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  1. ok here we go first of all i cant wait till this game comes out. the need to add the following to keep players playing this game tonz of maps for both co-op and PvP and since they say that its going to have a lot of game plays they must add team vs team points first team to get the most points wins the match so it would be like a wave after wave type of thing till one teams gets top score defeating minions and bosses more than one boss will spawn at the same time so teams dont have to fight them together and if one takes out a boss they will be able to take out the other who delivers the las
  2. It would be nice to be able to do team attacks where players would have to get close to each other to do a major attack on foes maybe only sertain characters can do this like 2 wizards mage warloks or what ever you would whant to call the magic characters this would be great to give playes a more feel of co-op. It would be nice to be able to create a game to play co-op wave after wave type and to be able to customize which foes appear like the ones a player likes or all of them which ever comes first to a players mind. It would be nice to collect weapons and insted of trashing the weapons
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