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  1. Remember this is going to be F2P. How else will they "trick" people buying ingame currency? Add major grind roadblock and then advertise "Increase sell price of items for 1hr: 200 gems". With more and more grind being added this is all I see coming. It's sad and I'm thinking more and more of getting a Steam refund as this game is very very different compared to when I picked it up, Lvl25 was max and it was fun.
  2. I have received no mail at all and am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? Will you go back through trendy and check everyone got the costumes or not bother?
  3. So 0% stat boost have been dropping. Also on a side note it seems that Monk Boost auras will be feeling the love of the Passive Fairies. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510353413 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510353560
  4. When I switch from my squire to another character the Splody damage no longer occurs when in a map. If I switch back to my squire it works again. The explosion graphic still appears but it seems the damage no longer is applied. Strangely it works fine in the tavern. *Update sometimes the only way to get it working is rebuild the harpoon tower **edited title thanks Manatata MamaTata
  5. Erm.. There are ways of changing colors of pets, but to do so, you'd have to download things that you're not suppose to be using. Well, you'd be able to use the program in Open, I believe. But to use the program in Ranked, is punishable. You can very well have your Account banned. You're more than welcome to do such a thing, it's not illegal or anything, lol. But if you would like to keep your Steam account operating properly, I'd steer clear; and I wouldn't recommend it. If you decide to get such a program, keep away from Ranked, buddy. Good luck with future endeavours. Ah i think you've got the wrong idea from my post, I'm asking about would it be easy to implement one and if trendy would be interested. I'd love to change my cat to black and white or any other custom colours. In my thinking as most pets seem to have simple textures it wouldn't be to hard to have something similar to the character colour setup.
  6. Hi all I'm just wondering if it would be possible and easy to implement a colour change tool for pets, both in ranked and open? If so would Trendy be interested in doing it? And ideas?
  7. Anyone else experiencing this issue? and does anyone know a solution, other than dieing, as my SH kills everything before it can get close.
  8. Hmm im playing on a ninja monk with my gf's huntress, she got insta killed while kiting them as well. I was thinking it was mage boss with his mana bomb or something. The snowmen might be more likely but.
  9. Hi all Is anyone else experiencing the winter wonderland bosses insta killing them? i have max resist and 180k hp and have been insta killed for no reason? This there a move one of them has that causes this? I can easily tank them all nope problem as well. Cheers for any feedback
  10. It's not summoner decreases drop quality it's that high level armor has less chance than high level weapons. I've found that running akatiti works out better as you not only get armor rewards but obs and high level accessories. I've had ult armor given as a reward and it's easier than kghcnmmm
  11. Cheers kimmy_gibblers_anis, its a good night to farm my first Ult+ Krytyal Stryke with 110k dmg stat upgraded :)
  12. Hi all, As the title suggests I wondering which is more important. I have a dps monk and currently trying to pick between two Obsidian Sparus. The damage caps out at 71305 for the equipted, and 81508 for the one in the box. I am thinking the one with higher hero stats as for a monk my seahorse does most of the damage. Please let me know what you guys think and why Cheers
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