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  1. .. and I totally called this hero. A while back I was remembering heroes from the time we do not speak of and I suggested something pretty similar to what we got. Tl;Dr is that I suggested a Dryad hero that would build defenses on (I think I called it this) a "Root Network" (which was inspired by the Battleforge term and the SC creep mechanic). Basically that the dryad would have two forms: one where she walked around and did normal hero stuff, and another where she would turn into a Tree of Life that would provide a radius of control over her towers similar to providing a pylon to protoss bu
  2. do you know something about her? ) She was one of the MoBA chars. Total Biscuit played her at PAX 2013:  I was never that interested in her personally. I'm pretty excited for Barbarian and EV though.
  3. Yes DDe had a pretty good system too. Im really suprised it didnt make it into this. Since trading will probably be added later if they are going to let us trade gold then I would make the dye cost Gold. There are already quite a few potential gold sinks such as craft (which needs reworked) but using dye for it could be pretty solid. I've got mixed feelings about the emotes though. Some of them were pretty neat. Would like to see them develop/refine more gameplay content before adding in a new system just for those. I know that I might seem like a "white knight" or w/e sometimes, but the w
  4. I really enjoyed sub-objectives for giving further interaction between players and the map. It makes the maps more dynamic. I hope that they continue to add new sub-objectives and more interesting ones. Maybe ones that aren't introduced at wave one, but come in at a later wave to mix things up. My main problem with them right now is that they are all just second or third cores when we could do things that are more interactive than Sub-Objective Destroyed --> Open new lane The Dropship in Harbinger for example could have been targettable and destroying it would close that lane, only for
  5. The opinion is fine, but I've always loved how everyone could pick a role to fill during combat phase. It had a very team-based, completing eachother sort of dynamic. When everyone becomes everything with no consequence at all the composition of heroes seems less meaningful. I disagree that DU is the big balancing factor. What about the Ability/DPS heroes that dont use DU at all? Theres less/no consequence for everyone to swap to DPS in the combat phase rather than being locked into 1-2 builders and some DPS. That is a huge difficulty drop.
  6. This is the current idea, but keep in mind that the finer details are still to be determined and are subject to change. We're going to play around and see what's fun. We want to see a lot of feedback about how you feel about this and what you're cool ideas are on this change. I believe this is an excellent idea for Single Player for balancing, but for multiplayer the swap during combat should be disabled. It is really unnecessary for multiplayer and it lowers the difficulty of the game way below what it should be. I'm still watching the dev stream with my unsigned NDA contract in my hands
  7. I've witness some intesting things in videogame history over the years. One of the things people always seem concerned with is this. There are 2 major ways it seems to play out which ultimately makes complete transparency bad for developers. 1. Devs show off a new feature, but then realize they don't want to/can't continue developing it so they drop it. They let their fans know and "big surprise" the fans all get angry and whiny about it. One of the biggest examples of this was the development of Diablo 3. Because of Diablo 3, Blizzard is no longer transparent about most of their behind-the-
  8. Not sure what you mean. If you asked to join the Abyss Lord test, then Dani sent you the link to it to print, read, and sign. If you did not know: Non-Disclosure Agreements are contracts stating you are not allowed to tell or share anything about this test as according to the contract. I have not read this one yet because I just got the email this morning and did not have time to, and for that reason I have not signed up for this test myself. Its a good idea to know what these things say before you sign them. This is a serious thing and you can get in trouble if you get into the test and bre
  9. I totally want to support this game and I have tried to hold mostly positive comments about Trendy so far. I even wrote a review on Steam urging people who had problems with DD2 to try to become involved with the Alpha concept by making suggestions to Trendy and etc etc. However I keep finding out about stuff like this. Why? Why was the better cosmetics and dye system reworked into an even more MoBA-esque skin system? I'm still hoping that was an experiment and they are exploring how to make it better with dyes and mixing costumes. Why were all the best parts of Hero Deck scrapped? I'm go
  10. These features really do need to return. They *cough* were *cough* in *cough* the *cough* other iteration *cough*. When I started playing this about 3 or 4 weeks ago I was really surprised and disappointed they were not in the current game. I also miss Core reskins. It would be really weird to implement it for most of the objectives we currently have now, but I loaded DD1 to play with my little brother and I saw my green geode skin with red sparkles and blue glow I realized that DunDef 2 sacrificed an iconic piece of tavern/game customization from the first game. 
  11. So the old plan was for every hero in your select 4 to gain EXP together? Why isn't that in the current game? That is an amazing idea for reducing grind.
