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  1. Item check plz. Thx!
  2. Item check plz and thank you It has 387ups
  3. Just farmed this with ec-10 but I need it item checked for auction. thx
  4. cuz sometime is just to damn hard to sell stuff :/
  5. hello ic plz armor is ult+
  6. Thx ec-10 can someone else check my Mega chicken now. Thank you
  7. Yeah Im back Im just going to get everything checked. Sorry about this but Ill feel better after, Thank you. I believe thats all I got, thank you. Im sorry I know there is a lot.
  8. Im going to cry if this is hacked, give me some good news. Please Pretty Please.
  9. Item Check Please http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/864967329486889099/CC16BFF14ED71735CBC12C98B101131F62DEC212/
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