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  1. Thanks for being a killjoy. -.- Well, I've never bothered checking them using the 'inspect element' function and I've managed to guess all of these heroes without it. I've always considered it but what's the fun in that? I think the reason they are hesitant to release the Jester is that her presents would have to be (maybe completely) reworked just because of the unreliability of what you get from them increasing possibly more than tenfold because of the sheer amount of content that will be released day one. If she would have the same mechanics her presents would be able to spawn almost a hundred different types of defenses (many of which will be extremely unique or niche) among the other things they could spawn, which will include even more enemies as well. She'd need a big rework if she were to be released. Either that or her random factor will have to be reimagined to better fit the flow of DD2's co op. Her random factor could still make for a very interesting MOBA character though, where being lucky is all you would need.
  2. And column three, last character does indeed look like the Jester, possibly the Male version. Most likely the male version, in fact. At first I thought so, too. That is definitely the Druid though and I have proof. During the teamfight starting at 2:07 in the Man and Machine showcase video, I spammed the pause button to figure out who all of the 10 participating heroes were, just in case there was one I haven't seen before. A curious looking hero showed up to the left of the M&M and casted some spells so I paused it there and increased the visual quality to see the name. It's most definitely the Druid and those things on the back of her head are roots, not a jester hat.
  3. So now we officially have 8 heroes in the roster, thus knocking out 1/3 of the total. If anybody else is like me, they've already guessed several more from looking at the silhouettes in the Heroes page. From guessing there, watching the videos and breaking them down with several pause clicks per second, and using the compiled sources from gotrunks712's informational thread (found herehttp://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95944-SPOILERS-What-do-we-know-about-DD2) I've managed to guess, most often correctly, who all of these heroes are. I'm posting this a mostly for fun thread for guessing who the new heroes are from the little information we have. Any discussion is welcome as well in deciding who is who on the page. I'll break it down by columns so I don't clutter up the page with long lines of names or possible names and mark them as revealed only if they have been introduced using the "Meet the _____" official posts. I will put in alphabetical superscripts with a little bit of my reasoning down below(I'm bad at finding other threads that I saw the info/hints from. I'm better at retaining the info than remembering where it came from. I'll cite it when I find it. Please don't get made if I'm using your info. Not like I'll try to take credit for it.) There are still lots of names and heroes that I have no ideas about, but pitch in if you do. Here we go, from left to right: Column 1 : Apprentice (revealed) - Orc Chieftain (revealed) - Crystalline Knight Column 2 : Possible knife-throwing guy[SUP]a[/SUP]May also be Ranger but doubtful - Prisoner (revealed) - Lavamancer Column 3 : Kobold King - Rider (revealed) - Shaman/Spirit Warrior[SUP]b[/SUP] - Druid[SUP]c[/SUP] Column 4 : Man and Machine (revealed) - SeriesEV - Gun Witch - Barbarian (revealed) Column 5 : Monk - Squire (revealed) - Tank[SUP]d[/SUP] - Huntress (revealed) Column 6 : Mystic[SUP]e[/SUP] - Spider Princess - No name idea[SUP]f[/SUP] Column 7 : Necromancer - Summoner[SUP]g[/SUP] - No name idea [SUP]h[/SUP] Countess if Ranger is in a - So I don't see all four of the "gender bender" guys in here. In fact I see TWO that MIGHT be in, but I doubt it all if not all of them are in. Jester doesn't appear to be in at all, so let's just call this guy the Ranger for now. b - In the competitive teaser trailer the Squire the second group of battling Heroes he runs by appears to be the Necromancer and this guy, the Spirit Warrior. He's wearing a mask, has big purple hair, and is attacking the Necromancer with blue energy, which is often likened to "spirit attacks" in fantasy. c - I originally thought this was the Jester. I instantly changed my mind after going through the Man and Machine showcase video a few hundred times. At the team fight near the barracks at one base (the snowy side) a plant-like hero appears and starts casting some attacks while retreating. This is most definitely the Druid, as this name was above her head in all of the stills I got with the pause button. d - I got the name and idea from a poster on gotrunks712's thread. It was posted by OceanArtist. All credit to them. e - This character is found in a picture found here http://stickskills.com/2013/03/30/pax-east-on-dungeon-defenders-iis-transition-to-a-moba/. He is the middle