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  1. [FONT=Century Gothic]TWO SEPERATE PSN PLAYERS REQUESTING TEAM PLAY PSN ID: KeepingTheFaith:apprentice: Additional requests: Saturday 12:00pm-3:00pm EST OR Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm ----------------- Please read the rules. Tito
  2. KeepingTheFaith PSN id I will be on and available all day long EDT
  3. I am on the Doc too KeepTheFaith it shows invite sent (line 34)... but I have been DILEGENTLY waiting :kobold: ... No invitation... PSN KeepTheFaith I have quadruple checked everything on my end so I am powerless.. IT WILL BE SUCH A DISSAPOINTMENT to get this close and have a technical error. However, being a tech myself I can understand the chaos and the magnitude of confusion that can happen on such an exciting day!! I am still happy to be even 'aware' of what's happening with Dungeon Defenders II!! It is a long time till 2014 when it will be officially released.:countess:
  4. Hi I see I am on the list yet to be invited with about four people above to be next. UNFORTUNATELY I am shown as " changbang88 KeepingTheFaith" my PSN is KeepingTheFaith and changbang88 is not related to my account. excuse my ignorance. I am just REALLY EXCITED!! To hang with ya'll!
  5. KeepingTheFaith EDT 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. I love Dungeon Defenders II:apprentice:
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