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  1. Before launch the app and huntress had some tower skins that are no longer in store tab. Were they taken out permanently or will they be added back in? I think they were onyx skins and sterling silver skins.
  2. If you have extras to give I would love one also!
  3. Has anyone confirmed shard drop locations yet? I want to say the defense critical bonus drops from C5 and defense bonus C7.
  4. What chaos did they drop by chance?
  5. Most people run medallion with speed and crit secondary. For shards power transfer, rate, deadly strikes.
  6. You can also kill it from the bottom spawn just have to aim upwards toward it. Ev with the meg shot type and charge shot shard can kill stuck roller in about 8 seconds on c7.
  7. Can we get some info on what was fixed for the spring patch? Under the patch notes it says "The Mystic’s Appeasement buffs now work properly again". When using mystic for tower damage buff most towers don't show a visible change in damage. When using no ascension or relics you can see maybe a 1% increase on base tower damage.
  8. Should hex throwers and geos be spawning in c7 or is this a bug?
  9. What new shards have you found? So far I have found. Health pylon - Increases DH of nearby towers by 130%. Requires blockade and doesn't buff the blockade with shard equipped.
  10. Have you checked the mailbox in game?
  11. Has anyone had the radiant power shard drop since 19.5? It isn't even listed anymore as a shard.
  12. As far as I know dryad trees did give more buffs other than just hp regen at least before the trials patch. The reason it appears your taking less damage is the regen?
  13. I haven't seen a radiant power drop yet. From the new list of shard drops it isn't even listed anymore? Also active mystic buff was map wide vs radiant which is just close proximity to your hero.
  14. I remember before trials patch when playing an active mystic you gave your towers an extra 10% damage buff. Is this currently bugged and doesn't provide this? Also does the dryad tree still give 3% hp regen, 10% critical chance, 20% critical damage to heroes?
  15. From my testings destruction and vamp doesn't do anything for frosty power shard.
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