character. Before discovering the name I found this character in the Competitive reveal trailer as well, fighting the Spider Princess in the 4th group that the Squire bypasses. He uses a floating ball/crystal apparatus and has that small headress, which I quickly located in among the silhouettes shortly afterward. f - This guy/thing really bothers me. It's the only one that I have no idea what it is. There was a MS paint contest involving the picture which involved some hilarious interpretations, but that still sheds no light on who/what it actually is. g - Summoner is seen briefly off in the distance in the Apprentice's showcase video. He is better seen approaching the :demon: fight and uses his ultimate ability, referenced by the (awesome) narrator. I could tell this was him by the large pauldrons he wears. Even though it cannot be seen in the silhouette, the Summoner floats around and has a big circular apparatus on his back. h - This one is very difficult for me, like f. My only guess is that it may be the Countess, but I only see this happening if at least one other "gender bender" hero makes it in. My reasoning for it being the Countess is that the left part of the picture appears to be the silhouette of a pauldron that has a metal part that goes up the sides of the neck. The Countess wore these kinds of pauldrons in the previous game. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111204185404/dundef/images/d/db/Countess.png On a related note, there have been images of this little doll-like girl, "BratWitch", with a little star wand and seemingly possessed bunny doll companion. She has pointed ears and a rather obvious hat, so I couldn't locate her in the silhouettes. I have a few theories about who this mysterious character may be. She may be a Hero slated for a later release, since Trendy announced that there will be more than the initial 24 Heroes that will be released one at a time at certain intervals. My best guess, however is that she may be a jungle creep or NPC who can be interacted with in the jungle. My reasoning is from my media evidence yet again. In the teaser video, the Squire first runs past the shop, where the Huntress and Monk are looking through the items there, so he is starting in the base. Then this little girl is messing around with the bunny doll, which is walking like a cliche zombie, near the road from the forest/jungle, and the Squire runs by her as well before he attempts to bypass the fights in the middle of the map. Also in this screenshot, found on the media page, she is seen in close proximity to wolves, who will most definitely be jungle creeps. http://cdn5.dungeondefenders2.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/BratWitchCreep1.jpg To conclude, I hope I get some feedback on these unknowns but I also don't hope to get this thread taken down. I'm not trying to spoil anything that technically hasn't already been spoiled. I've just spent lots of time rewinding and pausing the videos and digging through the few available pictures and I've only guessed wrong on the Prisoner so far. I'm just curious like that. I'm only looking forward to some discussion and ideas, but if this information (all guesses) somehow threatens the method of releasing this info, then go ahead and take it down. I just feel like sharing this stuff since I've been guessing and looking around since the start.
  4. why is that every time they release info on any portion of this game everyone over reacts? Fear mongering. New to forums? Joking aside, the fact that Trendy is releasing 4 official reveals/showcases every week and holding all of these contests and such is an AMAZING thing that nobody should be complaining about. Most companies, especially AAA, won't give their fans the time of day. These guys are actually helping fans stay interested and who knows how much they are actually reading and discussing our idea from the suggestions page or taking our hero feedback to heart. To the OP, they have two separate teams (separate DEPARTMENTS) working on separate parts of the game. One's ready before the other. Doesn't mean anything other than one is ready before the other. Nothing about the co op part is set in stone yet, so they are asking us about stuff before they go into full workmode and end up releasing a game full of content nobody wanted. AKA they don't want to pull an XboxOne :P
  5. Yeah, it's be really active in the forum contests and comment on every official blog post or wait patiently for your beta code to show up in the email (given that it does). You could also sit and wait even more for the possibility of an open beta. Games have done that more recently, at least for one week when they do. There's really no guarantees though, but I'm sure we can all play it and enjoy it eventually.
  6. I would assume aesthetic changes to the tavern other than trophies and rewards would be purchasable only through microtransactions, as inferred from the F2P model. I would gladly spend a few bucks to upgrade, though. I like my money to go somewhere I want it to go.
