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  1. In cosmetics, it says you get: Head:Mark of Old doom Back:Tendrils of Old Doom Waist: Dark Whisper Aura Feet:Writhing Dark. I did not get any of those.
  2. Not even asking for full stacks of 99. Maybe stacks of 10, so that way we can see clearly how many we have, and can gild them.
  3. Hi! I noticed i dont have the onslaught cosmetic rewards for floor 38, even though im on floor 41. I redid the floor, but im still not getting the reward for it.
  4. I made a post in suggestions awhile ago about the dryad, here's a small run down of what I suggested: Replace mushrooms with tree as ability. Allow free placement of tower's anywhere but gains current currupt form buffs when near tree aura when placed down. When you corrupt, applies dot in the area instead of heal. Follow logic behind mystic du limit ignoring, and Lavamancer volcano relocations All ability cost nothing, becomes cool down based.change celestial power to when you use your abilities, you gain celestial power, or when in trees aura. Corrupt form applies buffs to all tower's(stacking with tree buff) and you gain 15% damage boost, while taking 15% more damage. Shards can alter this. Use nimbus as an aoe slow, removing slow from corrupt Slimes. Still drenches and causes thunder when corrupt.
  5. Which platform (XBox or PS4)?Ps4What region?EastWhat country?United statesWhat are your download and upload speeds? Make sure to specify with Mbs (Megabits) or MBs (Megabytes)22 MBs/11 MBs down/upHow long are your game sessions?3-4 hoursAre you noticing the lagging/rubberbanding at the beginning of the play session, or after playing for a while (if after a while, how long)I see it as soon as I long in as soon as I enter tavernAre you playing on WIFI or on a LAN (wired) connection?LanIs there a specific map and mode you're playing on, or is it any map/mode?Its any map.
  6. I agree. There needs to be a host kick option. i would love to host games, but if someone isnt being helpful i should be able to get rid of them. as of now if two people afk, then its impossible to kick. or if two friends come in that are leaching, i cant get rid of them either.
  7. There is split screen for online(Not sure if it goes to 4 players or not, never tried) But as of now, trendy does not want to introduce local games. there was alot of issues cause by it online and upset alot of people playing.
  8. Competitive defense is a 3v3 vs monsters game mode. teams are seperated into two sections of the map and are given no equipment. each player has their own section of the map to build and are given a certain amount of DU each round to add to their defenses. each players "lane" will tunnel into their teams path to the Crystal. You gain equipment picked up from boss waves at wave 4 and every 3 waves after, increasing their Ipwr for the next waves.every 5 waves, it goes up a chaos tier(wave 1-5 Campaign, 6-10 C1, 11-16 C2 and so on)  Players will be able to spend their DU to sabotage the opponents towers or reinforce the monster waves( Towers deal less damage, add more kobolds, more goblins. lots of goblins. so many goblins. Increase enemys defense, give enemys more levels for the wave, ect.) by a special Vendor found near the Crystal.  http://imgur.com/1UKq4MK (Art is The best!) From here, we can go into a little bit more game modes for the game mode. There could be Core heros Only(Solo, Random, two heros only) Solo hero(Random, Chosen, Swapped(random hero every wave)) Dual hero: Two heros only(Random, Chosen) Random Hero(Solo or Dual) Refresh: towers get destroyed at the end of the wave Boss Rush: bosses at every wave Free Sabotage: One sabotage a wave is free(limited to select random) There could be more possibility but this is what i was able to come up with. Winners would recieve defender medals and a ticket to spend at the shops in town(tickets have a rough ~ amount of medals or gold worth) Losers would receive less defender medals and no ticket. There is a lot we can do with this dd2 that's not just a monster massacre that will be a lot of fun! i hope they implement some game modes into the game that's competitive, or quirky enough to stand away from the main defense game.
  9. Yes they had that in DD1 it was very usefull so you didn't have to go and check the towers only see the minimap. We are in the right track, but the ability to see hp bars will be quite useful!
