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  1. LEGEND! THANKS ZIMMER Any help with ascension?
  2. Hey guys, Can I ask what 3 (now 4) shards you use on your squires barricade for health? Obviously the primary stat will be Tower Health but what are your other two secondary stats? Would greatly appreciate the advice.
  3. Hendo, what map / mode / difficulty did u get the 18% legendary from
  4. Hey guys I found this item with a 7% Flametower buff which is the most OP item I have found so far. The issue is the DP on it and the rarity of the item is kind of poor. I am level 40 now and have played a hell of a lot of games and only ever seen one of these drop. Has anyone else seen them? Is there a specific map it drops on? Can i get them in epic/legendary?! ANY info would be awesome.
  5. Hey, I get so sick of checking the same item over and over because I dont want to clog up my inventory with items I dont need. As we have E to pick items up, could we create another button to instantly add items to temporary inventory so we can clear up the map a bit.
  6. THANKS! has the dev team been made aware of this? :)
  7. So does anyone know whats happening about the evolve? it is greyed out
  8. glad u told me about this, i just checked and ur right, the stats do not stack! :o!!! I had 9/10 affection, so close lol.
  9. http://s23.postimg.org/v4geczv9n/PET.png
  10. Hey guys what do you think of this pet I just got? I re-rolled one stat so now have double defense power. Also does anyone know whats happening with evolving pets, is it currently bugged or is the feature just not ready yet?
  11. Is there any way we can get an item filter for our inventory so we can tick a box to filter towers with specific stats. For example if you were looking for speed and power you tick those two boxes. Filters out a lot of the junk,, and there is a LOT of junk!
  12. Hey guys, I know this forum is for constructive comments and I will try and do my best to make this one. I know we are in VERY EARLY alpha but I am just not really enjoying DD2 very much compared to DD1. The thing about DD1 I liked is that it started off very easy and over like 15 or so waves the difficulty slowly increased. I just feel like its far too hard at the first wave, and the rounds are too small (5). Was this to try and make games shorter in time? Also I know it will be due to my gear being rubbish but I just feel like my towers are very weak. Also the one thing that becomes a bi
  13. Hey, think DD2 is INCREDIBLE but really want to give my opinion on the inventory system. I have only been playing 2 hours and already have 8 pages of inventory FULL of junk! A lot of junk gets picked up from trying to open chests to get the mana during building phase! Can anything be done to remove junk from chests each round? Could we possibly get an option to "SELL ALL JUNK" or something along those lines? Item Upgrade!! This is so essential, I can spend hours going through my inventory sorting items, would be so useful to find an easy way to say "This is likely an upgrade for me
  14. End of game reports would be amazing!! Player Deaths Player Kills Player Damage done Player Healing done Player Repairs given (total hp) For each player in a table for E.G
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