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  1. see http://ddplanner.com/?l=17313,moraggo-insane-ps3
  2. i have one search: http://ddplanner.com/?l=17313,moraggo-insane-ps3
  3. i only want the shards 3,4, and crystalline dimension fixed with the xp problem and the realy pets/weapons.
  4. the pro mode is good . to lv up a 144 oculus is about 30 min.
  5. i have 3,50 psn money and dlc is 3,99 .(rage) i have dlc 1 and 2 i wanting 2,99 discount for aquanos .
  6. No, I don't, you say PC is easy and then whine about how PS3 will never get a patch? I don't see how PS3 has any relevance to the difficulty of PC - in fact, console is ridiculously easy in the first place. After having played the console version for 1200 hours, it's nowhere near as hard as PC. Just deal with it, bro. pc is realy easy compared to ps3. pc:have summoner,series ev and 3000+ stats ps3:maximum of 127 weapon stats and armors/weapons start with -20 stats for dps and towers.the best 90 i have seed is with 867 tower strenght slice and dice do 2700 damage, insane+ have 100000 or
  7. werewolf:a new forest mission in night,full moon,random enemies can become a werewolf if exposed to full moon.
  8. post you opinion for new enemies type ogre,djin,sharken.
  9. I think it should be etheria battles,dungeon defenders is a tower defence and the II should follow the lineage.
  10. nightmare reaper:a reaper in a graveyard mission. he can manipulate and control souls (minions) and create eskeletons. in the boss round came minions,ogres,spiders and more,and one is the nightmare reaper(only killed by players)with increased damage and health.with the controled minion has killed the boss control other.when the boss are with 25% health he attack with the real form with his scythe and skeletons.
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