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  1. Thank you guys! I had some ingame help and im testing a few things out now.
  2. Hi guys, today i defeated betsy, and she dropped a nice mythical totem! for the record: i was using the legendary totem and the mythical totem dropped. screenshot here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=465140310 As you can see, the myth totem has a % increase in boost aura defence damage boost. I decided if it was an upgrade or not and went to a private tavern, and did the folling steps: 1. wear legendary totem, build LSA and check DPS 2. wear myth totem and check DPS. To my surprise, i saw i could heal the LSA. pretty logical, but i thought it was weird to repair my aura
  3. So.. i heard all those good stories about LSA, so i decided to buy one myself. Before i got LSA, i could easily solo the second map (forest crossroads i thought) I thought it would be even easier, because i now had the OP LSA everyone was talking about. I actually had a lot of trouble completing the second wave. I could not even complete the third one! how is this possible? My build remained the same. I experienced i had trouble on all the maps i tried to play. I could also complete wyvern den, but with LSA i couldn't beat wave 2. What am I doing wrong? This is the build i used on every lane o
  4. Hi guys, Today I finally decide to get an old monitor, which was laying around at home, and attach it to my laptop to get 2 screens. The problem is, once I open DD2, there is no way to get my mouse to the other screen, other than alt+tab. Is it possible to play DD2 on screen 1 (laptop screen; 1920*1080) AND go to the second screen (with my mouse only; 1280*1024) using a keyboard combination, so I can read facebook, 9gag, do other stuff, while DD2 is still open on the first screen? I tried the "fullscreen windowed" setting, but it makes me unable to play DD2, because i cannot see the whole sc
  5. 1. A lot of different maps. Especially the bigger ones seem to cause trouble for me. Betsy, Ramparts a lot (but I played that map a lot), Throne Room 2. Always when I was playing a map. Build Phase or Combat Phase, never been kicked from the Tavern. EDIT: just played an hour on the newest version (304 i think) and havnt been kicked!
  6. Try the following: Open your steam library Click right on Dungeon Defenders II Click on Properties Go to the tab "Local Files" Click "verify integrity of game cache"
  7. TL;DR version: how to get xp very fast. if you are not the builder on a map but your armour says +5% xp from defences (for example), do you get the 5% bonus, yes or no. So.. I've reached the point where I have 4 heroes in lvl 20, trying to get them to 25. How do I do this quickly? currently I play ramparts hard with friends over and over, but I'm looking for a way to get more xp. What should I be looking for in armour? more xp when hero kill, or more xp when defence kills?
  8. Hi fellow defenders, Hope you haven't been killed by orcs yet, If you're still alive, you might be interested in this: A slider bar at the beginning of the map to toggle "ghost players" You don't understand that, right? Let me explain: For some reason, my internet is laggy as hell and sometimes I cannot play a game, because of a lagg in the game. Because of these laggs, player can't or will not connect to me. This is really annoying, because playing solo means worse drops. To fix this, there should be a button to add "ghost players". If you activate this (or set the numbers of ghost player
  9. I think I don't need to describe anything more: Difference if equipped: 0 earth damage. That seems a little useless :)
  10. Thank you both. I didn't knew about that purple/blue thing :) I will definitely add you Seraphin :) I found out sewers is the hardest level I've gotten so far, I can do the other maps pretty easy, though :) Just one more question: On average, what is the order of item quality? Is powerful better than epic? Oh just one more question: why is there a big white area between all my sentences? how do I get rid of it? 
  11. What is your idea of a lane defence? I cannot seem to find a good build for the map in the sewers with the 2 cores and 2 subcores. Most of the times I just make this: 2-3 harpoons/cannonballsspike blockade in front of cannonballs/harpoonsexplosive trap in front of blockadeboost aura which covers allIf I have DU left, i sometimes build an extra harpon/cannonball or electric aura (sometimes with geyser) in front of blockade
  12. Awesome, thank you :D will post more questions when they pop up. Keep the good work up guys!
  13. Hi guys, I got this game about 4 days ago and i'm already addicted :D. I've currently got a 12 squire, 12 apprenticem 11 huntress and 11 monk and played through the first 5 maps or so Even though, I have a few questions, which I cannot find answers to. Currently, my only way to ask questions is by asking other players in-game. Is there a q/a forum where I can ask my questions about the game itself? I've found the wikia, but I can not find answer to all of my questions: 1. In DD1, you had physical damage, poison, fire and electrical. In DD2, you only have physical and magical damage. Which weap
  14. hey guys, My laptop gets really hot when playing DD. is there anything I can do to make it cooler? my specs: intel i7 2.00 Ghz Nvidia GT540M videocard windows 7 64-bit 4GB RAM
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