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  1. Navy brat here. Born on the island of Guam, moved to San Diego, California for 4 years, then moved to the country of Panama for 4 years, back to San Diego, California for 4 years, back to the country of Panama for 4 years, and finally ended up in Burkburnett, Texas since 1985.
  2. Playing with friends online. The camaraderie and just meeting people from all over the world was awesome. DD fostered teamwork and really was a fun game.
  3. Amen, brother! Getting the rug yanked out from under us was not pleasant. PS3 had a decent-sized community. Too bad modders and that steal-glitch ruined that game towards the end. Does anybody know how to host without servers? PB331979, a former PS3 player, told me once he knew how but I never followed up on it. I'd play if online was still available.....other than that I haven't loaded this game up in probably over a year.
  4. Coming from a ps3 player's perspective.....I downright love a dps, full-resistanced Apprentice. You can go toe-to-toe with Ogres, Sharken, and Dark Elf Warriors and have a chance to live if you have a great staff. As far as defenses, I love the Huntress and her array of traps. I enjoy blowing enemies up with proximity/ethereal spike traps as wells as gagging enemies with gas traps as they roast in the fire traps.
  5. I prefer chili and crackers with some Red River Farms milk vs soup (Texan). I do love the tomato basil soup from la madeleine though. The chili cook-offs here are amazing. The ingredients and seasonings that people come up with are interesting. No 5-alarm stuff for me.....stomach ripper! Menudo, On_My_Mind? o.0
  6. Vegetarians. Just can't bring myself to cut meat out of my diet(appetite), especially living here in Texas. Warlocks
  7. Ubese *a species in the Star Wars films known as bounty hunters. Princess Leia dressed up as one in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  8. tears in heaven Tears Are Falling by KISS [video=youtube_share;lEwnfhuPJGs]http://youtu.be/lEwnfhuPJGs[/video]
  9. prequel to the sequel We're Doing A Sequel by The Muppets [video=youtube_share;HXppfX-mBsE]http://youtu.be/HXppfX-mBsE[/video]
  10. EA servers seem to be acting up here lately. The lag has been getting more prevalent. Maybe it's on my end? All I know is that it is very difficult to move from time to time and I've been getting disconnected from both sessions and EA servers. I haven't looked on the internet yet, but is there a forum for this game?
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