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  1. My brother once pulled a 176 arronax. Legit. He drops it in his little secret tavern place. I trade him for it. I go to pick it up and it's no where to be found. I picked it up! It completely disappeared. I cried....
  2. What's the max level cap on a weapon?....
  3. There's a big problem with all of this...you guys are asking for way too much. People keep saying better armor drops or 250 upgrade tritons and everything. If this was the case, the whole point of DD being challenging would be shot out the window. All of you want it easy. I understand that but everything can't always be too easy. We want a challenge. We don't want something that allows you to get the best items all in 1 day. I'll support invest all and pets on sky city and aquanos. Narrow your choices down a bit. If tendy were to do ONE last patch, they wouldn't know what we want because it's
  4. I can't remember who but someone told me that another patch came out for xbox. They can get seahorse's on wave 15 on aquanos. True?
  5. I tried doing the [email]lostheroes@trendynet.com[/email] but ofcourse, when you want something back, an error occured. I hope trendy reads this post.
  6. Please contact Trendy at [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email]. They might be able to get you back your characters. Best of luck. I tried it but I dont know what they mean by the type of email server like POP3. Could anyone explain?
  7. For getting a hero back.
  8. What the heck is the email server type? What do I put there?
  9. Now I was playing aquanos and the timer was at like 2 seconds and i wanted my apprentice out...i try changing to him but my middle finger clicks L2....I delete my apprentice!!!!!! I REALLY HOME TRENDY WILL GIVE HIM BACK IF I SEND A MESSAGE!! Yes, I am the same guy that deleted his 85 squire....MY APPRENTICE WAS 85 ALSO!
  10. I just pwr lvled my butt off. Got my squire back to 83.
  11. Was playing moraggo and I'm not sure how but I deleted my 85 squire. Now I have to work my butt off to get him back up there. Trendy really needs to place the delete hero button somewhere far away from the hero selection screen.
  12. Instead of me adding you on PSN, or anyone else adding you as a matter of fact, could someone who knows a great moraggo insane+ build put it on ddplanner? Everyone gets a chance to see it. Not jst the people you are friends with.
  13. I know someone already talked about needing a moraggo insane+ build. But I haven't seen it. If anyone could put it on ddplanner I would love that. I'm sure everyone else would too.
  14. The Console Patch Notes only tell you what has already been patched. If you look at one of the posts on there, a guy says,"Any notes for difficulty harder than insane?". Trendy person says no...But now they released an insane+. Something might happen. If we get enough supporters.
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