  10. Hi! I've solely played Dryad on PS4, with her being my builder and dps character from C2 to c7, and there are a multitude of bugs surrounding her kit. She is a strong reliable choice that can and will carry you through chaos, but she has to be coddled like a child to make sure she's doing what she is supposed to be. The towers: • Hornets nest: Hornets nest is a strong dps that is a unique trap. Its hornets follow enemies around and constantly untill the bee dies. However, the ai of the bees are not grand. They get stuck on slopes and the terrain. They take a "Bee" line back to the hive, but it's not uncommon to see them running into walls as it's obstructing their direct path. The trap will not spawn a new hornet as the one trapped is still alive. My fix: have the hornet have a timer. If not attacking an enemy for 3 seconds after chasing, the hornet dies and a new one spawns at the nest. •Harpies: Harpies is one of the strongest towers in the game(IMO). It sports the fastest attack speed out of any tower, and can crit rather frequently because of that. However, there is a bug with Harpies, if you switch relics on her after having her be placed out, she will do no damage. Her attack animation will happen, but there will be no damage. This will be happen all the time(about 5% of the time) but be devistating in game when it does. •Slime pit: Slimes fall victim to the same issues with hornets. It gets stuck on terrain and doesn't like uphills. If there is a cliff anywhere near where they jump, they will fall down and not despawn. They do explode upon impact but if they are stuck away from enemies, then it reduces the dps of the tower. My fix: same as the hornets. •Angry Nimbus: is a solid tower. It is one of the more expensive tower's (100 cost!) But the dps is that much greater than any other tower Dryad has. It doesn't get stuck as easy, but it will have to watch out for emps. It has only happened once to me, and I haven't been able to recreate it, but be wary of emps. There is a chance that when knocked out, the cloud will not respawn. The abilities: •Dryad blessing: solid simple buff. Nothing wrong here. Just wish I knew the ratio of AP to armor she gets. •Powder toss: solid ability once again. Only issue is the animation of it. It takes upward of 1.5 seconds after she throws it down to reuse it or attack. It just need an animation fix to smooth out the transition of attacking or ability castings. •Starfall: it likes to stop on terrain above you. Im sure that was intentional as you are calling a star down, but it is rather annoying when a boss hangs out in the underpasses. Makes site siphon D harder, as all the nicknacks around for it to get stopped on. • World tree: Nothing wrong with it :) Suggested rework: I feel like she needs a small rework, and I have a suggestion on how I would like to see it. Her resource will be corruption, when it's full, she transforms unwillingly to the corrupted form, changing her abilities, and draining her of corruption untill it's depleted. Loses 7 corruption a second when in this form. Remove the restriction of world tree on her tower's, but grant them the bonus of the corrupt form when there is a world tree nearby. When she is corrupt, she gains bonus 5% damage but lose 5% armor. World tree is no longer a tower, but is an ability that causes her to gain 3 corruption a second when placed. It heals everyone in the radius and grants them the bonus crit chance and damage as normal. In corrupt form, it instead damages enemies in that radius draining 3 corruption a second when used. This would replace powder toss. Starcaller will bring down stars that hit enemies on the head in a small aoe around her. Small chance of a star surviving that she can collect to lose 10 corruption while she Is pure or gain 10 when she is corrupt. This ability has her gain 10 to cast or lose 10 in corrupt form. Dryads blessing will be the same, but when in purification form, she gains 1 corruption a second, and in corrupt form, she loses 1 a second. Her secondary ability will be of course the willing transformation to corrupt and purification, unless she had max corruption stacks. Then her secondary is a poison spray that sprays in a cone in front of her. Anyways, I hope trendy can fix a couple of these bugs soon. She is a strong character, but these issues just stop her from seeing the light.
  11. I would send in a ticket Leave it in the mailbox for now, and let them know the situation.
  12. 1) there is no spreedsheet for items that drop in certain chaos tiers, as the drops are completely random to a point. It does scale based off you, which caps at a certain point. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8VwIF5OnFdsTURLSXo2WFBMemM/view?usp=drivesdk This sheet shows what the max sell value known to be dropped at that tier. If you are near the max, its best to farm at another tier. 2) incursion drop specialty gear, which may or may not appear at the loot chest at the end. You can see which incursion drops what, and what the gear does by talking to the trader near the portal at the far end of town. 3) gold scales with the chaos tier, but not by much( I believe it's 100k at c7) I haven't checked by how much, but it does. The reason why it's so low of gold because you are constantly trading out gear pieces, and spending gold on upgrading a piece that you might throw out in 3 maps might be a bit slower paced. Focus on upgrading shards for now. 4 choice of pet doesn't matter at the moment. It really only matters on what ability they have and what stats they give you. You can always trade out the stats with the pet feeder, but they don't scale as well as gears do, and they only are needed for the ability.
  13. It's not. If you wish for more cp, then Max cp when you go into Ascension, and get the shard that reduces the cost of transforming by 3 a second.
  14. Super simple, allow an option to always see tower HP when in your field of vision, instead of mousing or hovering over it.
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