  7. This post is directed at MintyCool and his unnecessary antagonism in a thread whose sole purpose was to discuss the viability of DD2's MOBA game in either a casual or competitive setting. Your posts, like other antagonistic posts that take the opposite side from the OP's post, are rife with hypocrisy and blatant sarcasm. It's rather annoying to see somebody bravely be the first responder to a thread and go out of their way to state their view points in the most unfriendly way. Please, choose your words more wisely when talking to other people if you want them to understand and respect your viewpoint. Sure, it's the Internet, but does that mean we cannot be civil? Again, all communities with rabid fandoms experience these issues. You continue to project an agenda of generalities. This particular quote is exactly what I'm talking about. Extreme hypocrisy. You complain about the DD community making too many generalizations then you turn around and generalize us as a bunch of "rabid fans." Look at yourself in a mirror, maybe. Now before I force myself to be unpleasant, which I often end up doing, let's move on to the point of this thread that you are asking about. I'm still confused as to what exactly your end game is with this topic? It's already known that DD2 has been split into two separate entities. Co-op and PvP. They have stated repeatedly that Pvp is for DD fans looking to satisfy a competitive craving. Pvp, player vs player. The point of this thread, as I see it, is to facilitate a civil discussion about the ups and downs of going with a casual feel (however that may be interpreted is up to the reader) and also to discuss the prospect of it being competitive in its nature like most popular MOBAs today. Nako-Chan was probably curious about why people on the pro-competitive side thought the way they did. Proper forum discussions invite those people to put in their two cents. Now with your argument that the game is intentionally being split between the modes with limited(as far as we all know) interaction between the two, I can often agree. I would love to tell people who think that the prospect of DD2's MOBA mode being too competitive or even having a MOBA mode at all that they need not worry about it and wait for the co-op mode that they are familiar with to arrive. Their fears that the new mode will attract new players to the series who are affiliated with the generally toxic MOBA community (yes, I'm taking a stance here. Anybody who has played enough of any mainstream MOBA would be LYING to themselves if don't think that at least half of the players have attitude problems when they game in a competitive, team-based game) are not unfounded. It may possibly spoil the overall experience and force Trendy to tend to those players' needs by balancing the game heavily around tournaments. It may implement a ranking ladder or a system that segregates competitive from casual gaming through matchmaking, as mentioned by gotrunks712. These are all valid reasons to be suspicious about the sudden and seemingly random decision to make a full-fledged co op mode. Simply telling people that they don't HAVE to play the MOBA if they don't like it just won't suffice. There's no stopping a toxic player from the MOBA from playing co op games and stealing loot or kicking players for no reason, or just being generally rude. There's also no stopping an elitist long time co op fan from going into the MOBA and flaming all of the newbies for whatever reason. If the game goes heavy on the competition then perhaps more staff or more overall attention will be given to the competitive side than the original, genre-defining co op side. There's no telling what is going to happen until it happens, but the OP started this thread to at least get a little insight into WHY people are thinking they way that they are. Your points on consumables baffle me as well. The concept of consumable items are probably the most hardcore mechanic presented in a modern moba in a very long time. Loss of items upon death is incredibly appealing. This just ups the competitive stakes. Yes, this consumable only environment is a mechanic that may as well set DD2 apart from the rest of the current genre. They are trying something new in order to keep the game from looking like a stale copy-paste of other MOBAs. Now defining the mechanic as hardcore may be a stretch. Most MOBAs have a heavy focus on laning. You know, farm the minions, mess with your enemies, but play safe until you make enough dough to purchase the big guns. These guns will stick with your character once purchased and never go away until you want them to. That's pretty standard stuff. This consumable system, to me, is lessening the impact of the laning phase. Farming won't be AS important, since it will only net you potentially temporary boosts (how big these boosts will be, we have yet to observe). This mechanic encourages risk-taking behavior in games that could make each game more fun and chaotic. The focus could shift to pushing down towers or killing your opponents on the spot instead of just routing them. Consuming an oil or elixir is a risk, because it paints a big target on your head