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  1. Oh how I salivate at the thought of getting a sneak peak at your roadmap. I would love to see what is in store for DD2 :) It's definitely currently my favorite game.
  2. LOTS of snipping^ dwrowla Trendy is also most likely to introduce a set bonus system, similar to what you were saying with diablo 3 & their set armor bonus. Except, Trendy will likely go the route of what they did in DD1, where players would have to get a full armor set consisting all of one type, ie; "rogues supreme gauntlets/helm/chest/boots" For an overall base stat increase I do agree with you that currently, with all passives being moved on to 1 piece of gear. Theyre catering more to casuals & the 'hardcore' players will get bored because of nothing else to farm for. They aren't
  3. As an end game player with hundreds of hours into the game, I disagree with you lol. I agree with you on the point that more challenging content is always good, however, what keeps me coming back and playing for hours is trying out all kinds of new builds. I am an alt aholic and I love to make new characters and builds, and the current system is VERY bad for trying out new builds because of how difficult it is to find the specific pieces of gear needed for the build. I think the problem with the content right now isn't that it is too easy, or that giving us the ability to reroll stats and farm
  4. lol I was just coming to this forum to post about this. I have the same issue. I also have a medallion with 20% bonus power. Not sure if relevant.
  5. Title says it all. With all these new heroes and many more to come I am finding my bags to fill up very quickly. I have maxed out bag slots with all the biggest bags you can buy and yet I still feel I need more. This problem will only get worse as more and more content is released. Please increase the amount of bags we can have.
  6. I am on PC and I have the same issue, it says [No Key] to finish tower placement. I have looked through the controls, I have tried pressing a variety of buttons, but there is no way to confirm placement at the moment for me. Additionally, there is no key map for it in the controls menu. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  7. In my opinion, I feel like removing these two spheres from functioning is a mistake, at least within the current context of a builder EV. Other than these two spheres she doesn't have any other spheres or passives (that I know of) that effect proton beam. Removing both of these spheres from working (which I don't understand) will make her entirely useless as a builder. If her primary damage defense was not supposed to be proton beam and she is supposed to use her other beams in combination then I feel that the DU cost of all of her other defenses needs to be lowered. None of them are worth th
  8. I'm sure this bug has been reported before, but if I am the only one crazy enough to use an apprentice for a waller then I need to report this bug. Additionally, this bug is critically game breaking for me and severly needs fixed. I am using the harbringer weapon that increased the hp of apprentice walls however when building the walls the CURRENT hp of the wall must be calculated before the harbringer's buff is applied because all of my walls spawn with 100k/300k hp at level 1. When upgraded it works correctly, however, my walls starting at 30% hp is not good for my play style. I'm sure the b
  9. wait, what is the bug? also, what is the build? I'm sorry I just don't quite understand. Everything i'm reading about it is cryptic
  10. Lol this is exactly how i've been playing. Removing the resist lanes really opened up the purge evil passive.
  11. I do not understand builder EV at all. What are the passives referring to when they say "increase torpedo range" nothing else says anything about a torpedo... Additionally, is it just me, or are her towers really expensive? It's pretty hard to make any kind of interesting chain with her towers because the cost is just too damn high. As for the weapon factory defense, do the weapons that are spawned scale off of defense power or ability power, aka, is this defense useless for an EV builder? Is there a point to having reflect beams? They cost 60 DU for 1 panel which is like 3 additional walls fo
  12. OK, I'll admit it. The title and suggestion for a character wipe were actually bait to get some attention to this post because I think the issues I am describing and fixing them are vitally important for the revival and long term survival of this game. Which I care deeply about (I love DD2) Your 2 suggestions at the bottom are exactly what I was getting at when I said they should add a new difficulty level like Hell mode. If they added a new difficulty level, instead of nightmare 4 but with actual new mechanics and things to think about, the new difficulty would have to drop increased iPWR i
  13. A lot of people will be playing as new content comes out. But "Most" people that are invested in the game or just fans of dd1. Will check back every now and then and watch it grow. Like i said, give it time. They are nice enough to give content for free might as well let them get a few years of content under their belt before being super critical. If you watched some of the streams/dev logs, the strategic mode that they are working on looks like a blast! Dude Cyrath, you couldn't have put it more perfectly. +50 amazing points
  14. Now that the Abyss Lord is released, resistances have been removed, and defense mana doesn't dissappear on you the game has become much easier. I think it is basically the general consensus among the DD2 players that the game is much too easy at the moment. I do not think the game is too easy now. I think what this latest patch has done is finally allow players the freedom that should have come inherit in the game allowing players to play any character they want and build what they want to in order to create a smart and optimized defense, and sometimes even quite unique. I think these are all
  15. Care to elaborate a little more? because i don't know what you mean by Purge evil and frosty power. Are there any links for info on these? Purge Evil is a passive that says when an enemy dies within serenity aura it explodes dealing 300-400% defense power in damage in a small AoE. Enemies killed by purge evil will also explode. Serenity can also get a passive that slows enemies within the aura The Frost Power apprentice basically gets all of the frosty passives, which in the end make the frost towers greatly slow down enemies, but more importantly buff the power of defenses which are touchin
  16. I haven't done much onslaught mode and I have never made it too far in onslaught mode, but I heard that before patch it would give out wyvern tokens at later stages with currency selected. Just wondering if anyone has gotten that far in onslaught to see if hero tokens are given out now instead, and how much are given. My suspicion is that it still way better to just grind out maps and get that +25 than try to get to late stages of onslaught
  17. ok ok ok I know this is a ridiculous title, because obviously the developers are always looking to improve the games performance. However I do have a legit concern. While playing games I generally like to turn the in game music down and have a music program in the background playing music that I like. Something about dungeon defenders though, it periodically completely hogs my CPU and destroys the sound of the music until DD2 releases the CPU. If you open task manager and watch how much CPU DD2 is taking up you can see how it spikes erratically. I suggest that you find a way to make it less sp
  18. This change is simple, should be very easy to implement, but would DRAMATICALLY make gameplay better. The problem: Repairing in an intense situation is cumbersome. Additionally it is difficult to know what exactly the health of nearby towers is. The shift key adds too many elements and clutters the screen. The solution: When I click R and my reticle turns into a wrench your character goes into...let's call it "Repair mode" the health bars of all nearby towers should show and stay shown until either the player starts repairing or exits "Repair mode" it would be similar to hitting the shift key,
  19. Thank you for finally getting us your feedback. I feel that a lot of people didn't like the Jester when it first came out but as the weeks went by I saw more and more positive threads on that hero. Maybe the Jester grew on them? Maybe they found out how to use her in a fun way? There are many reasons so I don't want to make a blanket statement. Even if you still don't like the jester, we are happy to hear you are so excited for DD2! What was your favorite DLC hero? Huge fan here, I know you didn't ask me, but I played a ton of the DLC and I would say my favorite character by far is the ba
  20. What if the amount of DU used slowly decreased the loot quality depending on how much DU was used. For example, Deeper Well. 30 DU or less = 100% loot potential 31-35 = 90% 36-40 = 80% 41-45 = 70% 46+ = 60% This gives a sliding scale and enables players to test adjust and gruadually work on their builds, refining them to get better loot. The quality limit will have to be displayed near the DU used. Just a thought. I REALLY like this idea, this would allow for lower geared players to progress into harder maps by placing more DU worth of towers but they won't get as much or as goo
  21. Sorry, I only work for cupcakes and rainbows. Listen I have plenty of cupcakes and I know a couple of unicorns that produce rainbows regularly. If I get beta access I'll hook you up immediately! ^_^
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