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  1. I would like that. Maybe some focus on stacking poison with her skills. or some kind of stacking damage with each hit. Ofcourse both with some kind of cap ^^
  2. In my opinion the progression was fine. Yes it was really hard from insane to nightmare, but there i actually had the most fun. I had to figure out what maps i was actually capable to at least finish 1 wave to get some loot. But on the other hand, from the previouse difficulties i could already sort maps what which could be easier/harder to do. So it didn't took that long to actually to find a map. For me i really enjoyed it to find some gear that was better then my old insane difficulty gear and then see my self acomplishing more and more on nightmare. Again, yes it was really hard, but on the other hand it was also really rewarding. I also would not need any guidence indicator for maps of any sort on the harder difficulties cause people learned about how hard a map is in the previous difficulties . I love to try out things and to chose the path my self to tackle a new difficulty. I dont really get why people want to have a "big red pointing arrow" at all time what to do next in a game. Again, its just my opinion for the game I would like to play.
  3. I prefer not to have Daily quests. I haven't seen a game yet where it wasn't just a chore to do them. Most of the times Dailys are used for some form of "currency" which is mendetory in some way for progress like reputation, premium currency (dd2) or get some item to enhance something. So in The end, Dailys are used to forcefully slow down player progress. I prefer to play at my own speed.
  4. - I would love to see Lavamancer, Mystic and Dryad back in dda. they had some fun tower potions to play around with. - I loved the idea of "ultimate" towers where you could only place 1 per character. (here maybe a little change to 1 tower per player) - Characters that can empower towers while playing (dryad corruption or mystic appeasement) - unique bossfights What i DONT want to see again - Ascension levels. Was simply boring forced grinding way to limit players progress. (i prefer random drop chance to empower my hero instead of "do map 50 times to have enough xp to continue on next difficulty") - Chaos enemy's that spawn constantly in all lanes that hard counter towers. - Challange maps that are to easy due to restricted difficulty
  5. I would be fine with weekly or monthly quests, but i don't really like daily quests. Haven't seen a game with daily quests so far that didn't feel like a chore.
  6. I like the second idea more. reducing your own "strength" to increase the rewards. Could lead to some interesting minimum necessary tower builds.
  7. I would prefer random factors which are set at the start of each map and stay till the end. For example: buffs that get decided on the start of the map and stay till the end: a lane that are immune to 1 damage type (so you cant use the fireball tower, but have to switch to harpoon tower or an aura/trap) or a less hardcounter variant a lane that just takes reduced damage from 1 damage type a lane that excels at killing blockades (damage buff vs blockades) (so you need to place more towers that cant be attacked. a lane with ONLY flying enemies on it maybe a speed buff so you need sturdy blockades Immune to CC Or the other way around enemy weaknesses (so its easier with certain towers, but would not be helpless when you don't have the needed towers) certain lanes get extra damage from damage types certain lanes are more prone to cc Random effects that restrict a build For example dd2 Betsey map. Once at start of the map at random points on lanes a debuff field spawns for the whole map duration or even makes it impossible to build in that area entirely (So you need to think about new places on the map to build with each new map start. You could even end up with a situation were one lane will have nearly all of those debuff patches and you need to come up with really creative ways of defending that lane.) Or if someone likes to have the hardcounter chaos enemies. limit the lanes where they spawn (lane 1 has Cyborg, lane 3 got oger coppters rest lanes are normal). Do not spawn them on all lanes simultaneously But with all ideas there would need to be a reward system for completing multiple maps without reloading them. (else people would just reload maps till they get a layout they like.
