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  1. So here we go with round 3, bumbing this thread. We didn't do anything about tower and minion stacking and from my perspective it has only gotten worse. "Tower stacking is a feature in the game, if you don't like it don't use it" "If you can't do it normally just use an AHK." Fix it, or make it a feature. Making it a feature would mean just let me build anything on top of anything, without AHK, without gimmicks.
  2. Greater Turkey Hunt 13:07  https://i.gyazo.com/eb072defeae7fdcfba1977f8d3a7d911.png https://i.gyazo.com/ab56ffe71a6799e8b2eb3f95096b70ea.png Sky o' love 13:13 https://i.gyazo.com/cb315863644d0636ae7285b38b0a29d3.png https://i.gyazo.com/3e573199e69ed5c7008cfdcb29cdcd5c.png PS: I'm not interested in taking all prizes so don't let my time discourage you to beat everyone else
  3. 1 ult fairy, 1 supreme fairy and 5 cubes
  4. Seeing what type stats events have these days and combined with stats people want for it to be usable, I would rather stick to event items.
  5. Diamonds are forever, this is just a turtle. Personally I wouldn't value diamonds and turtles the same regardless of stats.
  6. The build worked perfectly on mixmode, after upgrading I just let the waves run while on a summoner with an imp and amor. I easily went all the way to 35 without looking. I wasn't able to stack any towers at all a single time so I have no clue how you do that.
  7. I'll try out some more beta later when I feel like it. Note on polybius: dead chars on hardcore can't ready up, so there is no reason that everyone would need to wait 2 minutes for them to ready up.
  8. What is the reserve on 1? I don't like guessing games and I'm interested in the item.
  9. I never really got into the events for whatever reason. I'd most like these to go to a player who has been wanting these for a long time. => Enters a contest with only event items "I'm only interested in event items that I would actually put on my characters today. For example, Cavalry, Magicite, Rainmaker, Celebration hats etc. " wut Old timers only. I'm not going to give specific criteria for what an old timer is vs a newbie so PM me if you are not sure if you are an old timer. tl;dr: dunno dafuq I'm reading
  10. If set up correctly you don't need to do anything on the treasure hunt map, except for leaving it running for days.
  11. I'll stop it here, but you can basically go on for infinite amount of time and kills
  12. Lets say on the normal krakens in boss rush and the seahorse can take all tentacles pretty quickly, however this kraken lets you poke it with a seahorse for a few minutes while the tentacles are removed 1 by 1, which makes me wanna know how much health they actually have. When I tried with the chicken nothing seemed to happen at all as he only pecks the kraken his body I assume. I assumed that was the problem, is there any way to give them a small health bar like the other mobs when you look at them? Or is that not possible.
  13. I tried a bit of temple of polybius and I had some questions/remarks. - The bosses during the first phase of the final gauntlet don't have any health bars (demon, goblin thing, spider queen, kraken) - The krakens during wave 17 get stuck on the map, don't ask me where cause it seems to be everywhere. They fly into the ceiling, under the bridge whatever and never come back sometimes which equals losing the map - How much hp does the kraken tentacles have exactly, cause it seems like a lot and they are hard enough to hit already. Also are they elemental immune?
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