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  1. Found this while helping a friend gear up in nm3 a couple days ago. Will be really nice if I ever use a blaze build :P
  2. I'll go in and try another run today. But no, I wasn't confused.
  3. This isn't true, as I played to wave 35 the other day and didn't get a single golden egg. You can check the game files, the drop rates are listed in udkloot I believe. They have a small chance to drop every round, and the chance increases every 5 round or so. Does difficulty level have any influence on pet quality for golden eggs ? Nope, but the stage depends which kind of golden egg you get. Always do the most easiest difficulty level tho. Sever for Creeper eggs, the stage after it for golden Gato and liferoot for golden dragon. All other Onsl stages dropping random golden eggs at 15,25,35 and so on.
  4. Hero critical damage still has a 1.0 scalar? Pls..........
  5. Well with how NM4 scaling is right now, and the fact you need all 4 builders (or, like OP used, a friend) you can't use a dps hero solo, you pretty much need to exploit a way to get gear to be able to clear it. I could have had it cleared for a while now, I get to wave 3-5 or so before failing, but I always runs it solo. If I had the ability to use my Hero Damage Huntress, I'd probably be able to do it. Just waiting for a NM4 rebalance.
  6. Some people are much different than you, they would prefer to customize their characters than to play the game looking (and feeling) much like everyone else. Two of my close friends are like that; their initial complaints about DD2 (before costumes were implemented) were that only their weapon skin was changing and nothing else. I'm personally not the same way but, I'm just trying to say not everyone wants what you want. I believe they are trying to develop/implement as many functioning parts of the game as possible, and then expand on ALL of those parts simultaneously.
  7. I will just list some ideas that come to mind More on-hit procs (temporary atk speed boost, elemental damage, temporary boost in crit rate or damage, etc)Hero damage "uber spheres" for every hero, and in general, spheres that can vary hero roles in combat (tanky/evasive huntress, "berserker" squire that does more dps the more damage they take, rapid attack apprentice, etc) or that add on-hit procs like I listed above. 1 additional primary or secondary stat on weapons so there is more variation (and better possibilities) in your attack gear. This could increase stats across the board, and make finding that "ultimate weapon" lengthier and more satisfying, without nerfing anyone.Making the "unique passives" (like the ones on Betsy weapons) not take up a normal passive slot, so they don't take up the space of necessary hero dps passives (like critical damage, etc.). This way you don't feel like you are losing a powerful passive just by wanting to use something unique/cool. Redesigning how ability damage scales with hero power, or somehow incorporating both hero power and ability power into every weapon (or a secondary 'weapon' like quivers for a huntress that drop with ability power as their main stat, like the current primary weapons do with hero damage) so you don't feel like your abilities are useless in a 100% hero power build. Abilities should still be powerful in a hero damage build in my opinion.
  8. few different ideas here if you are intent on keeping it a "mostly poison DoT" tower, increase the range (both cone length and width) and add piercing so it can stack more poison for a longer duration on more mobs (DoTs, especially stacking ones, are generally a less reliable form of damage, so this would increase its reliability). This might make it more of a "support" tower that could enhance other setups with its stacking elemental damage. Piercing would especially help, since with tightly grouped mobs, only the front line gets hit, and they don't die fast enough for the back ones to take any damage. If you upped the poison tick rate or DoT damage here, it could potentially be a standalone tower as well. if you want it to be more of a bread-and-butter tower, increase the base damage, increase the range (both cone length and width), and make it more of a crazy DPS tower like flameburst, except with some poison damage helping. Piercing isn't really needed here since it does more damage upfront and can clear the front lines better.instead of firing just straight projectiles, it could fire those as well as some arced long-range projectiles (think like 3-4k base range) which would help distribute the poison more effectively. damage might still need some sort of a buff here but it would give the poison a lot more penetration into groups, and it could give more time to get max poison stacks on a far away boss or group of mobs. this could also be an uber sphere idea to help the tower out
  9. the "unique" spheres are a great way to enhance build variation, and I think there should be more slightly odd choices that could enhance a weaker or less popular build (or could just encourage build diversity)
  10. The PDT is okay, but if you compare it to the alternatives it is just not worth it. It is viable, but not very good. In my personal opinion, I would leave the initial damage the same but increase the amount that the poison stacks and/or add a good poison combo to the game (which I'm sure you guys already have planned). This would make it less useful for squishy enemies (as compared to the similar alternatives such as flameburst tower) but far more useful for tankier mobs or big groups that are being crowd-controlled. This would synchronize well with knockups and slows since you would be able to stack more poison, effectively widening the build options we have by a small margin. Right now I completely skip the PDT for obvious reasons.
  11. I found the few pieces I've farmed so far from Aquanos NM HC MM. Easy to build, I went to wave 30 on my first try.
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