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  1. No one has hit level 99 yet on the hardcore leaderboard! Its that hard! Died again at 46 on my magician. Anyone else play this when they aren't playing DD2?
  2. Imagine diablo type looting, old school might and magic style HUD, with a fast paced action oriented combat and you have Nevergrind! It's competitive because there are LADDER SEASONS just like diablo with both softcore and hardcore modes! Huge leaderboards to compare your progress and the game is heavily updated by the developer who is very close to the community! I highly suggest giving it an honest chance! Nevergrind game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djnBBZ6tv4E https://nevergrind.com/
  3. DD1 requires you to switch heroes and use a lot of towers then use an attacking hero. This is very tedious in my opinion. Will DD2 allow players to focus on one hero or will it have the same concept of playing multiple heroes?
  4. I love playing multiplayer. But the vast majority of my created games and joined games dont work/arent successful. I'm not sure if its because the majority of the public games are filled with "noobs" or what... Ill join a hard halloween game and the dude is building walls in the most random areas. When you try to help, they bark at you and tell you to leave if you dont like it. (This has happened numerous times) When I make a game, usually insane mode, youll see level 1-50's join and be like "Ill switch to my 70 when it gets tough"..... This was the exact quote when I was doing insane
  5. You are rewarded a random pristine armor at the end. Are these worth farming or do they have low stats and low upgrades? Thinking about farming this level if its worth it!
  6. Stats: 150 Damage 1 Attack Speed +1 Projectile 33 Upgrades Tons of stats (Over 67 stats on it)
  7. What is the lowest kind of van wolfenstein you would consider upgrading? [Dmg/Proj/Proj speed/Up's] (Semi-desparate)
  8. Are there any other boss killer weapons besides a good van wolfenstein?
  9. I recently discovered you can play split screen on the PC. I also noticed it lags very badly graphically. I have a great PC, very powerful setup. Seems like an issue with the game. Any setting I can lower to fix this issue?
  10. I wanna wish everyone luck and wellness in there life and careers! I ship to US Army basic training this Monday and I wanna give a hue thank you to trendynet to making a game I could enjoy fully before my military ship date. I am a hardcore MMORPG plyer but this market is literally dead right now and there was nothing to play for a long time. I found this game and I haven't looked back since. In fact, I get 2 weeks off December 16- Jan 3rd, I plan to play this game with my brothers throughout my break. Holy cow have you hit the jackpot. Tower defense mixed with Diablo = win. If you wan
  11. Do the end of the round stats contain how much mana you earned (That goes to your bank) throughout the round? I cant seem to see it.
  12. How do you get controllers to work with this game?
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