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  1. [QUOTE] i know you are but please stop doing events. all they do is make me waste 5 hours ever week or two.. [/QUOTE] Trendy isn't forcing anyone to wait to get into the event...that choice is yours. It was only Hitmonchan and Steve who were running the event, and they did the best they could and I hope they continue doing events. I was only able to get into 2 events so far but I had a blast doing them so thanks Hitmonchan and Steve!!!
  2. [QUOTE]Hey, guys. It's just Steven and me today because everybody's getting sick, and we haven't had breakfast or lunch today. (Though we have had some delicious cookies!) We're going to take a lunch break, but here's the short list for when we get back: koop83 juric34 red_sky1 wifey-1- deathadderjr bunnymelody6 feiv_solo emptyclipz007 jaws_420 the_reaper519 dawarrior27 rass253 zero_bladez chaoz163 joebyaaj parasitickilla bewfyboy yoku-kun perfiction_1337 dynasty_og91 junior-21xx almightyanthrax gig9i3z wolfpackgundam01 Please don't hate us.
  3. the krayt is so damn cute!!! i will gladly trade giraffes for them :P
  4. for those of you who havent played the event yet, you should all agree to use a squire!!! trust me itll be more challenging and fun!!
  5. by far the funnist event! gg deathadderjr and juric34 :)
  6. boo just got invited by trendyent3 but when i joined it said room was already full :(
  7. damnit my ps3 is doing a software update right now. so if u can hitmonchan add me to the list from here? psn is koop83 :) i cant wait to get *find a nicer word* in pvp! lol
  8. just so you guys know, he's talking about resistances not blocking ability for a squire.
  9. not possible, i think highest u can get is around 90's
  10. ***! Well if you are actually quitting, I want to thank you for all you've done for the community with your video's.
  11. Sorry to hear Luck3e87, so the only safe place to keep your stuff is in your secret room or tavern box?
  12. Patience guys, It took 2hrs for me to get invited into the event. Hitmonchan is just one man!!!
  13. invite! it would be my first event psn: Koop83
  14. Lucke3e87 add me! i want to play with you! no homo.... psn:Koop83
  15. so this setup would be even easier with one controller then? :P
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