not need resistances for your builders.
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