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  1. Would love for this to happen. In regards to Cross saves, you could just not play that save on another console/pc OR have a warning that says you will lose the following content etc. Either way I think this could be done, as DLC won't be entirely cross save friendly (if you are missing DLC on another machine)- so surely this could be done.
  2. Would love focus on other characters - just some story to how and why they came to becoming a defender. A good example of focusing on individual characters for story, is the Overwatch cinematic videos released randomly - I don't play it really, but love these videos!
  3. I love the sound of a community monthly goal! I understand where you’re coming from with the effort required and pressure. However, I dont think anything big or demanding would be under the dailies, simply somin simple like: N number of ACTION on ENEMY. And small variations of this would be cool. But I think a grander weekly and/or monthly is a great idea!
  4. Yeah, tbh I agree with you and everyone saying shouldn't be forcing you to do things you don't want to do. What I meant was more like kills etc. Also, it shouldn't feel like a necessary grid to getting more content or rewards etc. Just simple and straight forward objectives. Good to hear everyones opinion though, so thank you! Can't wait to see the progression on DD:A :)
  5. So not sure if this has been suggested yet, but I'd really love to see some form of daily and weekly (maybe even monthly!!) challenges in the game. So these would be almost like randomly generated challenges (that importantly vary!) - but daily's would be easier, and weekly far more difficult to achieve. For example, some daily challenges could vary from killing a certain number of specific enemies to completing certain maps on certain difficulties etc. Rewards could vary from the in game currency, xp, items, other in-game content etc. Reason why I thought of this was because I was looking back at Halo Reach, and I loved the daily/weekly challenges in that game, was another reward level that would keep me grinding the multiplayer. Thanks for listening What do you guys think?
  6. Haha, excellent!! love you guys really XD
  7. Damn, they're messing with us !! Come on trendy, I just want to play :(
  8. Whatttttt, the time has went from an hour to 3!!!! I can't wait much longer :(
  9. All the accounts in the old moba beta got deleted when the new pre-alpha started, so your old account is not valid anymore. You'll need a new code to play again. Oh okay thank you
  10. Hi could any body help me i haven't been up to date with dd2 and have just seen they've started with the co-op (infact the moba has been canceled) but i had access in the days with the moba, and for whatever reason i cant login to playverse now, has my password changed like it did once?? Could someone please help as really want to play the co-op side which i have been really looking forward to! THANK YOU!
  11. I made an account a while back now with play verse after getting a beta code. And I have not played it in a while and I cannot log in now! So could someone tell me what's wrong?
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