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  1. Three Item Checkers have told you that it's not game possible.
  2. It's always hilarious when someone argues up and down that his hacked item isn't hacked... hahahaha
  3. With all the stuff that's failed in the IC Thread, I'd suggest buyers to get these pieces checked before purchase.
  4. Ya, sorry about that... I haven't talked to him since before the weekend.
  5. 30 cubes on dat Mail Coat, to cut out all those lowball bids... (and get you started... and if I win === Profit) 15 on them Boots to get you started.
  6. Sorry for the small photo. Thats 172 health, 360 H-Damage, and 357 Ab2.
  7. A mate of mine, Knacker, farmed this Ult++ piece from Lab, and he doesn't really need it. You can post the bids in this thread, or try to discuss a buyout with him, if you'd like... I'll try to warn him off from those nefarious peoples... Be aware. Anywho! He doesn't want any cubes. He is just looking for Ult sets, and a Rainmaker/Rockshatter for his Jester.
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