because you just deemed yourself worthy of that target. The payout of having that advantage is rather big, but like in any MOBA game, experienced players will see that and focus you down. They don't need to be hardcore to learn that particular consumables on particular heroes in particular matches can be somewhat game-changing. As for hardcore mechanics/elements, I have seen no serious signs of any such things in the current released information. There hasn't been any announcement of critical strikes, chance to dodge attacks or apply stuns, or particularly dangerous creeps that change the pace of the match(super creeps from destroying barracks or inhibitors from Dota and LoL, respectively). The closest things to a hardcore mechanic that I've seen with the heroes so far is the use of the Man and Machine's Smoke Screen spell to exploit the game's fog of war and line of sight mechanics and the Squire's CHANCE to retaliate against physical strikes. There don't seem to be that many mechanics all mixed into combat, at least from what I've seen. The competitive MOBA market is in its prime with hard hitters like Heroes of Newerth, Dota2, and most notably League of Legends. Sure, there are also many other more "indie" titles in the genre, but it is very difficult to enter into the scene with serious competitive overtones and emphasis on tournaments since these mainstream titles have such a large following and name for themselves already. It's like new devs trying to force a PvP shooter to compete with industry giants like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. It's very unwise to try something new with a game and expect it to beat out big name games like these that are currently being played and, in some cases, worshipped. Same could be said for tower defense; but then I'd just be speaking in random generalities wouldn't I? I will expect the same level of sarcasm in your response, but hopefully you can surprise me with some decency. :)
  8. Not every character has to be a good guy. I actually like the Prisoner's biography because it sets her up as a sort of antihero with glaring character flaws that ultimately lead her into the joint. Sure, she's sociopathic and controlling, but think about it, she spent most of her life looking out for her sisters rather than herself, resulting in an empty feeling inside of her that she thought she could fill with her own children. She obviously didn't get close to any of her kids which is why she devoted herself to her youngest daughter and when the suitor came to "take her away" that threat of emptiness frightened the Prisoner. Her instinct drove her to "protect" her daughter because her daughter was all that she had left. Her reason, keep in mind, for escaping prison was for the sake of her granddaughter. It says right in the biography that she tatooed the granddaughters name on herself and wrote letters constantly (which are probably intercepted/destroyed by the daughter) because she feels she failed as a proper grandmother. She betrayed her daughter for her own gain and missed the birth of this child because she was in prison. That's hard stuff to live down. She most likely would have two reasons to join the tournament. The obvious one is stated in the biography: to evade the authorities and perhaps to get pardoned for her crime if she wins. I think her true motivation is to win and prove to her daughter and granddaughter that she has the qualities of a hero despite her dark past and cruelty towards her youngest child. She wants to redeem herself. It's a common theme with prison stories. Sure, she's a mean gal, but her head is probably in the right spot now. Her mind is most likely not at 100% but her heart seems to be.
  9. I'm suggesting these ideas mostly because I fear that the co op levels won't feel very different or memorable if they follow the same formula from DD1. What I mean is that they have different appearances and doodads and whatnot, but they are really just a bunch of doors and lanes when you boil it all down. You can make everything polygonal and colorless and the levels would just be variations of standard TD maps. So yeah, it'd be cool to see some levels with at least one memorable feature to them (other than a boss fight) from time to time. If I could see any dynamic environments or enemies dropped into the co op for this game, I wouldn't mind what mode I find it in. If there are challenge maps that have crazy elements to them that are somewhat unpredictable then it would fit the intent of that map. Challenge maps should be challenging, but I don't want the co op campaign to be a boring grind/farm the whole time. I'd live if the levels were just more of the same, but I believe that with the particular design and feel of Dungeon Defenders that some really creative and unique ideas could be utilized in the final product.
  10. Good point there. I like the idea of fast forwarding a whole lot, but it only seems like a viable option for solo play, because that's where it gets the most boring. Realistically, I have no idea how a multiplayer game would even be able to function with one guy pressing and releasing the fast forward button. Pure lagfest.