  12. Here is how I did it: Make a "normalized" squire builder. Build barricades in each of the lanes immediately around the "crystal cart". Put a harpoon and a cannon behind the barricades on the lane leading to the roller coaster pickup, and the lane opposite of that that goes into the mess hall/cafeteria area. For the other lanes put a row of cannon towers and then 2 or 3 harpoons behind that row. For the lane pointing towards Jester and her stage: upgrade everything here as much as you can before the end of wave 5. Put more defenses here than anywhere else. Edit: I forgot the important part
  13. Edit: Quoted wrong person. Forums confusing. Thanks for finding these! I did some looking around and found another of the more interesting characters that they might be looking over: Man that was a pretty unique concept at the time. I still remember some of her lore. Whats really funny is that there was a thread that got a ton of support a few months ago on the League of Legends boards where players were begging for a "tough old grandma" sort of character. I instantly thought of the Prisoner.
  14. I would completely lose hope this game is ever going to be good if that happened... Mounts in a game where you're supposed to defend a set area? I mean this isn't an open-world game... I wouldn't completely lose hope in it, but yeah itd be an incredibly pointless feature. Hopefully we will get really big maps and some character with special mobility features (Abyss Lord hover power pls Trendy).
  15. Yeah that is exactly what I am thinking. This would also mean that since the Abyss Lord is going to be in the next milestone patch (supposedly), that we won't see him until April. I'll be first to say it on the forums even though it is most likely not true: "Surprise! The Abyss Lord was just a big, 1-month April Fools Joke! Here's the Summoner."
  16. Please make the forums better; shut up about goblin food, mkay? Dafudge. WHAT HAVE YOU AGAINST GOBLINS... ... gobu? But in regards to the OP: I mysteriously got an extra 200 gems too. But for me it was after I upgraded to the Collector's. Idk if it is just tied to the Newsletter or not. Edit: Oh.
  17. If it hasn't been suggested yet: Large Spheres: Blue Duality Sphere: Spending 10 blue mana gives you 1 green mana. Green Duality Sphere: For every 10 green mana picked up, gain x blue mana. Edit: Ah I see there were similar/same ones. I do support this sort of idea though. Medium/Small: Life Leech I +25 Life Leech II +50 Life Leech III +75-100 Might help out melees who want to play tanky. Medium: Pet Empathy: + X% Pet Damage and + Y% Pet Active Ability damage Uber: Master of Beasts: Pets Now Deal an Additional +X% of Hero Damage and + Y% of Defense Power on attacks.
  18. In a team game communication is key. How about for every time that an ally opens inventory auto-opens stat page after a level up opens stat page to look over stuff/chagne orbsis viewing their character list, possibly to change characters It displays a different Icon for each of these so that allies can see this and know what you are doing when it appears you have just gone AFK or are piking/leeching. Other ARPGs such as Diablo 3 have a feature like this.
  19. Theres a punchline to this but I am serious about the mechanic: A Monk polearm that always spawns with Medium Speed swing aattack speed. Its legendary effect is that with each swing the attack speed increase, but the combat style stays the same. This can stack up to so many times. This seems like the perfect kind of effect thematically for a staff-wielding fighter. It would be an interesting new mechanic to try out in this game and one that might be able to give melee characters a new sort of advantage, Aesthetically, it would also be awesome if it looks like a light post and was named T
  20. Is this intended? I click leave (from a friend's Tavern) and when I am playing with a friend of mine it always drags him to my tavern too. There is a very severe lack of obviousness as to what this button in the menu does if so. Put the Main Menu button back! Like DunDef1 had. Or just add a few more options with better naming to them. Maybe: A button in the menu opened by Esc that says "Exit Party to Tavern" or "Leave Without Party" Another that says "Take Party to Tavern" or "Leave With Party" And one that says "Quit to Main Menu"
  21. ... but a friend of mine showed me how the King's banner in return to Throne Room is slashed, but the Queen's is not. I was talking to him just yesterday about how sinister she looks too. Sinister look? The monsters didn't attack her image?
  22. A Six-Demon Bag for the Monk. Or if we want to do the concept better justice, how about an eastern-style Wizard costume for the Monk or Apprentice? Or both? Monk: Apprentice:  The apprentice needs that hat.
  23. We already have that mechanic, you just described it inversely. Instead of having XP gains hindered for our first character, we get an XP bonus for each level 50 that we have. It's in essence the same concept, and it does not help the un-fun-ness of leveling subsequent heroes. That's not really the same. Its similar. The problem with a system like we have is that you are encouraged to grind multiple times for a reward that you probably don't need at that point. Lets say you only do it once. Then you get a huge XP boost that is way more effective than what we have with, say, 5 characters. T
  24. WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE MORE LIKES? But aside from that, I really hope that after Monk's review/redo/rework/whatever that people start playing with this item a little less at least. Until then, this item should be named Crutch of the Heavens. Or maybe Celestial Crutch.
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