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  1. poison mod is invalid for earth shatter
  2. Not entirely. Most like to build air lane with petrify ambo´╝îlike 2 sgt (1 with poison , 1 with earth),pdt+sgt with earth. For headstrong air lane, also can build with reflection near crystal, and obelisk against emp.
  3. nice test. I thought controll mod works when poison,stun,oil,drentch,freezed. Anyway controller mod is a waste on sgt tower if it s a 10/10.
  4. All c 8 5/5 weapon have low drop chance in prime..They looks cool..U can farm them for ur all hero.
  5. u have to change the way u build if use Torpedo Striker, and 456 range is not enough to kill air monster. The shard also useful when u reset .
  6. As title said, I mean i want to push 999 floor. As far as I know, 954 is the same difficulty as 964,974,984,994, if there is a way to pass 954, that means they will pass 964,974.even 994 .we just need a good team,then reroll some times.Then, they will rush to 999. of course i was on 948 floor, i still need a party to pass 949 like 954 if i dont reset. i believe there are several players who reach 999 floor in furture.
  7. I wrongly thought that I could get many mass destruction shard, so I reset at 900+.Now i find i only can get many destruction pylon shard..i m sad to lose progress on floors...
  8. I think it s possible. i reach 900+ without wfm.and not hard.
  9. same , i almost dont use wfm .it s useless for me ,dont care if wfm have water and sr mod. By the way, u can use water shard + sr mod, also works fine , right ?
  10. Although I dont know much about exploit weakness ,no any range hero is powerful. As i think, exploit weakness also works for melee attack.Did u make any test ? I have no any proof, i just enjoy the game .I have 2 weakpoint chip on my armor,which give me huge help.But my dps hero is not a range hero.haha
  11. I usually set 5,6,7,8 to 1,2,3,4. Because this is a tower def game, i use 1 ,2,3,4 to build ,better than 5,6,7,8. I changed my set again , set 8 to F. For barb , 8 ability to heal is important ,so F is close to my finger. That s also easier to heal for other hero. sorry for my bad english .Hope i made my self clear.
  12. hi,nikobg.It is certain that oily harpoon will deal the target for 600% (maybe)of ur def power stat every second for 5 seconds when harpoon with fire.
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