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  1. Determination fuels everyone at Trendy. o.0 P R I D E Ponies Really Inspire Doing Everything C H A O S Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  2. Who won???? Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  3. Koalas care about leafy plants. L O D G E Look Over Da Great Edge! L S E T R Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  4. knights leave great round table A B L U P Are Bears Laying Under People? R E M I X Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  5. All positions- Johnny Depp :D He is the only actor I know of that can play real characters, not just roles. Yes Johnny Depp is an amazing actor Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  6. Better eat a small treat H I y o u Happiness Is Your Only Universe MLP:FiM (Sorry Craig i didnt see yours) Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  7. How are Spyro's bronies representing online? M A T T E L Mares Always Take The Early Lead A P P L E Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  8. SILENCE!!!Look who's talking! I still am plugging away for my first 200+ upgrade weapon. No catching up for you.....you have to wait until I pull my first and then you can play catch up. LOL Ive been playing for a year now and ive pulled two 200+ weapons. But that was back when i was extremlly lucky. Reyrey you can ask technomancer how lucky i was back when i first started playing Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  9. May I knock it now that I've tried it? If you actually listened to them then yes but if its a bad knock dont be to judgemental Also here is the one good parody that i know of http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=rFV2riYeglA Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  10. I want to share with you, the community, the amazing music bronies can make. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xPfMb50dsOk ^this song is the most popular with over 9 million views!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NXnwQ9TSAOg ^this song is one of my favorites http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wylqjQ49Hps ^for those that like rock Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  11. Sorry vern, but the modded items are here to stay. It's not trendy's fault, and there is nothing they can do about it. I'm not gonna open my lobby either, then I would have to kick a million people everyday lol Sent from Irony Island. True that, i cant join in a morrago game without mods, or when ever i open my lobby no one joins who has legit gear or knows how to play. Thats why i play private lobby with friends if they are on Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  12. Repairing essentially pointless after I rebuild. S H U T I T So, He Underestimated The Intelligence Test? H A S B R O Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  13. Spyro1209 procured a Rarity xerox. G N O R C Good, No One Remembers Chrysalis C Y N D E R Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  14. Scared people yell random outbursts R I P T O Really? Imitate Ponies To Overtake? S P A R X Keep Calm And Love Ponies
  15. Has Ramparts tried everybody's patience? G R U N T Good, Reyrey understands nothing too S P Y R O Keep Calm And Love Ponies
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