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  1. Ticka

    Item Check Thread

    Are these.... legit? He said their farmed, but their the highest arms I've ever seen.
  2. Ticka

    Item Check Thread

    Hey guys will be posting an auction on the forums soon, and am making sure items coming up for the sale are checked. Thanks heaps! :) Muchly appreciated. Thanks All! :D
  3. Ticka

    Item Check Thread

    Could I get some upcoming auctions checked please. tyvm And this person was very insitant that he farmed this item, I'm inclined to believe him. Yet, it looks incredibly fishy, thought I'd throw it here so If I see him again and its hacked. I'll know he's sus! :p Thanks heaps! And sorry for the spam >_
  4. Ticka

    Item Check Thread

    Can I get this checked please.
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