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  1. I don't know alot about item checking, but the pieces look a little bit too similar if you ask me. :( Yeah, starting to learn about sets that are around 400-600m values are hacked, thats why Im suspicious, wouldnt be surprised if it was
  2. another set that i got recently, IC please and thanks Edit : ran it through armor calc, helm came up impossible, the rest were plausible but i think it is hacked...
  3. If you find a shop with 100 really nice items and 2 come up barely possible I would report the shop and leave not buy the 2. You can ask others for the answer to which is "possible" but it is so slim a chance of possible that some checkers would have it turn up hacked anyways. Mmk, burn everything then! too bad, what a waste of cubes.
  4. thanks EC-10, yes i bought the entire set from the same person. would you mind telling me which one isnt hacked? i'll burn the rest
  5. used armor calc and came up ok, but someone told me the mana values were too low, check please? ^^ thanks in advanced
  6. Hi! So I've started to farm KG on NMSV lately and I was just wondering if its worth putting on MM to get better loot? I have 3 afk's(all summoners) while my active is a flash heal summoner because im lazy like that, and can pretty much clear wave 30 no problem so if someone can tell me if its worthwhile to do MM or just stick to normal survival
  7. I know its going to sound like a broken record hearing it from the past few posts, but we do HIGHLY recommend you at least get the EV, it makes your life so much easier and even a low end EV can get you into nightmare maps. The summoner can wait until you want to finish higher end maps, (ie aquanos survival, kings game survival, etcetc.) Now for progress, an easy map to farm is magus quarter (NMHC non MM, afk characters for one wave for the pets if you think your defenses can handle it) and farm it over and over just for the mana, let everything sell and collect the 600m( or until your defen
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