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  1. eternity i just discovered was n improved version of the first game but no offline mode or saves will this be the same
  2. I still play Borderlands after Borderlands 2 came out. If you still enjoy the first game, keep playing it. What matters most to us is that you enjoy playing our games period. That said, I hope that you'll enjoy DD2 when it comes out. I most certainly will be playing and enjoying dd2 the new loot system already has me hooked and the more satisfying combat looks alot of fun
  3. I probably will cause i kinda just started the game a year ago and still have a long way
  4. Make loot color coded instead of just is it good or not good
  5. it has the hub, all levels are worth doing on all difficulties the pets raise stats like mags only difference is this is tower defense and pso was hack and slash but with the barbarian it becomes hack and slash
  6. I noticed in the lost eternia shards the game is a lot harder even on easy mode like the spiderboss gets 400000 HP and those damn little spiders in mistymire forest
  7. Sorry to bump an old thread I think I have my characters figured out I have an tower buff ev, dps barbarian, a tower countess, trap monk, trap huntress, dps jester, and summoner the problem I'm having is how to distribute there skill points none of the guides here tell how exactly to distribute the stat points at each level
  8. I have been raising my barb like this 2 damage 2 in health and 1 in speed and jester i did not start yet
  9. i want to use a jester but how would i raise the stats for a ranged one
  10. okay i dont know how to explain this but steam when i delete the character dun and dun.pak its gone when i reloed dungeon defenders theres the character as if it wasnt deleted
  11. Im having trouble figuring out how to back it up is it the same as steam
  12. I recently un installed the game from my desk top location but backed up my gamesave before hand and when i re installed it the gamesave from before was there but it was a way earlier gamesave and when i replaced it with my current gamesave and opened the game the save was still the earlier save not my current save
  13. I have a barbarian for melee dps now i want a ranged dps what class woul be best and how should i distribute the stats
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