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  1. Haha, excellent!! love you guys really XD
  2. Damn, they're messing with us !! Come on trendy, I just want to play :(
  3. Whatttttt, the time has went from an hour to 3!!!! I can't wait much longer :(
  4. All the accounts in the old moba beta got deleted when the new pre-alpha started, so your old account is not valid anymore. You'll need a new code to play again. Oh okay thank you
  5. Hi could any body help me i haven't been up to date with dd2 and have just seen they've started with the co-op (infact the moba has been canceled) but i had access in the days with the moba, and for whatever reason i cant login to playverse now, has my password changed like it did once?? Could someone please help as really want to play the co-op side which i have been really looking forward to! THANK YOU!
  6. I made an account a while back now with play verse after getting a beta code. And I have not played it in a while and I cannot log in now! So could someone tell me what's wrong?
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