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  1. same , i almost dont use wfm .it s useless for me ,dont care if wfm have water and sr mod. By the way, u can use water shard + sr mod, also works fine , right ?
  2. Although I dont know much about exploit weakness ,no any range hero is powerful. As i think, exploit weakness also works for melee attack.Did u make any test ? I have no any proof, i just enjoy the game .I have 2 weakpoint chip on my armor,which give me huge help.But my dps hero is not a range hero.haha
  3. I usually set 5,6,7,8 to 1,2,3,4. Because this is a tower def game, i use 1 ,2,3,4 to build ,better than 5,6,7,8. I changed my set again , set 8 to F. For barb , 8 ability to heal is important ,so F is close to my finger. That s also easier to heal for other hero. sorry for my bad english .Hope i made my self clear.
  4. 1.51x1.56=2.35, so 135% more dmg
  5. hi,nikobg.It is certain that oily harpoon will deal the target for 600% (maybe)of ur def power stat every second for 5 seconds when harpoon with fire.
  6. no , u cant.it s impossible to make tower with 2 element(storm and poison or earth)
  7. u can creat 2 ev, have 2 wfm, one with poison , one with earth, not hard to build.
  8. No any new challenge in this game except floors.If no insterest in onslaught, dd2 will lose players. Honestly,prime is not hard,and not worth to farm,just pass all pirme ,then get hyper shard. Players are confused ,dont know what to do in game .Farm more ? For what ?they are aimless and feel good.haha.
  9. yeah. I have found a good way to build air lane .Then i can go on floors.Now i m on 555 floor, i hope i will reach 700+,900+.
  10. Download a game booster, then u will get good interent connection.
  11. Thank you for ur detailed answer.I have reflection , proton,boost and oblisk that u said.Maybe there are some difference. I have gilded rate and anti-melee on proton,also use booster power instead of booosted grasp.Yes , works fine.
  12. I cant join ur link ,just because many websites are banned in china .Thank you again.
  13. I want to push floors fast . If fail onslaught mode,u have to press Y and restart, it will take much time. Are there any advice to build fast and avoid to fail? for example,no wfm use ,defeat miniboss in time.
  14. I have a troule.It says,"test is is poor taste",whem i try to go 480 floor,so i fail to host game . so what should i do .
  15. I have a idea.We should build tower at a narrow road junction. Most of monsters wil be stuned, or petrified.They crowed together,and lady orc will be blocked. I met one occaction,lady orc is blocked by my sky guard ,and dont atk .I still need some test to know if it s a bug .
  16. Sup defender! 900+ floor is a long way .I hope i will make more pregress.
  17. I return to the game after5 month,then complete all prime ,get alll 7 hyper shard .when i try to climb floors, it become easier then i think before .I from 323 floor to 385 floor ,just 4 days .Now 441 floor. Is it because of double hyper shard ? or petrifaction make players easier to build some hard lane , headstrong,spellbreaker,controlled .. And today ,I see the top 100 onslaught ,which shock me .so many players have reached 700+ floors , As i know before , there are about 5 players half a year ago . So , the game become easy ,right ?
  18. I think no..lady orc is nightmare for me .haha.cant slow,hard to stun.
  19. Automation is good for oblisk.On the other hand,automation is very useful when u want to reset manytimes. no need to up relic to c 8 ,u also can get 100% tenacity .
  20. Thank you !T_T In fact ,reflection+proton+geyser + wfm,means huge dmg , slow,freeze,petrify,knock up, and stun. Althought,my wfm have both water+ sr .lol
  21. right´╝üGeyser trap is a surprise ! It will add 40% dmg for my reflection.
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