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  1. In almost all of the levels I play I get this horrible echo sound bug. I can have my in game volume down to the minimum and all of a sudden its incredibly loud. If I'm playing on my headset then I have to switch to only chat audio because I can't hear my friends. The map that I see this bug most in is Siphon D Site. Every single time I play this map it happens, but it also happens a lot on all the other maps it seems. Thanks
  2. Thanks for replies, I fixed it by making a new sub account. Thanks!!
  3. Yes, I do first and second sometimes at the same time. I go into a match and see if I can ready up so I can see if the touchpad is broken or something but it works fine.
  4. Tried doing it in social tavern, private, group and even in game and nothing works. I've restarted the ps4, deleted then reinstalled dd, but still nothing. I press the touchpad on second controller and nothing even pops up. I've tried with both of my controllers and nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem or just me?
  5. I can't even get a prompt to come up. Nothing happens when I press the pad in social or private tavern.
  6. currently yes Welp, looks like I'm waiting till its free then. Thanks
  7. So if I PAYED for early access on steam will I have to buy another pack in ps4 to?
  8. Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 8550 Processor AMD A8- 5550 APU Running on a laptop I raised the video settings a bit and that seemed to help oddly.
  9. Hi Tigerclaw! If u cant access to search windows by hotkeys probably is related to some bad keyboard configuration. In any case, you can go manually. When you open UDKEngine.INI file, go to Edit submenu on the left top side of the window, and click on Search. This will open the Search Menu. Hope It Helps! The standard is CTRL + F. Not B. Oh! Probably its for Regional Keyboard Configuration. Im not living on United States and my OS is setting in other language, not english. Its probably that the hotkeys are different. Did it but game is still extremely laggy, very hard to play on. Tavern especially(even In private). Don't know if I should just quit and wait for it on PS4. Comp usually runs fine with other game, but this one is extremely slow.
  10. It seems to happen a lot. Game seems to be very laggy aswell, im playing on lowest video settings in windowed mode.
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