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  1. Haven't played since patch.. had a look at my gear and was all mixed up like a hooker on crack so I exited the game
  2. Have you guys tried weapon swapping on hero change as well to try and reactivate splody?... I don't have a chance to bug test ATM :(
  3. Does splody splash on defences only while the squire is not your active hero? As the problem only occurs after switching heros EDIT: Found a video that shows how the bug works exactly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2ViIroqS80&feature=youtu.be
  4. So I have set my squire up for hearty/splody harpoons/cades and I can solo Hard Liferoot without even really looking at repairing my cades but when I change over to Monk everything just gets wrecked. The cade HP stays the same and the tower stats all stay the same including the harpoons atk spd and splash damage figures. I am putting this down to the passives not staying active while you are on a different hero, so my question is this... Are the passives supposed to maintain their effect on defenses after grabbing another hero from your deck or is it working as intended and the tooltips aren't updating?
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