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  1. hi, does anyone know what map would be quickest to farm for theese things?
  2. aperrently pc only grts it, like with the preordering bonus content, but i doubt its trendys doing or is it? o.O
  3. just find the game in the d list of arcade games its not in new games section yet
  4. i noticed a new need for speed demo on there so maybe their updateing it by 1 thing at a time =o
  5. i was told it would be 2am cali time, 3am here and its not in store yet does anyone know when it will be in the store?
  6. hey dan can i get a name change? i thought it asked for first and last name but aperently it was for username >.
  7. im thinking bout roleing a squire but ill go monk if i can get in a party with people.
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