  11. When starting up new characters and coming up with ideas pertaining to how I should spread out my points, I often have to do so with the DD wiki open (great site btw). This is because (at least on the console version, wouldn't know about PC) there aren't any tooltips or explanations about what the different abilities and stats even do. It took me a while to find out the importance of the cast rate stat when playing both a DPS hero and a defense building hero. I could use abilities faster and heal more often with one and repair and upgrade faster with the other, but starting out I had no idea what that stat did. I also knew lots of people who invested in the speed stat hoping it would increase the attack rate of their melee attacks as well as their move speed. Worst of all, putting points into abilities like overcharge and invisibility don't seem to do much, and if they do the effects are tiny at best. The only answer to this was to search forums and guides just to find out theories or formulas that told you that each point did little to certain stats or effects. What I'm suggesting is to expand a tooltip when mousing over each stat (at least in the level up window) that shows the upgrades that stat is currently giving to each available defense. If each hero still has 5 defenses each, this shouldn't be so bad, because the tooltip wouldn't get cluttered by displaying one stat upgrade for each. Also, for hero stats, show how much physical dps is added from hero damage and how much hp is added and such. For example, defense damage has some X points in it and (using DD1 towers of the apprentice as an example) the tooltip would show MM tower's damage bonus, fireballs bonus, etc. but would show nothing or N/A for the blockade because it doesn't apply. Other stats, like defense health which had a few somewhat hidden effects like the longevity of the Huntress's gas, inferno, and darkness traps once activated or the defense attack rate stat which increases the duration of the lightning tower's attack rather than number of ticks like other defenses (inferno trap). It'd be helpful and with all of the 5+ towers/blockades/traps/presents/nodes/minions or whatever else is being planned for all of these new heroes, the basic stats will get a lot more complex when trying to figure out effective builds. For all I know at this point, though, the whole stat system might be getting overhauled in DD2.
  12. Before I post I will admit that I am a console player (who is perfectly happy with the smaller amount of content available to me, please don't crucify me!) and that I haven't gotten to most of the Insane stuff and definitely not Insane+ (my understanding is it is Nightmare for consoles). Now that that is out of the way I tried my hand at solo survival with a 20 something defense-specced Squire on Alchemical Lab (I play almost exclusively with my buddies, who chose to buy the game at around the same time that I did) and after a few waves and maxing out DU and selling only twice to reposition stuff for collateral, I literally had nothing to do. I would hang out and just wait for stuff to get damaged, but I had apparently made the perfect defense. I would occasionally jump down to the sides to slay some annoying mages who clogged the enemy movements because they stand around so much and run away and heal once mob movement has resumed for maximum slaying. What really bothered me was the fact that the number of enemies climbed by 1000 every wave eventually until each wave took 10 or so minutes each with me doing nothing (everything upgraded, all towers instakilling every enemy, no ogres to deal with, no defenses that need repairs). I completed wave 15, got my lil robot friend and sold everything and killed myself because I didn't want to sit through 7k enemies. The game ended after a few hours of sitting around. I literally watched TV while waves ran. I think this is what people mean by afking in games, but I may be mistaken. A fast forward in a situation like that would be lovely. Sometimes when people want to farm something they don't want it to take forever, especially when they know EXACTLY how to beat it without incident. The whole idea is very risky because if you use it and flake out then a bunch of Wyverns or Skeletons bypass defenses and hit your crystal or other defenses and this will happen in fast forward. The crystal on any difficulty could be destroyed in a flash. Regardless, it would be nice to implement with rights to the host but if you feel sure enough that your strategy will hold then you should be allowed to take the risk. Tl;dr - Modes like Survival often take an agonizingly long time to complete with little intervention from the player once they set up a strong defense. This fast forward idea sounds great for such situations but comes with a lot of risk that should be overwritten by the players' skill and confidence.