  8. can confirm snaking sands with speed relict + range shard + range ascention work really well :) (if only emp orcs warent a thing ^^)
  9. As Little magic hat said, it is recomended to play solo. Every player that is in your game , not only doubles the hp of all enemys, but also their damage. So your walls die lot faster. also on chaos 2 it is recomended to not place traps in the path of the enemy. For example if you use dryad defenses place them on unreachable spots or behind your wals so they dont get deactivated by the emp orcs (carefull when you got a trap like sandtrap on the path and this gets stunned and a flying hornet or nimbus is close to the enemy the also get stunned) for Chaos 3 you basicly only use non projectile towers and dryad defenses. Also keep in mind that the aggro generation of tower has been reduced on all tower so you can actually place those near the path and they wont get attacked. (helpfull for flamethrower) hope this could help you a bit
  10. when you delete a fully geared character all the items are transfered to your inventory. So you can make a new gunwitch and play her to lvl 50 (just spam throne room assault or harbinger) and one she reaches lvl 50 jsut give her her old gear
  11. i dropped Vampiric Empowerement in chaos 3 i think
  12. So far the update is fun and all, but 1 thing is really tiresome. from chaos 2 and higher some enemys start to ignore blockades. even when 2 blockades block the whole road there are some slippery enemys that just ignore those and somehow sneak by and 2 hit the crystal which leaves no chance to react on it. I have seen it happen when with the emp orcs after they disable a trap there is a high chance they ignore blokades when they stood right next to them. Also in chaos 4 the berserk orcs tend to often attack blockades 2-3 times and then just walk past them (guess they are bored of blockades?). Its tiresome if the towers are able to handle the difficulty but then some where on the map 1 lonly enemy ignores those blockades and kills the crystal. I dont know if this is intended behaviour or a bug. but i would love if this could be removed or at least the health of crystals increased to be able to reakt on those enemys
  13. On the map "The dead road" siegeroller happen to stuck in spawn when they spawn on north east side. 
  14. http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Shards The wiki page is better then mine :-P I'm gonna try write down which shards i dropped from which chaos levels. If anyone wants to help just write down what shards you dropped and i try to add them to the list Campaign: Hero: Worm scarf - Reduce damage recived by 3% - 34%(Head) Bulwark - Increase armor by 4% - 40% (Chest) Jackpot - you have a 2%-10% chance to quadruple the gold you pick up (Chest) Speed boost - 100 - 500 movementspeed (Boots) Quake - when jumping deal damage on landing (Boots) Construction - increase repair,upgrade speed by 125% - 200%during combat (Gloves) Critical strike - increase hero crit by 3% - 10% (Gloves) Channel - resotre 1 - 15 ability mana every 5s (helm) (does NOT work on dryad and Mystic) Defense: Fortification - increase defense health by x% - 34% Panic Fire - when defense gets damaged 5% - 15% chance to increase attackspeed by 50% Press your luck - when defense gets damaged 5% - 15% chance to increase Critchance by 30% Chaos1: Hero: Eve - Heat dispenser module - autoattacks reduce heat by 4% more heat (Weapon) Gunwitch - Price of power - Increases the Damage of "Two at twice the price" by "x%" - 40% (Gloves) Defense: Lavemancer - oil spil - gives oil geyser a 5% chance to stun enemies for 2 s Destruction - Increase the defense power by "x%" - 34% Defensive critical damage - Increase the defense critical damage Defensive critical strike - increase the defense critical chance by 1% - 15% Chaos2: Hero: Defense: Vampiric Empowerment - Increase the defense power by "x%" - 60% of defense health Dryad - Corruption's bargain - when max level blessing costs no mana in pure from and -1 mana per second in corrupt form Gunwitch - Enduring Drop - Increase bookdrop duration by 0.5s - "X" seconds(14 ranks) (Head) Mana Capacitor - Increase ability Rescource by 10 - 100 (Head) Knight - Enduring Slam - Saismic slam stun duration increase by 0.5s - "x"s (15 ranks) (Shield) Chaos3: Hero: Defense: Eve - Atomic Capacity - Gives your attomic launcher 1 - 3 additional atomic missile Summoner - Darkest Syphon - Increases angle of basic attack by 3 - "x" (got 9 ranks) (Chest) Chaos4: Hero: Defense: Chaos5: Hero: Defense: For now its not much but will become more with time :)
  15. fully agree to the first post For me it also feels annoying when i place a relic on a tower slot and i cant see anymore what tower actually is improved by the relic. When i want to replace a relic on a tower i always end up removing the relic which i think the tower was and then see if its the correct one and then finaly equip the new relic.
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