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  1. Personally, I prefer tooltips for unskippable tutorials, maybe with a voice reading you the tooltip as it pops up. I would also suggest looking at how the game RimWorld handles it's "Adaptive Tutor", that way, players like us, who understand concepts, shouldn't get many tooltips, while players who are newer will get more help.
  2. It would be cool to have random mini bosses show up, not so sure about full on boss creatures though. That would get distracting. I'm also not sure if it should be completely random - I think there should be set waves where these mini bosses appear, but a random list of bosses or even boss abilities to shake things up, so it's not the same every time you play the level.
  3. The planetside 2 comparison was not saying we should buy weapons, I was trying to explain how you can buy something different without it being "pay to win". Okay, here's the thing. Buying Heroes is NOT pay to win, in any way. You are NOT directly buying power, you are purchasing a character which is DIFFERENT. Different =/= more powerful. If that were true, then the heroes you already had would be more powerful then the ones you buy as well as the heroes you buy being more powerful then the ones you own, and that just doesn't make sense. Here's the problem we're facing here: If you look at
  4. Basically, what Oswald said. Heroes SHOULD be purchasable, through in game and out of game means.
  5. The problem with item-shop things that DO have an effect on the game, means the game is pay-to-win. If you allow the things to be earned in-game, then anyone who doesn't buy it, is at a disadvantage compared to those who did buy it, at least until they earn it. A better solution is to offer costumes for purchase, or total re-skins. That way, you can still find things worth your money, but that aren't unfair to those who may not have as much money to throw around as you. As for subscription cost... it depends on the game and the company making it. Look at WOW. Sub fee for its life, but its
  6. Here's the issue with items which "have no effect on gameplay": They're not worth buying. Why on earth would I want to spend money on something which will not effect my enjoyment of the game in any way? Here's my opinion: Make all but a handful of base, free heroes able to be purchased with real money or in game currency. This way, people who don't have the money to spend on heroes will still be able to access them, while still offering a purchasable option which feels worth the money. If you feel that this method would give the paying player an advantage, 1) it would depend on how well hero
  7. There's not even a reason to force you to disable one to get the other; the mega map would just expand the already present minimap and give more info, like what towers are where, and where powerful opponents are.
  8. So here's the thing: traditional hack-and-slash combat mechanics with Mouse and Keyboard are awful. you have a grand total of 8 directions you can move, taking away all the precision you normally expect and want. And slapping on an auto-lock system is no good, because that creates a combat system with less feedback from the player as the game takes over and does the work for you. It is VERY obvious when a game uses auto-lock, and it makes fighting a lot less enjoyable. So here's my suggestion: make the direction you're facing while attacking the same direction that the camera is pointed in.
  9. I'm sorry, a LARGER gap between levels? The early game I could see it being a matter of opinion, but even after level 70?! That absurd grind is what made me quit DD1. I didn't have the time to level up or get the ridiculous gear, and I couldn't advance without that. The DD1 endgame level grind should NEVER happen again. It was one of the most awful cases of grinding I've ever experienced, and I've played some really bad F2P games. As for the early game levelling, I disagree that it would add anything to the game, but that may be because I feel joy in actually building my character rather th
  10. I like #2. #1 and #3 look too sleek and futuristic for a fantasy game.
  11. - Remove/extend the build timer on insane difficulty. I didn't enjoy that timer AT ALL when playing solo. I had my characters set up so my "combat" character was a Jester and I had a builder Monk and Squire. I'd run around on my Jester picking up mana because she was the fastest. Then I'd run back to the box, dump mana, switch to someone and then move at a snail's place because I had pumped the tower stats on my builder characters. One could argue that I should have put more into speed on those characters, but that just seemed like a waste until insane. This is just my opinion, but I feel h
  12. I vote yes. I'm not a solo player myself, but I don't see why players shouldn't be able to try all heroes. Plus, this way characters can be designed with support only in mind, without them having to worry what solo players should think. However, I'd just like to point out that I agree with what Backinstabbin is saying completely. There's been a lot of talk on these forums from solo players about liking to "Carry" others through a level, but I'd just like to point out, as a non-solo player, I don't like that. I HATE that, in fact. Not only should loot be affected, but the strategies that work
  13. I don't care much either way. I've always liked the idea of a weapon that swings faster but does less damage per swing VS a weapon that swings slower but does more per swing, but that's not really the same thing as a weapon with good damage but low tower stats, because that weapon is designed for characters who would ignore towers. To them, there is no drawback. Still, I don't mind either way.
  14. The thing about the old Pets was that they really were just like pieces of equipment rather then pets. Like equipping an auto-turret that rested on your shoulder. I would definitely like to see Pet AI expanded upon to make them really fight alongside you, rather then float next to you and sometimes do a thing.
  15. There are a few problems with your example. 1) There would be more then 4 pieces of loot. Saying that only four pieces of loot drop drastically twists things in your favour. Dungeon Defenders drops hundreds of pieces of loot per stage. This makes Need/greed unmanageable. It there were only 4 loot drops, it would change. And saying that it's only for rare gear doesn't work, because what constitutes "rare" gear? At the beginning of the game it would be drastically different then when you are high level. 2) You assume 75% of the items you do not want. Once again, this twists the reality in yo
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