  13. Alhanalem, I didn't call him names nor would I. ;) But I've got to thank you. As an admitted LoL player your insults and raging over pretty much nothing didn't come unexpected and does in fact prove that what I said about Moba game communities is true. Get out. Can't say this enough. Your petty insults are adding absolutely nothing to my thread and I've already wanted you gone. Now you sit here and make excuses to the mod and then turn around and make this extremely hypocritical statement and base it on nothing, yet again. Just do us all a favor and stop posting here, PLEASE. Now then, as for Ryzours and AK47FAN762's discussion, I will admit that I dropped a lot of ideas in my post but they were ideas that were meant to get the idea of dynamic enemies and environments out as a whole. I never intended a dev to look at my thread and think, "hey that's a really great idea! I'm going to bring this up at the next meaning and try to implement ALL of these ideas with as much detail as they were described by this user!" Instead, I was just tossing out ideas to get other people to figure out what I meant by dynamism in DD2's co op mob waves. The stuff that I came up with that I would rather see be implemented in DD2 are the environment ideas. With the floating platform and the elevator I made sure to use the term SEMI-random instead of just random. Allow me to clarify my odd choice of words with the elevator example. Let's say there is a 3 tier level with a door that spawns some enemies out of two doors on the top floor, spawns a larger amount on the mid floor, and the most would spawn out of the bottom floor and the crystal is on the top floor. All mobs would filter into say two paths on their way to the crystal, so a couple large blocks of defenses would suffice at these chokepoints. Now the elevator is in the opposite direction from the standard path and will take enemies (who are preprogrammed to go to the elevator upon spawning, like the two orc hitsquads who spawn behind the thrones who refuse to go after the crystal or the enemies who walk behind the big red building on Ramparts) to the second floor or top floor ACCORDING to the wave and/or load that they are carrying. Some new enemies may be mega slow and the elevator could take them to the second floor to continue on their way, or the elevator could carry standard enemies (Goblins, Archers, Orcs,etc.) to the top floor which is just another path to the crystal. Now what I'm trying to say by there being enemies getting behind your defenses but close to your crystal is that they took a different and unique path that bypasses the killzones that they would otherwise walk into. There would be a pretty short and straight path to the crystal from where the elevator drops them off, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be defensible. Also think about the chaos that ensues when the elevator doors open up and enemies pour out. Fireball towers, lightining towers, bowling balls, proxy traps, etc. would DESTROY them if a little consideration was given to the danger that the elevator poses. This would be a good way to implement one of my ideas and I'm not banking on them being added in without counterplay in mind. Yes, I am a LoL player but that has let me learn more about how F2P games with frequent updates operate. Riot (LoL's developer) tries their absolute hardest to release new champions and content and allow lots of room for counterplay to make the new stuff fun to play WITH and AGAINST. I'm sure if any of these ideas would find their way into the game that Trendy would go out of their way to balance it and not make it horribly broken. Oh and let's discount the whole fact that I said Ogres can now toss dudes over your stuff. Ogres are already a nightmare to deal with and this admittedly WOULD be nearly impossible to deal with in some cases but the whole point of me suggesting it was in fact to suggest that some enemies do a little more than approach your defenses to make the game more DYNAMIC. Keep that in mind. Dynamism in DD2 is the name of the game in this thread.
  14. Foundries and Forges ceiling pipes man. Annoying that those pipes were around some of the best spots to place your defenses, too. The problem I saw with placing defenses in DD1 was that it needlessly entered a complete overhead view while placing defenses but didn't zoom out or anything. You would get two bad things out that. One is the occasional graphical blockage you are talking about. The other is not being able to see the full range of the tower that you are building, which is pretty crappy when you don't want those towers wasting time and DPS trying to track enemies through walls or shooting stuff they have no business shooting. If they had a different view during build phase that might fix both problems at once.
  15. What are you doing in here? You've already proven time and time again that you don't read other peoples' posts in their entirety nor do you comprehend them. If you would have read my whole post, you would know that those are just random suggestions I came up with on the fly and that I was trying to get a general idea across. I'm also not going to give you the time of day because you brought up the generic "but the endgame is ridiculous and little guys one shot the crystal so nothing new would be fun" crap I see being discussed so often. Lots of fun ideas and even some potential are often sacrificed when making western RPGs because they focus so heavily on end game. I just want to see some fun new stuff that hasn't been tried before in the TD genre and I think that DD2 is the best candidate. I've already given up on speaking to you though because you just don't read and repeat yourself constantly.
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