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  1. I understand that the reason behind having the hero deck is to FORCE you to play with other people. Would it not make more sense to have a better lobby/joining system and give people more intensive to play with others. If people could advertise what type of game it was then it would limit the hours of sitting in an empty map waiting for someone to randomly choose the same map you chose. I usually play with friends in real life but they don't play as much as me so I end up having to join a game with random people and VERY rarely will it turn out to be a good game. I really hate being FO
  2. An option to hide glowing loot lines or loot all together during waves would be good as when there's lots of loot gathering up then its really hard to see weather your shooting a goblin or a chest piece
  3. an option for powerful/mythical/legendary would be nice
  4. My Location: Scotland (same house) My Friend's Location: Scotland (same house) Invited My Friend to My Private Tavern: Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]]Invited My Friend to My Social Tavern: Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]]Invited My Friend to My Private Match (an actual map): Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]]Invited My Friend to My Public Match (an actual map): Didn't Work; Error [[7934,hashtags]]
  5. When I right click on my friend and click join I get error "2003:Server request limit exceeded" When I try joining from an invite I get error "the match you are attempting to join is currently unavailable" We have tried all variations of private/social/group/in game and none are working. We are in the same house in Scotland
  6. I'm confused lol has the difficulty been changed to easier or harder or waiting on a vote?
  7. 30 mins Trendy Entertainment ‏[[63962,users]] · Downtime ETA has been extended until 3:45 PM EDT (30 minutes from now).
  8. They will, they're working on it.. as you can see on the roadmap. However let's no rush content, keep it balanced and organized if we start rushing things the game starts to feel a mess, and it will be harder to work on it. It's better to have less content and more balance+fixes than having a lot of content without meeting the balance or the fixes. At least imo. OMG! are you joking? How much longer do we have to wait for a game that we paid for to actually be playable? This has turned out worse than Rust! The release date for this game was meant to be over 1 year ago and I see no improvemen
  9. Unless the eggs stem from some kind of pet breeding system, I can't help but feel pet eggs would seem a bit like part of a scheme to draw out more money from players. First thing that comes to mind when I hear "eggs" and "hatching" in a game with microtransactions is something like, "Your egg hatches in 25 hours 35 minutes. Pay $1.00 to speed up the process!". Otherwise, it seems fairly pointless to me since all it'd do is add another layer of uncertainty when getting loot. There has been no sign of them making DD2 any different than DD1 for payment etc so I wouldn't worry about that too muc
  10. I think his aura's died a bit too fast and didn't seem to be as powerful as the huntress's traps. I found I ended up only using him for Anti-Air as no other hero really has anything for AA.
  11. Ye there's always 1 mob that gets stuck in that corridor, I've also seen the bats attacking the forge.
  12. ye I liked it being free but I did think it was a bug as it showed 100 blue mana icon below
  13. I agree that this would be great but I would also like to add that it would be good to be able to filter for the type of armour too e.g. Helmet, Chest and Epic, Mythical etc.
  14. We're still working on the amount of loot enemies drop. Does anyone else feel like loot drops too much or not enough? I wouldn't say it drops too much loot, I did find it was mainly dropping worn and sturdy equipment. My inventory was over 50 pages (I was being quite picky when picking up mostly) and I only had 2 pieces of epic armour and 1 piece of mythical.
  15. I did enjoy the bug when we lost a map an then it came up on the screen "Victory!" lol that cheered me up after loosing rofl
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