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  1. Thanks for being a killjoy. -.- Well, I've never bothered checking them using the 'inspect element' function and I've managed to guess all of these heroes without it. I've always considered it but what's the fun in that? I think the reason they are hesitant to release the Jester is that her presents would have to be (maybe completely) reworked just because of the unreliability of what you get from them increasing possibly more than tenfold because of the sheer amount of content that will be released day one. If she would have the same mechanics her presents would be able to spawn almost a
  2. And column three, last character does indeed look like the Jester, possibly the Male version. Most likely the male version, in fact. At first I thought so, too. That is definitely the Druid though and I have proof. During the teamfight starting at 2:07 in the Man and Machine showcase video, I spammed the pause button to figure out who all of the 10 participating heroes were, just in case there was one I haven't seen before. A curious looking hero showed up to the left of the M&M and casted some spells so I paused it there and increased the visual quality to see the name. It's most defini
  3. So now we officially have 8 heroes in the roster, thus knocking out 1/3 of the total. If anybody else is like me, they've already guessed several more from looking at the silhouettes in the Heroes page. From guessing there, watching the videos and breaking them down with several pause clicks per second, and using the compiled sources from gotrunks712's informational thread (found herehttp://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95944-SPOILERS-What-do-we-know-about-DD2) I've managed to guess, most often correctly, who all of these heroes are. I'm posting this a mostly for fun thread fo
  4. why is that every time they release info on any portion of this game everyone over reacts? Fear mongering. New to forums? Joking aside, the fact that Trendy is releasing 4 official reveals/showcases every week and holding all of these contests and such is an AMAZING thing that nobody should be complaining about. Most companies, especially AAA, won't give their fans the time of day. These guys are actually helping fans stay interested and who knows how much they are actually reading and discussing our idea from the suggestions page or taking our hero feedback to heart. To the OP, they ha
  5. Yeah, it's be really active in the forum contests and comment on every official blog post or wait patiently for your beta code to show up in the email (given that it does). You could also sit and wait even more for the possibility of an open beta. Games have done that more recently, at least for one week when they do. There's really no guarantees though, but I'm sure we can all play it and enjoy it eventually.
  6. I would assume aesthetic changes to the tavern other than trophies and rewards would be purchasable only through microtransactions, as inferred from the F2P model. I would gladly spend a few bucks to upgrade, though. I like my money to go somewhere I want it to go.
  7. This post is directed at MintyCool and his unnecessary antagonism in a thread whose sole purpose was to discuss the viability of DD2's MOBA game in either a casual or competitive setting. Your posts, like other antagonistic posts that take the opposite side from the OP's post, are rife with hypocrisy and blatant sarcasm. It's rather annoying to see somebody bravely be the first responder to a thread and go out of their way to state their view points in the most unfriendly way. Please, choose your words more wisely when talking to other people if you want them to understand and respect your vie
  8. Not every character has to be a good guy. I actually like the Prisoner's biography because it sets her up as a sort of antihero with glaring character flaws that ultimately lead her into the joint. Sure, she's sociopathic and controlling, but think about it, she spent most of her life looking out for her sisters rather than herself, resulting in an empty feeling inside of her that she thought she could fill with her own children. She obviously didn't get close to any of her kids which is why she devoted herself to her youngest daughter and when the suitor came to "take her away" that threat of
  9. I'm suggesting these ideas mostly because I fear that the co op levels won't feel very different or memorable if they follow the same formula from DD1. What I mean is that they have different appearances and doodads and whatnot, but they are really just a bunch of doors and lanes when you boil it all down. You can make everything polygonal and colorless and the levels would just be variations of standard TD maps. So yeah, it'd be cool to see some levels with at least one memorable feature to them (other than a boss fight) from time to time. If I could see any dynamic environments or enemies
  10. Good point there. I like the idea of fast forwarding a whole lot, but it only seems like a viable option for solo play, because that's where it gets the most boring. Realistically, I have no idea how a multiplayer game would even be able to function with one guy pressing and releasing the fast forward button. Pure lagfest.
  11. When starting up new characters and coming up with ideas pertaining to how I should spread out my points, I often have to do so with the DD wiki open (great site btw). This is because (at least on the console version, wouldn't know about PC) there aren't any tooltips or explanations about what the different abilities and stats even do. It took me a while to find out the importance of the cast rate stat when playing both a DPS hero and a defense building hero. I could use abilities faster and heal more often with one and repair and upgrade faster with the other, but starting out I had no id
  12. Before I post I will admit that I am a console player (who is perfectly happy with the smaller amount of content available to me, please don't crucify me!) and that I haven't gotten to most of the Insane stuff and definitely not Insane+ (my understanding is it is Nightmare for consoles). Now that that is out of the way I tried my hand at solo survival with a 20 something defense-specced Squire on Alchemical Lab (I play almost exclusively with my buddies, who chose to buy the game at around the same time that I did) and after a few waves and maxing out DU and selling only twice to reposition
  13. Alhanalem, I didn't call him names nor would I. ;) But I've got to thank you. As an admitted LoL player your insults and raging over pretty much nothing didn't come unexpected and does in fact prove that what I said about Moba game communities is true. Get out. Can't say this enough. Your petty insults are adding absolutely nothing to my thread and I've already wanted you gone. Now you sit here and make excuses to the mod and then turn around and make this extremely hypocritical statement and base it on nothing, yet again. Just do us all a favor and stop posting here, PLEASE. Now then, a
  14. Foundries and Forges ceiling pipes man. Annoying that those pipes were around some of the best spots to place your defenses, too. The problem I saw with placing defenses in DD1 was that it needlessly entered a complete overhead view while placing defenses but didn't zoom out or anything. You would get two bad things out that. One is the occasional graphical blockage you are talking about. The other is not being able to see the full range of the tower that you are building, which is pretty crappy when you don't want those towers wasting time and DPS trying to track enemies through walls or shoo
  15. What are you doing in here? You've already proven time and time again that you don't read other peoples' posts in their entirety nor do you comprehend them. If you would have read my whole post, you would know that those are just random suggestions I came up with on the fly and that I was trying to get a general idea across. I'm also not going to give you the time of day because you brought up the generic "but the endgame is ridiculous and little guys one shot the crystal so nothing new would be fun" crap I see being discussed so often. Lots of fun ideas and even some potential are often sacri
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