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  1. The upgrading process is neither a tactical decision nor a rewarding experience. Additionally the look and feel of the graphic representation are not very enjoyable - using this turning wheel is simply not much fun. I guess people skip it from the very first use Solution: Items have their own xp and advance by using them. That simple.
  2. rchlx

    Bag for pet food

    Yes! and I would be happy if the food boxes would open at all when I click on them
  3. I would suggest having both. the tier design as we know it and an additional visualisation of stats. there might be particles flying around in different colours. particles are easy to scale and look nice. the colour of the particles would be defined by the highest stat. for example if you have the most points on defence health they would be green and red for defence power... and so on
  4. I think this is obvious but since this is the most annoying thing in dd2 for me I will post another thread. After doing like 3 maps without sorting out loot, it simply takes to much time for me to go through the temp item box. I know that you know that but it is too annoying to ignore. It is also obvious what kind of features are needed: sorting for stats and maybe even color coding for chosen stat values (like grey-green-bright green) the inventory system isnt a nice experience over all, but please at least let us sort the temp item box
  5. rchlx

    Item Check Thread

    thank you for checking! I traded all three kobs at one shop
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