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  1. wait that's all he wanted? I had a 125 upgrade Shai I could've traded lol
  2. Njjack did you find a set? or atleast a mail helmet i think? i put togethet a set, minus a helmet lol
  3. and Tito deleted my comment on my own thread. wow
  4. thats aweesome! haha i wish i had a weapon and armor set to give my monk in order to do the event right xD i have an 81 set up for auras
  5. so whats the new event item? i havent ran yet but im curious.
  6. i need a full set of DPS armor for 83, with decent stats. As in like 75+ upgrades. ive got a few Giraffes i can trade and such like it.
  7. i dont mind the weapon events, but im talking about Trendy supporting us themselves, not through other people.
  8. i might have a 199 you can just have. its for 90 though
  9. damn that sucks. thats why i like my ps+ but at the same time, they should let you back up the save to a flashdrive
  10. these forums died, did everyone quit playing because of the mods??
  11. well. this made me quit DD. thanks for not supporting us until you killed the game servers, Trendy.
  12. oh yeah, ill trade you a great big screw off
  13. i really dont think there is a cap because like an hour later my friend pulled a 247 Shai for 74
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